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Aim and Scope edit

The aim of the present project is to create a comprehensive database of fountains...

The project more specifically serves to coordinate the following activities:

  • the creation of an inventory of all existing public databases that contain data about fountains;
  • the ingestion of data about fountains into Wikidata;
  • the enhancement and completion of such data;
  • the use of the data to create maintenance lists on Wikipedia;
  • the inclusion of the data into Wikipedia and its sister projects, such as in infoboxes or lists.

Background edit

The city of Zürich has an open data set of 1200 fountains . A project funded by the fondation aims at illustrating them. The project decided to first import the data into wikidata. That done the application is no longer limited to Zürich, but can be extended to any place of the world.

Next steps as of August 2018: make it more interdisciplinary, e.g. add results of chemical or biological water analysis of fountains according to the principles of open (citizen) science.

Ways to Contribute edit

Once in the app, there will be abundant contribution guidelines on a per fountain level

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The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

{{Ping project|Fountains}}

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  • unfortunately hasn't responded so far to our suggestions to share some of their data under the principles of "open data"
  • hopefully provides some of its data as "open data"

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