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The data model is set up in such a way that a single constituency corresponds to a particular time period. If a constituency has existed for two distinct periods under the same name, then it will have two distinct items with distinct start and end dates. Wikipedia tends to have a policy of merging by name - constituencies with the same name at different periods are placed in the same article, regardless of any boundary changes, while constituencies with substantially different names but essentially the same boundaries are brought together. For the time being, the approach we have used here is to split the Wikidata entries to allow accurate start/end dates, but to help reusers find the relevant Wikipedia article, these are crosslinked to the most recent instantiation of the constituency, the one with the Wikipedia sitelink. Where a seat has existed since before 1801, items for the English, GB, and UK constituencies are split out separately.

So for example, the MPs for Reading would be associated with the following items:

Because of limitations with labels, constituencies may have anachronistic names, particularly if the name has changed over time, or if an unofficial form is commonly used rather than the official one. (This is particularly the case for geographical divisions of counties - South Essex or Essex South). However, it should be clear which seat is meant.


Constituency articles should ideally have:

general data
geographical data


Picking the coordinate location (P625) coordinates for a constituency is always a bit of an arbitrary process, since they do not have a natural "centre", but a good compromise is to use either the approximate geographic centrepoint or the centrepoint of the largest area of population. Many historic constituencies have had coordinates imported from the most recent instantiation.

For future workEdit

For historic constituencies, sponsor (P859) may be useful to identify the patron of historic rotten/pocket boroughs, with date qualifiers where appropriate. Similarly, voting system (P8196) may be useful to identify the voting method used in particular seats, which historically was very variable between different types of seat and different areas.

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All constituencies used in a UK MP article (since 1801)
SELECT DISTINCT ?constituency ?constituencyLabel ?typeLabel ?start ?end ?members ?article
 ?item wdt:P31 wd:Q5 ; p:P39 ?positionStatement .
 ?positionStatement ps:P39 ?mpterm . ?mpterm wdt:P279 wd:Q16707842 .
 ?positionStatement pq:P768 ?constituency . 
 OPTIONAL { ?constituency wdt:P31 ?type . }
 OPTIONAL { ?constituency wdt:P571 ?start . }
 OPTIONAL { ?constituency wdt:P576 ?end . }
 OPTIONAL { ?constituency wdt:P1410 ?members . }
 OPTIONAL { ?article schema:about ?constituency . ?article schema:isPartOf <>. }
  # find any where the WP link is on that item
 OPTIONAL { ?constituency wdt:P1889 ?different . ?article schema:about ?different . ?article schema:isPartOf <>. }
  # find any where the WP link is on a different item (usually the most modern instantiation)
 SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language 'en' }
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