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  1. This project aims to be a central point for actions about french entities
  2. Internationals Wikidata standards about data representation, claim writing, and modeling are to be respected and built with the members of this project in collaboration with the other similar topics in other parts of the projects
  3. This project is international (although of course main language will probably be French). Language must not be a problem to contact and take part to this project

Territorial administrative divisions and their typesEdit

Should be done in coordination with country subdivision task force)

Important item
administrative territorial entity of France (Q192498)
sample classification of administrative units types
classification of actual administrative units

Relevant classificationEdit

Item of which the classes of this classification are instances : NUTS (european administrative division classification) class (Q16003513)

(personal note: items like administrative territorial entity of France (Q192498)     ; Q16003249     are regularrly merged, it's not easy to cancel and it's nonsense, so please don't do this)

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