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Note that there is a separate page with an overview of data modelling issues.

Model ItemsEdit

Palais MontcalmEdit

Building item: Palais Montcalm (Q3360900), with its two performance halls:

Schauspielhaus ZürichEdit

Building item: Schauspielhaus Zürich (Q675022), with its main stage:

Carnegie HallEdit

Building item: Carnegie Hall (Q200959), with its various parts:

Data structure for venuesEdit

By definition, the English word venue is defined as a "place where a public event or a meeting happens" (see While, in common usage, the word venue is often assimilated with the bricks and mortar building where events happen, conceptually, a venue can be any place, human-made or natural, indoors or outdoors, where humans gather for public events or activities. Translations for the English word venue, may carry slightly different meanings.

In contrast, the term building is generally defined in terminology databases and authority files as a construction work or structure providing shelter for occupants or contents. In simple language, it can be defined as a “structure with walls and a roof” (see The notion of building provides conceptual clarity for Wikidata items describing entire architectural structures.

For the sake of consistency with the name of this WikiProject, the word venue was preserved in the following data structure.

Properties for performing art venuesEdit

The following tables provide properties and examples for how to structure the data for cultural venues. There is also a series of notes further down the page explaining how to create distinct Wikidata items for the building, its individual rooms and the organization managing the venue.


invalid 'id' parameter should be a number or 'new', is P2048

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance ofP31Iteminstance of: that class of which this subject is a particular example and memberGrand Théâtre de Québec <instance of> performing arts center-
nameP2561Monolingual textname, full name and musical group name: name the subject is known by. If a more specific property is available, use thatThéâtre de la Ville <name> Théâtre Lyrique Impérial (French)-
named afterP138Itemeponym, memorial society and namesakes: entity or event that inspired the subject's name, or namesake (in at least one language). Qualifier "applies to name" (P5168) can be used to indicate which oneThe Steve Allen Playhouse <named after> Steve Allen-
date of official openingP1619Point in timeopening ceremony, opening and inauguration: date or point in time an event, museum, theater etc. officially openedKing's Hall, Herne Bay <date of official opening> 4 April 1904-
inceptionP571Point in timedate of establishment: time when an entity begins to exist; for date of official opening use P1619Queen Louise Kirsch Puppet Theater <inception> 1964-
significant eventP793Itemkey event: significant or notable events associated with the subjectpavillon Pierre-Lassonde <significant event> start of manufacturing or construction-
official websiteP856URLofficial website and home page: URL of the official page of an item (current or former) [if the page changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL]Tolhuisgarden <official website>
operatorP137Itemoperator: person, profession, or organization that operates the equipment, facility, or servicePlace des Arts <operator> Société de la Place des Arts de Montréalitem operated
owned byP127Itemproprietor: owner of the subjectNational Arts Centre <owned by> Government of Canadaowner of
occupantP466Itemperson or organization occupying propertyPalais Garnier <occupant> Paris Opera-
architectP84Itemarchitect and architectural firm: person or architectural firm responsible for designing this buildingCopenhagen Opera House <architect> Henning Larsen-
architectural styleP149Itemarchitectural style: architectural style of a structurePalais Garnier <architectural style> Second Empire style-
heritage designationP1435Itemhistoric preservation and heritage designation: heritage designation of a cultural or natural siteMassey Hall <heritage designation> national historic site of Canada-
structure replacesP1398Itemstructure replaced: the item this building or structure replaced, at the same geographic locationRoyal Shakespeare Theatre <structure replaces> Shakespeare Memorial Theatrestructure replaced by
structure replaced byP167Itemreplacement structure: the item which replaced this building or structure, at the same geographic locationSouthwark Towers <structure replaced by> The Shardstructure replaces
has part or partsP527Itemhas part, consist of and meronymy: part of this subject; inverse property of "part of" (P361). See also "has parts of the class" (P2670).Palais Montcalm <has part or parts> Raoul-Jobin Hallpart of
has part(s) of the classP2670Itemhas part of class: the subject instance (the subject is not a class) has one or more parts of the object classRaoul-Jobin Hall <has part(s) of the class> stage-
widthP2049Quantitywidth and road width: width of an objectstage <width> 20 metre-
horizontal depthP5524Quantitydepth: spatial extent for 3D object along the third axis, what is most commonly referred to as its depth. Compare with "vertical depth" (P4511)stage <horizontal depth> 11 metre-
maximum capacityP1083Quantityseating capacity and individual seat: number of people allowed for a venue or vehicleSalle Wilfrid-Pelletier <maximum capacity> 2996-
areaP2046Quantityarea: area occupied by an objectGuloien Theatre <area> 2600-
wheelchair accessibilityP2846Itemwheelchair accessibility: describes wheelchair accessibility of location or eventSanderson Centre for the Performing Arts <wheelchair accessibility> wheelchair accessible-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
imageP18Commons media fileillustration and image: image of relevant illustration of the subject; if available, also use more specific properties (sample: coat of arms image, locator map, flag image, signature image, logo image, collage image)Hal Koerner <image> HalKoerner2009.jpg-
image of design plansP3311Commons media fileplan: image representing the plan of a building or placeStejărișu fortified church <image of design plans> Planul fortificatiei din Stejarisu.jpg-
image of interiorP5775Commons media fileimage of the inside of an architectural structure, vehicle or other enclosed spaceHungarian State Opera House <image of interior> Ungarische Staatsoper - Innenraum.JPG-
photosphere imageP4640Commons media filespherical panorama: image with the field of view 360×180 degreesStegeborg Castle <photosphere image> Stegeborgs slottsruin 2016 10.jpg-
nighttime viewP3451Commons media filenighttime view: image of the subject at night, or at least in twilightPonce de Leon Inlet Light <nighttime view> Ponce Inlet Lighthouse at night - panoramio.jpg-
aerial viewP8592Commons media fileaerial view: image of the subject taken from the airPalace of Versailles <aerial view> Vue aérienne du domaine de Versailles par ToucanWings - Creative Commons By Sa 3.0 - 073.jpg-
panoramic viewP4291Commons media filepanorama: panoramic view of the objectFörkärla Church <panoramic view> Förkärla kyrka 20160421 06.jpg-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
countryP17Itemcountry: sovereign state of this item (not to be used for human beings)Tolhuisgarden <country> Netherlands-
located in the administrative territorial entityP131Itemadministrative territorial entity: the item is located on the territory of the following administrative entity. Use P276 for specifying locations that are non-administrative places and for items about events. Use P1382 if the item falls only partially into the administrative entity.Magnet Theater <located in the administrative territorial entity> Manhattan-
coordinate locationP625Geographic coordinatesgeographic coordinate system: geocoordinates of the subject. For Earth, please note that only WGS84 coordinating system is supported at the momentMount Everest <coordinate location> 27° 59′ 17.00″ N 86° 55′ 31.00″ E-
located on streetP669Itemstreet: street, road, or square, where the item is located. To add the number, use Property:P670 "street number" as qualifier. Use property P6375 if there is no item for the streetPalais Montcalm <located on street> Place D'Youville-
postal codeP281Stringpostal code: identifier assigned by postal authorities for the subject area or buildingPalais Montcalm <postal code> G1R 3P1-
street addressP6375Monolingual textstreet address, address and street: full street address where subject is located. Include building number, city/locality, post code, but not country; use also P669 if the street has its own separate itemGrand Théâtre de Québec <street address> 269, boulevard René-Lévesque Est, Québec (Québec) G1R 2B3 (French)-


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
GeoNames IDP1566External identifierGeoNames: identifier in the GeoNames geographical databasePiton de la Fournaise <GeoNames ID> 935877-
ISNIP213External identifierInternational Standard Name Identifier: International Standard Name Identifier for an identity. Format: 4 blocks of 4 digits separated by a space, first block is 0000Norway <ISNI> 0000 0001 2197 5163-
MusicBrainz place IDP1004External identifierMusicBrainz: Identifier for a place in the MusicBrainz open music encyclopediaAbbey Road Studios <MusicBrainz place ID> bd55aeb7-19d1-4607-a500-14b8479d3fed-
Songkick venue IDP3977External identifierSongkick: identifier for a venue, on SongkickBirmingham Town Hall <Songkick venue ID> 1770-
TripAdvisor IDP3134External identifierTripadvisor: identifier of a place (region, hotel, restaurant, attraction), in TripAdvisorSaint Paul hermitage <TripAdvisor ID> 4037786-
EUTA theatre IDP4535External identifierEuropean Theatre Architecture: identifier for a theatre in the European Theatre Architecture (EUTA) databaseMunicipal Theatre of Mladá Boleslav <EUTA theatre ID> 31-
Flanders Arts Institute venue IDP3820External identifierFlanders Arts Institute and identifier of a venue in the Flanders Arts Institute database for performing artsKVS <Flanders Arts Institute venue ID> 131036-
Instagram location IDP4173External identifierInstagram: identifier for a location on InstagramKananaskis Village, Alberta <Instagram location ID> 256381493-

Notes on properties for cultural venuesEdit

Mapping Infobox TemplatesEdit

Several Wikipedias, such as the English or Portuguese Wikipedia, are using a very general Infobox venue template to describe sports and cultural venues alike. The French and a few other Wikipedias are using a template for cultural venues that covers both theatre and music venues (Infobox Salle de spectacle). Other Wikipedias, such as the German, Spanish, Russian and Italian Wikipedias, are using a specific template for theatre venues (Infobox theatre); they may not have specific templates for music venues (e.g. German, Spanish, Italian Wikipedias).

Some of them contain a mix of parameters, some pertaining to a building, and some to an organization.

Infobox templates used to describe venues in generalEdit

Wikidata en pt
- name
nickname (P1449) nickname
- native_name
- native_name_lang
- fullname
- former names
logo image (P154) logo_image
- logo_caption
image (P18) image
- image_size
- image_alt
- caption
- pushpin_map
- pushpin_mapsize
- pushpin_map_caption
- pushpin_label_position
- pushpin_relief
street address (P6375) address: street address
located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) address: city
country (P17) address: country
- location
coordinate location (P625) coordinates
- elevation
- type
genre (P136) genre
- broke_ground
inception (P571) built
date of official opening (P1619) opened
- renovated
- expanded
date of official closure (P3999) closed
- demolished
owned by (P127) owner
operator (P137) operator
- surface
- scoreboard
- production
cost (P2130) cost
architect (P84) architect
main building contractor (P193) builder
- project manager
- structural engineer
- services engineer
- general contractor
- main contractors
- seating type
maximum capacity (P1083) capacity
- suites
- record attendance
- dimensions
- field shape
- acreage
- volume
- tenants
- embedded
official website (P856) website
- public transit

Infobox templates used to describe performing arts venuesEdit

bold = mandatory
(-) = no parameter is provided

Wikidata de (theatre) es (theatre) fr (theatre & music) it (theatre) ru (theatre)
- - - charte
- Name - Nom
said to be the same as (P460) - - Nom autre
- - - anciens noms
image (P18) Bild - image
- Bildgrösse - -
- Bildbeschreibung - légende
- - - surnom
legal form (P1454) - - statut
- - - gestion
- - - structure-mère
- - - tutelle
director / manager (P1037) - - direction
- - - direction artistique
- - - composante
- - - protection
- - - résidence
- - - direction artistique
- - - type
street address (P6375) Adresse - -
located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) Stadt - lieu
- NS - latitude
- EW - longitude
- DIM - -
- Baugebinn - -
- Bauende - -
legal form (P1454) Eröffnet - inauguration
date of official closure (P3999) - - fermeture
- - - salles
maximum capacity (P1083) Zuschauer - places
- Zuschauer_unbestuhlt - -
architect (P84) Architekt - architecte
named after (P138) Benannt_nach - -
- Jahr_Benennung - -
official website (P856) Homepage - web -
- Notizen - -