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A scratchpad for some small tasks that need doing so they don't get forgotten.

  • Update identifiers section in data model
  • Ensure all NI abstentionists are correctly indexed as such (currently only Sinn Fein)
  • Find a reliable list of Coalition Coupon holders (currently only a few dozen Liberals)
  • Check suspensions are correctly modelled, certainly for all post-1970 MPs - w:Suspension from the UK parliament
  • Chase down any remaining cases where a period ends one day and the next one begins the following day.
  • Holyrood/Senedd appointments from lists - should they be effective day of the seat becoming vacant, or day of taking the seat? Currently a little inconsistent.
  • Crosscheck all election petitions against Rallings & Thrasher
  • Is it worth distinguishing between borough and county Westminster constituencies in P31? Ditto university seats
  • Find a good way to apply sponsor (P859) for historic patronage seats
  • We will need some kind of property for "method of election" - it's FPTP in all seats at Westminster these days, but Holyrood/Wales use a mix in different seats, and historically non-FPTP seats lasted until 1950. It seems best to have this on the seat rather than on the overall legislature or the election to account for local variation
  • Should Scottish/Welsh regions be distinguished from single-member constituencies with P31? (Probably yes)
  • There is nothing currently connecting constituencies to the overall legislature (weirdly). Should this be represented on the constituency items or in constituency of the House of Commons (Q27971968) etc? The latter is probably more elegant.
  • How best to describe the areas contained within a constituency? We probably don't want to use contains the administrative territorial entity (P150) because we don't want these to be treated as a layer in the administrative hierarchy (which they're not). For older seats we'll probably also need some interesting qualifiers - Norfolk (Q11797278), for example, covered "all of the county except Norwich", and explicitly included four other towns which were themselves constituencies.