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Biographical items in Wikidata are, where possible, systematically crosslinked to external resources. These identifiers are those which are specific to MPs, or otherwise directly connected,

Identifiers for contemporary MPsEdit be filled...

Identifiers for historic MPsEdit

History of Parliament ID (P1614)Edit

This has been comprehensively matched for everyone in the (public) 1386-1421, 1509-1558, 1558-1603, 1603-1629, 1660-1690, 1690-1715, 1715-1754, 1754-1790, 1790-1820, and 1820-1832 volumes.

It does not cover the Lords 1660-1715 or Commons 1422-1461 volumes (published 2016/2020 and not yet online) or the 1832-1868 volume (currently partially online in a locked preview site). However, we have compared notes and believe we have the same people covered as 1832-1868, give or take some date discrepancies. Links will be added quickly when published online.

Every MP who served in this period should have a History of Parliament ID (P1614) identifier; note that members may have two (or in some cases three) identifiers if their career spanned multiple volumes. To extract identifiers from a single volume, you can use a string filter on the ID like so:

select distinct ?person ?hop where 
  ?person wdt:P1614 ?hop . FILTER(STRSTARTS(?hop, "1386")).
Try it!

Hansard (1803–2005) ID (P2015)Edit

This covers MPs and Lords since the early nineteenth century through to 2005. However, it is incomplete; not all MPs and not all peers are identified. Similarly, it has some false positives: there are a small number of people who have IDs but who never sat in either house, for whatever reason. There are several cases of individuals with two identifiers, and one or two odd cases where the same identifier has conflated multiple people. It has been comprehensively matched.

Rush Parliamentary Archive ID (P4471)Edit

This covers MPs since 1832 and gives details on their social background. It is now maintained with support from the Commons Library and the History of Parliament, and kept up to date with new members. However, it is very slightly incomplete; the original database did not include members who were returned at a by-election but left the house at the next general election. These have mostly been filled but about a dozen still remain - these have been explicitly indexed as Rush Parliamentary Archive ID (P4471):novalue to allow them to be easily recovered.