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This page lists identifiers and databases that are relevant for our WikiProject.


Database Property Mix'n'Match IDs in source Progress License Contents
GRID GRID ID (P2427) 309 80,397
214.2% complete
CC0 Location metadata, URLs, inclusion relations between institutions
Fundref Crossref funder ID (P3153) 388 15,552
90.4% complete
CC0 Alternate names, country, URL
VIAF VIAF ID (P214) ? 103,959/?
Open ISNI for institutions ISNI (P213) 373, 375 400,000
16.3% complete
? location, URL

Links between identifiersEdit

Rows indicate the source identifier, columns indicate the target.

GRID Fundref ISNI VIAF OrgRef Ringgold
GRID yes yes yes yes no
Fundref no no no no no
ISNI no no yes no no
VIAF no no yes no no
OrgRef no no yes yes no
Ringgold no no yes no no

Local identifiersEdit

This section lists the identifiers and database that are specific to a particular country, type of academic institution, or topic.

TODO: add more!