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LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group Calls Edit

The group meets biweekly to discuss various aspects of Wikidata. At each meeting, the co-facilitators or a guest will present some relevant material related to the topic and we’ll discuss any issues members have encountered as well as helpful resources.

Calls are biweekly on Tuesdays, 9am PT / 12pm ET / 16:00 UTC / 6pm CET

For Zoom link to join call, see the agenda.

Upcoming Call Edit

2023-10-13: Lars Willighagen on, Wikidata, and plans for more linked data

Past Calls Edit

2023 Edit

2023-07-13: LD4 Conference Affinity Group Session on Community Intro and Round 2 of What's Your Wikidata Passion?

2023-06-13: Helen Williams on Wikidata at London School of Economics

2023-05-30: Discussing Advocacy for Wikidata in Libraries

2023-05-16: What are our access and preservation needs? Discussing the Afterlife of LD4-Wikidata Affinity Group Calls

2023-05-02: Fudie Zhao on Wikidata in Digital Humanities projects

2023-04-18: Indigenous Artists and Wikidata: Report launch and discussion

2023-04-04: Magnus Manske on Wikidata editing tools and tools that use linked data from other sources (eg GND, VIAF) to integrate in Wikidata

2023-03-21: LD4P3 team on their integration of Wikidata information around musical works into a Cornell library catalog prototype

2023-03-07: The New Wikidata REST API

2023-02-21: UPenn Libraries' Linked Data Vision

2023-02-07: What's Your Wikidata Passion?

2023-01-24: Community Updates & Discussion

2023-01-10: Egon Willighagen on SARS-CoV-2 queries

2022 Edit

2022-12-13: Wikidata Query Service and Blazegraph updates

2022-11-29: Openly managed data gathering and management

2022-11-15: Wikidata Working Hours Summer/Fall Project Series

2022-11-01: Conversational Wikidata/WAG 101 and Q&A (Presentation postponed)

2022-10-18: Demos of Wikidata gadgets, user scripts, and SPARQL queries

2022-10-04: Lana Soglasnova and Roman Tashlitskyy on Slavic people and names in Wikidata

2022-09-20: Michael Jones on using machine learning, IIIF, and Wikidata with historical newspaper collections

2022-09-06: Dominic Byrd-McDevitt will talk about the Digital Public Library's Wikimedia program, an effort to provide national leadership around access and discoverability of digital collections by leveraging Wikipedia and its sister projects.

2022-08-23: Diego de la Hera and scann on Web2Cit, a tool to collaboratively improve automatic citations in Wikipedia

2022-08-09: Pieter Vander Vennet on Wikidata use in MapComplete, a thematic OpenStreetMap viewer and editor

2022-07-26: Clair Kronk, Crystal Clements, Alex Jung on LGBTDB and pronouns in Wikidata (Update to Wikidata/Gender call on Feb 8)

2022-07-12: Houcemeddine Turki will speak on "Enriching and Validating Wikidata from Large Bibliographic Databases"

2022-06-28: Andrew McAllister will present on Wikidata Powered Language Keyboards.

2022-06-14: Will Kent and Rosie Stephenson-Goodknight will present on Leveraging Wikidata for Wikipedia – running a multi-language wiki project and the role of Wikidata in improving Wikipedia's content gender gap.

2022-05-31: Felicia Smith, Nicole Coleman, and Akosua Kissi on the Know Systemic Racism Project

2022-05-17: Anson Parker and Lucy Carr-Jones on their Open Data Dashboard for analyzing University of Virginia Health publications using EuropePMC publication data

2022-05-03: Sharon Garewal (JSTOR) on "Adding Wikidata QIDs to JSTOR Images," and Daniela Rovida and Jennifer Brcka on "'Archives At': An opportunity to leverage MARC to create Linked Open Data."

2022-04-19 Agenda: Martin Schibel on Entitree

2022-04-05 Agenda: Adam Schiff (University of Washington), Tyler Rogers (San Diego State University), Julia Gilmore (University of Toronto) on documenting buildings on academic campuses

2022-03-22 Agenda: Christian Boulanger on extracting open citation data for the legal theory graph project

2022-03-08 Agenda: Stacy Allison-Cassin and Cora Coady, Adam Cavanaugh, and Devin Frede on Wikidata in the classroom.

2022-02-22 Agenda: Huda Khan and Astrid Usong on their Linked Data for Production 3 (LD4P3) grant work to use Wikidata in knowledge panels in Cornell’s library catalog

2022-02-08 Agenda: Andy Mabbett on the "Cite Q" template that uses data from Wikidata in Wikipedia citations and Crystal Clements on setting the framework for a future discussion on addressing ethical concerns surrounding representation of gender for persons in Wikidata

2022-01-25 Agenda: Pascal Martinolli, Librarian, on tabletop role-playing game citations practices and WD

2022-01-11 Agenda: Wikimedia Linked Open Data Strategy 2021 Community Discussion

2021 Edit

2021-12-14 Agenda: Wikidata related lightning talks

2021-11-30 Agenda: Wikiproject Govdirectory with Jan Ainali

2021-11-16 Agenda: Éder Porto on adding journal articles to Wikidata

2021-11-02 Agenda: Sam Oyeyele on the AfroCine project

2021-10-19 Agenda: Scottish Accused Witches Project with Ewan McAndrew and Emma Carroll

2021-10-05 Agenda: Stephanie Sapienza and Emily Frazier on Unlocking the Airwaves

2021-09-21 Agenda: David Shorthouse on Bionomia & Wikidata synchrony

2021-09-7 Agenda: Andrew Lih on developing Wikimedia tools and gadgets

2021-08-24 Agenda: Érica Azzellini and Éder Porto (Wiki Movimento Brasil) on MBABEL, a Wikimedia tool for structured narratives based on Wikidata

2021-08-10 Agenda: Wikidata Edit-a-thons highlighting Boston Rock City Edit-a-thon, Wikidata Comics Edit-a-thon, and Wiki-Relays

2021-07-27 Agenda: Andra Waagmeester on Shape Expressions and using them in Wikidata to describe the genomics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus

2021-07-13 Agenda: Discussion of “Beyond VIAF: Wikidata as a Complementary Tool for Authority Control in Libraries” with Carlo Bianchini (University of Pavia), Stefano Bargioni (Pontifical University Santa Croce (Rome)), and Camillo Carlo Pellizzari di San Girolamo (University of Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore)

2021-06-29 Agenda: Introduction to SPARQL and the Wikidata Query Service with Robert Chavez

2021-06-15 Agenda: Diego de la Hera on Cita, a Zotero add-on for syncing citation metadata using Wikidata

2021-06-01 Agenda: Wikidata Affinity Group Year-in-Review and AY21/22 Planning

2021-05-18 Agenda: Lexemes with Mahir Morshed

2021-05-04 Agenda: Structured Data on Commons with John Cummings and Alicia Fagerving

2021-04-19 Agenda: Archival collections in Wikidata and ACA UCASIS panel recap, with Kelli Babcock and Alexandra Wong

2021-04-06 Agenda: GaNCH: Using Wikidata for Georgia's Natural, Cultural, and Historic Organizations' Disaster Response, with Cliff Landis

2021-03-23 Agenda: Bri Watson, Brandie Pullen, Kathleen Burlingame, Alexandra Provo, and Allison Bailund will be leading discussion on the LDEthics Group, forthcoming book Ethics in Linked Data, a checklist for ethics in linked data, and how to make the checklist more useful and how it applies to Wikidata

2021-03-09 Agenda: Bruce Washburn and Jeff Mixter on OCLC's CONTENTdm Pilot Project using Wikibase

2021-02-23 Agenda: Jason Evans on adding bibliographic information to Wikidata

2021-02-09 Agenda: Mikki Brock and Chris Langley on the Mapping the Scottish Reformation Project

2021-01-26 Agenda: Wikibase, the Integrated Authority File (GND) project at German National Library, and the WikiLibrary Manifesto

2021-01-12 Agenda: Using QuickStatements for bulk uploading archived website data to Wikidata with Peter Chan

2020 Edit

2020-12-01 Agenda: Lightning talks on Wikidata projects

2020-11-17 Agenda: Dan Schick on Creating and Managing Community Documentation and Wiki markup

2020-11-03 Agenda: Author Items and the Author Disambiguator Tool

2020-10-20 Agenda: Wikidata Working Hour session on creating items for authors of papers on COVID-19 and brainstorming for future Working Hours

2020-10-06 Agenda: Entity Explosion with Toby Hudson

2020-09-22 Agenda: Wikidata Project Coordination with Alex Jung

2020-09-08 Agenda: Rob Fernandez on Listeria

2020-08-25 Agenda: Wikidata Gadgets and User Scripts Revisted

2020-08-11 Agenda: Daniel Mietchen and Lane Rasberry on Scholia

2020-07-28 Agenda: Liam Wyatt on WikiCite

2020-07-14 Agenda: Introducing New Co-facilitators and Editathon Tools

2020-06-30 Agenda: Merrilee Proffitt, Chris Cyr, and Rob Fernandez: Surfacing Library Holdings in WorldCat to indicate possible notability of people

2020-06-16 Agenda: The Program for Cooperative Cataloging Wikidata Pilot

2020-06-02 Agenda: Wikidata Needs and Planning for the Future of the Group

2020-05-19 Agenda: João Alexandre Peschanski on Wikidata + Education projects in Brazil--"If Wikidata is the solution...what is the need?"

2020-05-05 Agenda: Alex Jung on Wikidata in Wikipedia Infoboxes

2020-04-21 Agenda: Wikidata Schemas and Cradle with ShEX

2020-04-07 Agenda: Google Sheets Add-On and Workflows, ORES, Author Disambiguator Tool

2020-03-24 Agenda: Wikidata and Wikipedia Google Sheets Add-On and Wikidata WikiProject COVID 19

2020-03-10 Agenda: Pseudo-authors, ancient places and Google Sheets

2020-02-25 Agenda: Pseudonyms, historical places, organization splits

2020-02-11 Agenda: Labels and aliases for organizations name changes, pseudonyms, conferences

2020-01-14 Agenda: Getting started in Wikidata, labels, aliases, description
2020-01-28 Agenda: Labels and aliases for organizations name changes, pseudonyms, conferences

2019 Edit

2019-12-17 Agenda: Survey results and revisiting goals of the group

2019-12-03 Agenda: Gadgets

2019-11-19 Agenda: WikidataCon and WikiConference North America recaps

2019-11-05 Agenda: Martin Poulter on the Using Wikidata to Describe the Structure of a Book

2019-10-22 Agenda: Finding GLAMs: Reconciling and Adding Institutions to Wikidata using OpenRefine

2019-10-08 Agenda: Finding GLAMs

2019-09-24 Agenda: Wikidata/Wikibase Strategy and Vision

2019-09-10 References in Wikidata

2019-08-27 Agenda: Wikimania Recap

2019-08-12 Agenda: Wikidata Notability Policy

2019-07-30 Agenda: Wikidata/Wikimedia Communication Channels

2019-07-02 Agenda: Cohort Wikidata Project and Wikidata Policies

2019-06-18 Agenda: Wikibase and the German National Library

2019-06-04 Agenda: Wikidata at the LD4 Conference

2019-05-21 Agenda: Goals/Outcomes and WikiProjects

2019-05-07 Agenda: More Wikidata Projects

2019-04-23 Agenda: Intro and Wikidata Projects