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This Project covers the topic broadcasting (Q15078788). In Wikidata phase 1 (replacing interwiki links) an item like radio station (Q14350) mixed broadcasting, broadcasters and radio station. In Wikidata phase 2 terms should be unambiguous.

Necessary steps:

  1. define terminology
  2. fix properties
  3. fix sitelinks (Wikimedia pages linked to this item)
  4. check internal links (items linked to this item)

Terminology Edit

Please complete and improve the following list:

  1. broadcasting: broadcasting (Q15078788)
    1. radio: radio communications (Q872)
      1. mixed with radio broadcasting (Q273623) (broadcasting in general, radio set, now: subclass of broadcast engineering (Q2176252))
      2. mixed with radio reception (Q3537732)
    2. television: television (Q289)
  2. broadcaster: broadcaster (Q15265344), organization, one responsible for the production of radio and television programs and/or their transmission
    1. broadcast network (Q141683): radio network: radio network (Q1061197)
      1. radio station: radio station (Q14350)
    2. broadcast network (Q141683): television network: television network (Q1254874)
      1. television station: television station (Q1616075)
  1. broadcasting programming: broadcasting programming (Q374638), all broadcasted programs during a period of time
    1. radio programming: radio programming (Q2296548)
    2. television programming: television programming (Q15704878)
  2. broadcasting program: broadcasting program (Q19968906), a segment of content intended for broadcast
    1. radio program (or radio show): radio program (Q1555508)
      1. radio radio series: radio series (Q14623351)
        1. radio drama series: radio drama series (Q3511312)
    2. television program (or TV show): television program (Q15416)
      1. television series: television series (Q5398426)
    3. genre/category: radio genre (Q15961983) and television genre (Q15961987)
  3. audience: audience (Q211198); one aspect of audience: audience measurement (Q847520)
    1. radio audience / Radiohörer (GND 4139839-7)
    2. television audience / Fernsehzuschauer (GND 7506029-2)
  1. production
    1. recording studio: recording studio (Q746369) / subclass (no item): radio studio
    2. television studio: television studio (Q511355)
  2. transmitter / Sender: radio and TV emitting station (Q21593165), subclass of transmitter (Q190157)
    1. distribution of audio content: radio reception (Q12146773)
    2. distribution of video content: ...
    3. radio channel: ...
    4. television channel: television channel (Q2001305), a physical or virtual channel over which a television station or television network is distributed
  3. receiver / Empfänger: Q1644403
    1. radio receiver: radio receiver (Q159391) mixed with radio communications (Q872) (radio in general)
    2. television receiver: television set (Q8075)
  1. 1919 in broadcasting (Q346668)
    1. 1919 in radio (Q16831988)
    2. 1919 in television (Q9547661)
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  Done Thanks, I've added it to the list. --Kolja21 (talk) 21:52, 10 December 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  Done Thanks for the clarification. --Kolja21 (talk) 18:10, 28 May 2015 (UTC)Reply[reply]
  • Take one broadcaster, one station, and one program into showcase items to make it easier for editors to see what the gold standard for them would be.
  1. broadcaster: Hessischer Rundfunk (Q23565)   Done
  2. radio station: BBC Radio 4 (Q795598) (in preparation)
    1. radio drama: A Dangerous Game (Q20963399) (in preparation)
    2. radio show (music): American Top 40 (Q467079)
  3. television station: TV4 (Q1466723)
    1. television series: Twin Peaks (Q2085) (in preparation)
      1. television series (saison): The Shield, season 1 (Q13414801) (in preparation)
    2. television show (news satire): El Bernameg (Q2949778) (in preparation)

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