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The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision holds a large collection of Dutch audiovisual material. This collection has been described using its own thesaurus Gemeenschappelijke Thesaurus Audiovisuele Archieven (or GTAA). The person names from this thesaurus have been added to the Mix 'n Match tool, to be added to relevant terms as identifier. However, in many cases there is not enough information in the thesaurus to make a quality match. Sound and Vision would like to expand the number of matches made, by providing more and better quality data and automated matches. The last step of manually confirming the GTAA to its Wikidata item, we would like to do together with the community. After these matches have been made, we will have a much better idea of which data is still missing on Wikidata, which we will then try to provide as new items and properties to existing items from our catalogue and other datasets. Sound and Vision will explore possibilities for how to profit from this data, for instance using date of death from Wikidata as a way to determine the copyright status of works in its archive. Where possible Sound and Vision always makes materials available openly for use on Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Sound and Vision to upload enriched dataset to Mix n Match for easier manual confirmation (May 2018)
  2. Creating more matches together with the Wikidata community (May/June 2018)
  3. Sound and Vision to add new items with properties from its own datasets
  4. Working on adding properties to the new items

How can you help?Edit

As you can see already a significant number of items have been matched using the Mix 'n Match tool. This is thanks to the work of some amazing volunteers that have worked with the limited extra information available as 'scopenotes' in our thesaurus. However, with our enriched set online we expect many more matches can be made. Making matches is very simple an actually quite fun!:

  • Login to your Wikimedia account, or create a new account.
  • Authorize WiDaR to make edits on Wikidata on your behalf.
  • Go to the 'GTAA' on Mix 'n Match
  • Click: "automatisch gekoppeld" or "automatically matched"
  • Start confirming and removing matches. Make sure you have enough information to make a match, if not: you can skip the item for now. If the match is obviously wrong based on the extra information you can: remove the match.

Important information about the dataset To create this enriched dataset we have automatically generated lists of information such as programs, other persons, etc. associated with the thesaurus-term from our catalogue metadata (e.g. program descriptions). These lists we have added as enrichments to facilitate linking to Wikidata. In some cases, the terms suggested might not be relevant to the thesaurus-term, due to the algorhythm we chose. However, the full list of information will give a much clearer idea of who a certain person is and make it much easier to create matches with Wikidata items.

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Future workEdit

  • We would like to also add our title thesaurus to Wikidata, to make an (almost) complete dataset of Dutch public broadcasting TV-shows available to Wikidata.
  • Included in this could be information about individual episodes of well known series.
  • We want to try to get more information about notable people from radio and television history and add these data to Wikidata
  • Please add your requests on the talk page and we will look into it!