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List of colonial powersEdit

This is a list of colonial powers or more specifically, a list of states with instance of (P31) = colonial power (Q20181813)

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item label description
Q35 Denmark sovereign state in northern Europe that is part of the Kingdom of Denmark
Q45 Portugal sovereign state in southwestern Europe
Q145 United Kingdom sovereign state in western Europe
Q29999 Kingdom of the Netherlands sovereign state in Western Europe and the Caribbean
Q70972 Kingdom of France kingdom in Western Europe from 987 to 1791
Q148499 Margraviate of Brandenburg major principality of the Holy Roman Empire from 1157 to 1806
Q188553 Batavian Republic republic in Western Europe between 1795–1806
Q212278 Kingdom of Holland former country
Q756617 Kingdom of Denmark sovereign unitary state in Europe, the Arctic and the North Atlantic
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