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Il existe plusieurs types d'intercommunalités, la plus courante est la community of communes (Q423785).

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Arbre des intercommunalités (subclass of (P279)) :


Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
instance ofP31Iteminstance of: that class of which this subject is a particular example and memberDinan Communauté <instance of> community of communes-
countryP17Itemcountry: sovereign state of this item; don't use on humansDinan Communauté <country> France-
headquarters locationP159Itemheadquarters, siège social, seat and episcopal see: specific location where an organization's headquarters is or has been situated. Inverse property of "occupant" (P466).Dinan Communauté <headquarters location> Dinanoccupant
inceptionP571Point in timedate of establishment: date or point in time when the subject came into existence as definedDinan Communauté <inception> 1963-
dissolved, abolished or demolishedP576Point in timedissolved, abolished or demolished date: point in time at which the subject (organisation, building) ceased to exist; see "date of official closure" (P3999) for closing a facility, "service retirement" (P730) for retiring equipment, "discontinued date" (P2669) for stopping a productDinan Communauté <dissolved, abolished or demolished> 31 décembre 2016inception
replacesP1365Itemreplaced entity: person or item replaced. Use "structure replaces" (P1398) for structures. Use "follows" (P155) if the previous item was not replaced or predecessor and successor are identicalDinan agglomération <replaces> Dinan Communautéreplaced by
replaced byP1366Itemreplacing subject: other person or item which continues the item by replacing it in its role. Use P156 (followed by) if the item is not replaced (e.g. books in a series), nor identical, but adds to the series without dropping the role of this item in that seriesDinan Communauté <replaced by> Dinan agglomérationreplaces
SIREN numberP1616External identifierSIREN: identifer for an organization in the SIRENE register maintained by INSEEDinan Communauté <SIREN number> 200043255-
official websiteP856URLofficial website and home page: URL of the official homepage of an item (current or former) [if the homepage changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL]Dinan Communauté <official website>
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