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The goal of this project is to define, maintain and document the Wikidata model (⧼items⧽/⧼properties⧽) about the management of awards and how to use them.


There are different items related to awards:

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See Wikidata:WikiProject_Movies/Properties#Awards_and_ratings.


Gérard Depardieu (Q106508) : award received (P166) : César Award for Best Actor (Q900494)

point in time (P585) : 1981
for work (P1686) : The Last Metro (Q1049604)

Marie NDiaye (Q237106) : award received (P166) : Prix Goncourt (Q187300)

point in time (P585) : 2009

Gone with the Wind (Q2875) : nominated for (P1411) : Academy Award for Best Actress (Q103618)

statement is subject of (P805) : 12th Academy Awards (Q508513)
nominee (P2453) : Vivien Leigh (Q129429)

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