Wikidata:WikiProject Ki Hajar Dewantara

This collaborative project aims to research the letters, telegrams and other documents that have been sent to and by Ki Hajar Dewantara (Q1815982), an important Indonesian education activist.


  • Create OpenRefine project with the (starting) info on all the documents in the collection (  Done)
  • Create WD items for 389 documents in the Ki Hajar Collection:   Done
  • Add all Qids to OpenRefine file   Done
  • Add all Commons links to the 389 WD items   Done
  • Decide: Create several WD items for letters that consist of several parts.   Not done Nope, after some expert advice I decided against creating WD items on every piece of paper and then use another item for all the pieces that form one letter.
  • Create Listeria list of all the documents   Done
  • Create WD scheme for documents used in this project   Doing…
  • Add 'precedes' and 'follows' to certain letters that are replies (unless I find better options) > WD
  • (Create documentation on initial datamodel used in OpenRefine> Ecritures)   Doing…
  • Add the Wikisource links to all WD items > MB



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