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Wikidata India Merchandise giveaways is an attempt, initiated by Wikidata India WikiProject, inspired by Merchandise giveaways (Wikimedia-Meta), and supported by CIS-A2K to encourage Wikidata editors in India. We'll courier a nice Wikidata T-shirt to the selected Wikidata editors.

Wikidata is coolEdit

“There is no charge for awesomeness... or attractiveness.”
- Po (Q3307548)

Wikidata is definitely cool. In India, it is growing in content. This is happening not only due to the massive data ingestion by the power users both from the country and abroad, but also largely by small but useful edits done by the diverse community members. Users adding statements, references or labels in different Indian languages, patrolling or fixing something one at a time, how simple it might seem, are increasing the quality of the data slowly and steadily. Like all Wikimedia projects, Wikidata volunteers from India, too, are working on building a better future world with more information than before and like all Wikimedia projects, the bright future ahead will be built upon the hard work of these amazing editors, who remain mostly unnoticed and unappreciated by people at large. Now, this is the opportunity to thank them and send them some small token of appreciation, which might not be enough, but at least a step forward to appreciate them, for their service to the mankind.

Nominate awesome Wikidata India editorsEdit

Do you know an awesome Wikidata editor from India?
Yes? Great! The first step is done. Just nominate her/him below and fill up a very short template.


Is this a prize?
No. This is not a prize at all. The merchandise giveaways are just a way to appreciate someone's volunteer contribution on Wikidata.
Can I support someone?
Of course, you can! A line or two from you will mean a lot to the user, so don't hesitate to write something good.

Is there any criteria to nominate someone?
Not much, you just have to find out why the user is awesome! Links to prove your statement is optional but that will help to decide. You might consider if the contributor has completed some long incomplete tasks or started an impactful project related to India on Wikidata. Please remember, Wikidata contribution related to India is the key criteria to nominate someone.
Can I nominate as many users as possible?
Hell, yeah! Isn't that awesome too?
Can I nominate myself? I think, I am awesome too.
Technically yes, but that would be weird, don't you think? Don't worry, if you are awesome, someone else will surely nominate you.
Can I support as many users as possible?
Of course! Just look for their awesomeness and support. Also, it would be great, if you too, write few lines. That would mean a lot to people.
Is this a vote ?
No. Your support shows your appreciation. While more support may denote high popularity or high visibility, fewer support might mean that the user works silently without being noticed and known to anyone, but that does not mean he/she is not awesome.
So, how is to decide?
All nominations will be thoroughly reviewed by experienced Wikidata users from India and abroad in a fair manner. It is important that you fill up the nomination template with facts and links, so that reviewers can decide easily. Be assured, no awesomeness will be missed.
One minute, who is behind all this?
You are! You are the one who has identified someone's awesomeness and came forward to appreciate that. Thank you!! But don't worry! you don't have to bear the responsibility to send gifts to them. Bodhisattwa (CIS-A2K) will contact the nominated users and take care to send them a special gift. CIS-A2K will be sponsoring the gifts and courier charge.
What are the gifts?
Wikidata t-shirts for now! Plans are there to send some other cool stuff. You can suggest that too.
Can a user get gifts multiple times?
One user will be sent merchandise only once by CIS-A2K. You can find who got the gifts here.
Can a Wikidata user outside India get a gift?
There are amazing Wikidata contributors outside India who are contributing to WikiProject India. But CIS-A2K has its limitations. Unfortunately, gifts will be sent by post to users residing in India only. Although, when there is a will, there is always a way. There are other ways of sending merchandise to foreign contributors, but that may depend on many factors and might take time.