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Wikidata:WikiProject Limits of Wikidata

This WikiProject aims to catalogue the current limits of Wikidata and to extrapolate their development until about 2030.
The formula depicted here describes the resolution limit of the light microscope. After it had served science for about a century, it was set in stone for a monument. The image was taken yet more years later, but two months after that, the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was announced to be awarded for overcoming this limit using fluorescent molecules and lasers.
Which of the limits of Wikidata are set in stone, and which ones should we strive to overcome?



This Wikiproject aims at bringing together various strands of conversations that touch upon the respective limits of Wikidata, both in technical and social terms. The aim is not to duplicate existing documentation but to collect pointers to places where the respective limits for a given section are being described or discussed.


While fundamental limits exist in nature, the technical and social limits we are discussing here are likely to shift over time, so any discussion of such limits will have to come with some indication of an applicable timeframe. Since the Wikimedia community has used the year 2030 as a reference point for its Movement Strategy, we will use this here as a default as well for projections into the future and contrast this with current values (which may be available via Wikidata's Grafana dashboards). If other timeframes make more sense in specific contexts, please indicate that.





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  • GitHub repo
  • limited support for sharding
  • not actively maintained



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How many triples can we manage?Edit

How many languages should be supported?Edit

How to link to individual statements?Edit


How many items should there be?Edit

How many statements should an item have?Edit


How many properties should there be?Edit

How many statements should a property have?Edit


Overview of lexicographical data as of May 2019. Does not discuss limits other than those of QuickStatements.

How many lexemes should there be?Edit

How many statements should a lexeme have?Edit


How many references should there be?Edit

How many references should a statement have?Edit

Where should references be stored?Edit

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  • [Wikidata Scaling Wikidata Query Service] from Wikidata-l, 6 June 2019

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