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This is a list of parts of the French Colonies or more specifically, a list of data objects with part of (P361) = French colonial empire (Q179023)

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label item description Created Replace Dissolved Replaced by
Acadia Q207353 colony of New France in northeastern North America 1604 1713
Blanchiment des troupes coloniales Q30728973
Colony of Gabon Q39072717 colony of France in Africa 1906 1960 French Equatorial Africa
Djibouti Q977 sovereign state in Africa 1977-06-23 French Territory of the Afars and the Issas
Franco-Hova Wars Q2638505
Free French Africa Q64223761 African territories within Free France
French Colonial Africa Q19951607 French colonial territories in Africa
French conquest of Algeria Q2629782 military campaign
French Equatorial Africa Q271894 federation of French colonial possessions in Central Africa 1910 French Congo
Colony of Gabon
French Chad
French Indochina Q185682 Federal state in Southeast Asia 1887 1954
French Mandate for Syria and the Lebanon Q139708 former country 1923 1946
French West Africa Q210682 colonial federation (1895–1958) 1895 Toucouleur Empire
Wassoulou Empire
1958-10-04 Benin
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Greater Lebanon Q130842 Mandate of the French Third Republic, the predecessor of modern Lebanon, existed between 1920 and 1943 1920-08-31 Occupied Enemy Territory Administration 1943
New France Q170604 area colonized by France in North America 1534 1763
Puducherry Q66743 Union Territory of India 1673
São Luís Q28441 city of the Brazilian state of Maranhão 1612-09-08
Shanghai French Concession Q2571993 former foreign concession in Shanghai 1849 1943
Spanish assault on French Florida Q16837786
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