Wikidata:WikiProject Linked Data for Production/Wikidata for Librarians May 2019

Event detailsEdit

Date: Monday, 21 May 2019

Time: 1-4:30pm

Where: Geisel Library Classroom 2 on the main floor

Slides: Wikidata for Librarians

UC DLFx is hosting Wikidata for Librarians, a private preconference workshop for librarians attending the University of California Digital Library Forum (UC DLFx) conference. Wikidata, a structured data repository which is freely available to anyone to edit, create, use and reuse, has emerging as a powerful tool for the library community. The ARL Wikidata Task Force White Paper ( lists several important use cases. This workshop, especially designed for librarians, will provide an introduction to Wikidata and opportunities for attendees to practice editing existing items and creating new items in Wikidata. In addition, attendees will be encouraged to participate in a brainstorm session to talk about the potential Wikidata projects that the UC libraries may be interested in working together.


1:00-1:15 - Welcome

1:15-1:45 - Introduction to Wikidata

1:45-2:30 - Modify Wikidata items (hands-on)

2:30-2:45 - Break

2:45-3:30 - Create Wikidata items (hands-on)

3:30-4:00 - Basic Wikidata query

4:00-4:30 - Discuss and brainstorm ideas of potential Wikidata projects that the UC libraries may be interested in working together

Advance preparationEdit

2019 FAQ for librarians to edit Wikidata
ARL White Paper on Wikidata: Opportunities and Recommendations

To prepare for the event, please do and consider the following:

  1. Create a Wikimedia account now if you do not have one. Be ready to log in at the event!
  2. After you have a Wikimedia account, please register for this event so that the hosts can have a list of participants and report of what people edited.
  3. Please bring your laptop
  4. Please have your laptop charged
  5. Advance knowledge of Wikidata is not required. These are some helpful introductory materials you may be interested in looking at before or after the event:
    1. Wiki + data = Wikidata (and why you should care) (7 minute video)
    2. ARL White Paper on Wikidata: Opportunities and Recommendations
    3. documentation presenting an Introduction to Wikidata
    4. Wikidata FAQ


LD4 Conference PresentationsEdit


SourceMD is the "source metadata" tool for copying citation information to Wikidata.

Data modelsEdit

A "data model" is a recommendation for what properties to apply to Wikidata items. Event participants can engage in Wikidata without consulting the below. However, if anyone wants inspiration when editing Wikipedia items for people, publications, and institutions, check the below:

Here are some projects curating data models of interest to libraries:

Other projects which may be of interest but which do not currently recommend data models are

Instead of looking at published data models, anyone can examine data models in practice with a Wikidata query counting the properties used for a given subject.

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Thanks to Lane Rasberry, Wikimedian in Residence at University of Virginia, for inspiration and ideas for the format and content of this workshop.


  • Xiaoli Li, Head of Content Support Services, UC Davis
  • Hilary Thorsen, Wikimedian in Residence, Linked Data for Production Project