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Q1479500 Abgineh Museum of Tehran architectural structure Tehran 35.693431/51.41505
Tehran - Glass ware and ceramics Museum.jpg
Q1314033 Abila ancient city Irbid Governorate 32.68305556/35.87
Q9278 Abu Mena town, monastery complex and Christian pilgrimage center in Late Antique Egypt. WHS#90 Alexandria Governorate 30.84105/29.66349
Abu Mena Modern Monastery 01.JPG
Q336098 Abusir village in Giza Governorate, Egypt Giza Governorate 29.896111111111/31.203611111111
Q192268 Abydos city in ancient Egypt Sohag Governorate 26.185167/31.918889
Q70786416 Achaemenid Royal Inscriptions in Persepolis inscription Fars Province 29.933216/52.890362
Q71990761 Achaemenid stone tomb at Gur-e Dokhtar grave of some sort Bozpar 29.217009/51.651085
Q71990924 Achaemenid tomb Sorkah Deh grave of some sort Harsin 34.261745/47.398628
Q71990927 Achaemenid tomb of Takht-e Rostam grave of some sort 29.967098/52.881176
Q340272 Achilleion ancient city of Troas, in Turkey 39.91333333/26.15555556
Q29002311 Acholla amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia El Alia 35.076/11.019
Q3774528 Acueducto de los Milagros aqueduct in Mérida, Spain Mérida 38.92444444/-6.34805556
El acueducto de Los Milagros.jpg
Q2683052 Ad Duodecimum
Q106938960 Adamli qala 41.7405199/61.1219338
Q131694 Aden city in Yemen 'Adan Governorate 12.8/45.033333333333
Old Town Aden Yemen.jpg
Q28978022 Aeclanum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Eclano, Italy Mirabella Eclano 41.054/15.012
Q60790078 Aegium ancient city of Achaea 38.252707/22.081952
Q3605952 Aequum Tuticum Roman vicus in Italy Ariano Irpino 41.24230833/15.0984744
Aequum Tuticum area archeologica.jpeg
Q29002312 Agbia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Siliana Governorate 36.391/9.231
Q19945448 Agen amphitheatre Agen 44.207097222222/0.62207777777778
Q13678 Agrigento Italian comune in Sicily Province of Agrigento
Libero consorzio comunale di Agrigento
Agrigento 4m1.jpg
Q5942066 Ahura Mazda and Ardashir I sassanian Empire-era rock relief Marvdasht County 29.988611/52.871944
Q857845 Ai-Khanoum single entity of population Takhar 37.169/69.408
Q2876389 Ain Tounga archaeological site in Tunisia Beja Governorate 36.5238/9.3596
Fortress Towet at Ain Tounga, Tunisia.jpg
Q81903403 Akdeniz-Agia Irini grave Lapithos
Q3607385 Akrai Greek colony founded in Sicily by the Syracusans in 663 BC Palazzolo Acreide 37.058/14.895
Palazzolo Acreide Theater.jpg
Q35784 Al Bayda city in Libya Libya
Jabal al Akhdar
The Odeon Al Bayda.jpg
Q68044543 Al-Agoria Archaeological Museum museum in Tocra Tocra
Q71990663 Al-Hattia cemetery in the Al Ḩaţīyah valley grave of some sort 26.55905/12.948767
Q4702836 Al-Maquar royal residential complex in Amman, Jordan 31.968930555556/35.935605555556
Q558861 Alacahöyük Ancient Hittite site in northern Turkey Alaca
Çorum Province
Sphinx Gate, Alaca Höyük 02.jpg
Q28977974 Albingaunum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Albenga, Italy Albenga 44.044/8.211
Q16487763 Alcove house Roman domus buried during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, Herculaneum, Naples Ercolano 40.8056/14.3476
Casa dell'Alcova 2.JPG
Q996197 Alcántara Bridge Roman bridge over the Tagus in Extremadura Alcántara 39.7225/-6.8925
Bridge Alcantara.JPG
Q87 Alexandria second largest city in Egypt Alexandria Governorate 31.2/29.916666666667
Alexandria - Egypt.jpg
Q2005166 Alexandria on the Caucasus colony of Alexander the Great on the Hindu-Kush mountains Bagram 34.9925/69.3106
Q3410224 Alexandria on the Indus Greek settlement in Pakistan 29.24082/71.052322
Q1244372 Allard Pierson Museum museum Amsterdam 52.368611111111/4.8933305555556
Allard pierson.jpg
Q28977981 Allifae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Alife, Italy Alife, Campania 41.326/14.335
Anfiteatro Alife.jpg
Q70786263 Altar for Hercules in Glanum altar Saint-Rémy-de-Provence 43.772453/4.833172
Q70786359 Altar in Barm-e Dilak altar Barm-e Delak 29.585333/52.655182
Q82073852 Altar of Apollo (downtown) in Cyrene Temple/altar/polytheist building(s) in Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.823395/21.852896
Altar of Apollo, Cyrene (50145210247).jpg
Q156722 Altes Museum museum in Berlin, that actually presents the bigger part of the Antikensammlung (antiquities collection) Mitte 52.519444444444/13.398333333333
Lustgarten 1.JPG
Q28978059 Altinum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Quarto d'Altino, Italy Quarto d'Altino 45.549/12.4
Q28971455 Aléria amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Aléria, France Aléria 42.103/9.51
Q5736 Amarna Egyptian archaeological site Minya Governorate 27.661666666667/30.905555555556
Small aten temple.jpg
Q2343313 Amathus an ancient city and one of the ancient royal cities of Cyprus until about 300 BC. Ayios Tykhonas 34.7125/33.1419
Limestone sarcophagus- the Amathus sarcophagus MET DT257.jpg
Q28971458 Amiens amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Amiens, France Amiens 49.894/2.296
Q472693 Ammaedara titular see in Tunisia 35.56443/8.453274
Q3157009 Amman Citadel archaeological site in Amman Amman 31.9547/35.9343
Amman Citadel.jpg
Q475005 Amphitheater of Vindonissa Roman amphitheatre in Windisch, Switzerland, used for opera performances and various events in modern times Windisch
Vindonissa - Amphitheater IMG 6929.JPG
Q70772322 Amphitheatre Emerita Augusta in Mérida Roman theatre Mérida 38.916176/-6.337936
Q17042990 Amphitheatre of Carmona Carmona 37.469667/-5.650611
Anfiteatro de Carmona.jpg
Q28978062 Amphitheatre of Commodus Roman amphitheatre in Rome, Italy Rome 41.831/12.551
Q10855650 Amphitheatre of Córdoba Córdoba 37.88396111/-4.78864167
Q648075 Amphitheatre of Italica Ancient Roman amphitheatre in Santiponce, Spain Santiponce 37.44388889/-6.04666667
Italica amphitheatre Santiponce Andalucia Spain.JPG
Q29002316 Amphitheatre of Leptis Minor Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Lamta 35.678/10.867
Amphithéâtre de Leptis Minor Amphitheatre.JPG
Q13429354 Amphitheatre of Oudna Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia 36.608603/10.169219
Oudhna Amphitéatre.JPG
Q21040915 Amphitheatre of Padua Roman Amphitheatre of Padua Padua 45.411377/11.8788
Q28978009 Amphitheatre of Paestum Roman amphitheatre in Capaccio Paestum, Italy Capaccio Paestum 40.422/15.007
Paestum BW 2013-05-17 13-16-32.jpg
Q2015116 Amphitheatre of Pompeii Roman amphitheatre in Pompeii, Italy Pompei 40.751263888889/14.494969444444
Pompeji - Arena.jpg
Q980970 Amphitheatre of Serdica Roman amphitheatre in Sofia, Bulgaria Oborishte District 42.697222222222/23.328333333333
Amphitheatre of Serdica - General view.jpg
Q29002305 Amphitheatre of Seressi Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Zaghouan Governorate 36.164/9.776
Q29002309 Amphitheatre of Thuburbo Majus Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Zaghouan Governorate 36.398/9.906
Thuburbo Maius Amphitheatre.jpg
Q29002307 Amphitheatre of Thuburbo Minus Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Tebourba 36.827708/9.835436
In This place was the Roman Amphitheater.JPG
Q28978100 Amphitheatre of Urbs Salvia ancient Roman amphitheatre in Urbisaglia, Italy Urbisaglia 43.201/13.387
Anfiteatro Urbs Salvia2.jpg
Q2549489 Amphitheatre of Xanten reconstructed ancient Roman amphitheatre of Colonia Ulpia Traiana in today's Xanten, Germany Xanten 51.66713/6.45141
Stadium (3) (archaeological park Xanten, Germany, 2005-04-23).jpg
Q290054 Amrit archaeological site in Syria Tartus Governorate 34.835278/35.9075
Q29002435 Anazarbus amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Kozan district, Turkey Kozan
Adana Province
Q2663269 Ancien Roman temple of Empel 's-Hertogenbosch 51.734404/5.311187
Q767620 Ancient Roman circus of Vienne Ancient Roman circus in Vienne, France Vienne 45.5164/4.86791
Pyramide de Vienne (Isère).jpg
Q3180446 Ancient Theatre of Ohrid ancient Greek theatre in Ohrid, North Macedonia Ohrid
Ohrid Municipality
Ohrid ancient theatre.JPG
Q68092368 Ancient bath in Artashat bath in Artashat Artashat 39.873772/44.566284
Q12744603 Andautonia An ancient Roman settlement of Pannonia 45.773624/16.11724
Q12180802 Androna archaeological site in Aleppo Governorate, Syria Syria 35.533306/37.366341
Q71990872 Aneisho Tomb at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.324444/35.448891
Street of Facades 02.jpg
Q21208463 Anfiteatro Fausto Roman amphitheatre in Terni, Italy Terni 42.5598/12.6433
Terni, anfiteatro, 04.jpg
Q24940661 Anfiteatro minore Roman amphitheatre in Pozzuoli, Italy Pozzuoli 40.826061111111/14.127519444444
Q548608 Anio Novus Roman aqueduct Rome 41.891389/12.515278
Aqua anionovus planlatium.jpg
Q569107 Anshan ancient city Elam
Q572041 Antequera city in southern Spain Málaga Province
Antequera Comarca
Antequera Gesamtansicht2004.jpg
Q959799 Antigonia ancient town 40.087299/20.222267
Antigonea house with peristyle.jpg
Q124281 Antinoöpolis human settlement Minya Governorate 27.8075/30.872780555556
Q617550 Apamea ancient city in Al-Suqaylabiyah, Syria Al-Suqaylabiyah 35.418/36.398
Apamea 01.jpg
Q70786319 Apollo's obelisk obelisk Fier 40.72171/19.473412
Q45826 Apollonia former city of Cyrenaica, located in modern-day Libya Jabal al Akhdar 32.9/21.9667
365 Crete Earthquake, Apollonia, Map (Jona).png
Q505703 Apollonia ruins Fier District 40.721672/19.472658
Appolonia Albania.jpg
Q4780390 Apollonia Museum archaeological museum in Susa, Libya Susa 32.4862875/21.0151877
Q70772327 Apollonia Odeon Roman theatre Fier 40.721756/19.473095
Q70772332 Apollonia Theater Roman theatre, Albania Fier
Q180522 Aqaba Jordanian coastal city Aqaba Governorate 29.516666666667/35
Q584088 Aqaba Archaeological Museum national museum Aqaba 29.52166667/35.00138889
Aqaba Archeological Museum02.jpg
Q622930 Aqua Claudia Roman aqueduct Rome 41.8490622/12.5541753
0 Aqua Claudia - Mt Palatin - San Giovani e Paolo - Rome (1).jpg
Q68086222 Aqueduct of Salamis roman aqueduct Famagusta District
Q244947 Aqueduct of Segovia aqueduct bridge in Segovia, Spain Segovia 40.948/-4.1177
Aqueduct of Segovia 08.jpg
Q28977985 Aquileia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Aquileia, Italy Aquileia 45.769/13.366
Q774585 Aquincum civil amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Budapest, Hungary Óbuda 47.56761/19.04792
Budapest III., Aquincum, Ancient Roman civil amphitheatre.jpg
Q774580 Aquincum military amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Budapest, Hungary Budapest 47.532777777778/19.038888888889
Budapest, Óbuda. Military Amphitheatre.jpg
Q28977987 Aquinum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Aquino, Italy Aquino 41.497728/13.689702
Q97207135 Aralık Köprüsü Artvin Province 41.398785/41.732548
Q20857116 Arch of Caracalla triumphal arch in the ancient Roman city of Volubilis, Morocco Moulay Idriss Zerhoun 34.074/-5.5554
Volubilis Arch of Caracalla south side.jpg
Q580555 Arch of Janus ancient building in Rome Rome 41.889444/12.482778
Q162353 Arch of Septimius Severus Triumphal arch in Rome, Italy Roman Forum 41.892777777778/12.484722222222
Arch of Septimius Severus.jpg
Q598800 Archaeological Museum Split museum in Split, Croatia Split 43.51555556/16.43444444
Split Archaeological Museum 01.jpg
Q4070688 Archaeological Museum Zadar museum in Croatia Zadar 44.11563783/15.225108
Archeological museum of Zadar 2.jpg
Q4785384 Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth museum in Greece Corinth Municipality 37.9052/22.8782
20100409 korinthos06.jpg
Q2658285 Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki museum in Greece Municipality of Thessaloniki 40.625083333333336/22.953777777777777
Macedonian Museums-89-Arx Thessaloniknhs-396.jpg
Q2986831 Archaeological Museum of Zagreb the archaeological museum of Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb 45.810998/15.977321
Archeological museum Zagreb.jpg
Q68044300 Archaeological museum Palmyra museum in Palmyra Palmyra
Q25452437 Archaeological museum of Isthmia museum in Greece 37.91527778/22.99277778
Q1492517 Archaeological site of Grand Grand 48.3853/5.49083
MULO-Grand Equestrian group.jpg
Q68029116 Archaeology Museum of Catalonia (Empúries) archaeological museum in Empúries Catalonia
Q68042145 Archeological Museum of Butrint archeological museum in Butrint Butrint
Q637061 Archeological Museum of Seville archaeology museum in Seville, Spain Seville 37.37093888888889/-5.987088888888889
Q3005760 Archeological crypt of the île de la Cité museum of the city of Paris 4th arrondissement of Paris 48.853611111111/2.3475
Notre Dame archaeological crypt exterior.JPG
Q632646 Archeon archeological theme park in the Netherlands Alphen aan den Rijn 52.115/4.649167
2006-05 Archeon binnenhof badhuis.JPG
Q636829 Archäologisches Freilichtmuseum Oerlinghausen open-air museum Oerlinghausen 51.9508/8.66389
Q2860599 Archéodrome de Beaune museum in France Merceuil 46.963572/4.834483
Archeodrome Beaune 3.jpg
Q1153879 Arco dei Gavi Ancient Roman triumphal arch Verona 45.44/10.98888889
Arco dei Gavi-XE3F2333a.jpg
Q3621786 Arco di Riccardo Probably dating from the 1st century AD, the Arch of Riccardo, in the heart of old Trieste, is a Roman gate in the ancient walls of Tergeste Trieste 45.6478/13.7689
Q72980901 Arco di Trevi an opus quadratum arch in Latium Lazio 41.8327568/13.2651998
Q645062 Arcus Argentariorum commemorative arch dedicated in the Velabrum at Rome in 204 CE Rome 41.889511/12.482975
Q180103 Ardabil city in Iran Central District 38.25/48.3
Ardabil skyline 2019 4.jpg
Q68094656 Ardašir Khureh archeological site Firuzabad 28.852507/52.534492
Q641068 Arelate Arles 43.676579/4.629965
Q179656 Arena of Nîmes amphitheatre Nîmes 43.835/4.36
Q181189 Arles Amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Arles, France Arles 43.677777777778/4.6311111111111
Les Arènes d'Arles.jpg
Q28971507 Arnsburg amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Lich, Germany Lich 50.485/8.788
Q9160295 Arretium human settlement in Italy 43.463056/11.878056
Q16365061 Artanudj Artvin Province 41.1267/42.0546
Castle of Ardanuç, Province of Artvin, Turkey.jpg
Q39560 Artashat city in Armenia Ararat Province
Armenian Oblast
Raión de Artashat
Q68041515 Artashat museum museum in Artashat Artashat
Q259767 Arthur M. Sackler Gallery art museum in Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. 38.888/-77.0265
Sackler Gallery.jpg
Q59147583 Arundel Roman villa remains of a Roman villa in Tarrant Street, Arundel 50.85289/-0.55887
Q69109143 Arupium ancient city in modern day Croatia 44.848511/15.268748
Q377802 Arwad island in Syria Tartus District 34.856111111111/35.858333333333
Cours de la forteresse d'Arouad.jpg
Q641548 Arènes de Lutèce Ancient Roman amphitheatre in Paris Saint-Victor 48.845/2.35306
Roman arena in Paris.jpg
Q71776607 Ashtead Roman Villa Romano-British villa site 51.3285902/-0.3112709
Q28977991 Assisium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Assisi, Italy Assisi 43.071/12.62
Q70786901 Assyrian relief of Sargon II relief sculpture Asadabad 34.784885/48.123489
Q29962 Asyut Egyptian city Asyut Governorate 27.186944444444/31.171388888889
Assyout city Egypt.jpg
Q755734 Athribis city in Lower Egypt Qalyubia Governorate 30.466667/31.183333
Bronze youth BM Br828.jpg
Q4820323 Aufina ancient city Ofena
Aufinum - Area Archeologica di Capestrano 08.jpg
Q29001161 Augst amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Augst, Switzerland Augst 47.529/7.721
Augusta Raurica - anfiteatro.jpg
Q28977997 Augusta Bagiennorum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bene Vagienna, Italy Bene Vagienna 44.556/7.85
Q28973747 Augusta Traiana amphitheatre presumed Roman amphitheatre in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria Stara Zagora
Q47005672 Augustobriga Bohonal de Ibor 39.806944/-5.482361
Pórtico de Curia de Talavera la Vieja (Bohonal de Ibor).jpg
Q65053244 Aunesis 36.570274/31.920471
Q2844395 Avenches amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Avenches, Switzerland Avenches 46.88099167/7.04262222
Avenches Aventicum 2004-12-30.jpg
Q670912 Aventicum archaeological site Canton of Vaud
Avenches théâtre romain scène.jpg
Q5952145 Avicenna Mausoleum Iranian national heritage site Hamadan 34.7916/48.5132
Мавзолей Авиценны 1.JPG
Q29002313 Avitta Bibba amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Siliana Governorate 36.41/9.7
Q723951 Azerbaijan Museum museum Tabriz 38.073333/46.3
Azerbaijan Museum, Tabriz, Iran, entrance.jpg
Q797529 Bab edh-Dhra human settlement Jordan 31.253927777778/35.534183333333
Q5684 Babylon capital city of Babylonia and an archaeological site in modern-day Iraq Hillah 32.541780555556/44.431644444444
DSC 0658-Recovered.jpg
Q2048162 Bagacum archaeological site in Bavay, France Bavay 50.3/3.783333
0 Bavay - Vestiges du site archéologique (1).JPG
Q28974258 Balsa amphitheatre Roman amphiteatre in Luz de Tavira e Santo Estêvão, Portugal Luz de Tavira e Santo Estêvão 37.088/-7.695
Q70786350 Balu`a Stele stele 31.365587/35.782459
Q106762532 Bamuqqa Ancient city in Syria
North Church, Bamuqqa (باموقا), Syria - West façade of church - PHBZ024 2016 4396 - Dumbarton Oaks.jpg
Q1033178 Bana cathedral cathedral Erzurum Province 40.668061/42.269961
Bana cathedral - Şenkaya.jpg
Q806225 Band-e Kaisar ancient arch bridge-dam in Shushtar, Iran Shushtar County 32.053723/48.848687
Sushtar Bridge.jpg
Q2061016 Banna Roman fort in Cumbria, England 54.9894/-2.6023
Birdoswald Roman Fort - - 17585.jpg
Q29002314 Bararus amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Sfax Governorate 35.212/10.791
Q743255 Barbegal aqueduct Arles
Barbegal aqueduct 01.jpg
Q17587742 Barcino Hispania Tarraconensis
Hispania Citerior
Barcelona romana.png
Q1429003 Bardo National Museum museum in Bardo, Tunisia Le Bardo 36.809386/10.134508
Tunis, Museum Bardo.jpg
Q616271 Basilica Julia building in Roman Forum, Italy Roman Forum 41.892777777778/12.484722222222
Q82073764 Basilica of Justinian in Sabratha temple Sabratha 32.807365/12.480577
Q17001384 Basilica of Panagia Limeniotissa ruin of basilica church, Paphos, Cyprus Paphos 34.75581/32.40784
Руины базилики Панагия Лимениотисса. Пафос. 09.2013.JPG
Q104889682 Basilica of the Bassi 42.827621/11.15911
Roselle Archaeological Park Basilica dei Bassi.JPG
Q605408 Bastam Citadel village and archaeological site in Iran West Azerbaijan Province 38.884575/44.950943
Q68122056 Bath house in Wadi Rum village thermae of baths
Q68121994 Baths in Apollonia baths in Libya
Q68121992 Baths in Ardašir Khureh Baths in Ardašir Khureh (Iran)
Q68121996 Baths of Cilurnum thermae in Cilurnum
Q3984399 Baths of Elagabalus While named as baths in archaeological literature, this site is actually a horreum of the early 3rd c. CE located on the north-east flank of the Palatine Hill. Rome 41.890236/12.489557
Bust of Elagabalus - Palazzo Nuovo - Musei Capitolini - Rome 2016 (2).jpg
Q78208526 Baths of Faustina Balat
Aydın Province
Miletus bath of Faustyna RB 1.jpg
Q68121997 Baths of Lucius Julius Agrippa thermae in Syria
Q68121999 Baths of Oceanus in Sabratha thermae in Libya 32.807613333333336/12.486591666666667
Q525325 Battle of Dyrrhachium battle of Caesar's Civil War in the area of the city of Dyrrachium (in what is now Albania) 41.316666666667/19.45
Dyrrhachium 48 en.png
Q849474 Battle of Qarqar battle of the Assyrian conquest of Aram in 853 BC 35.742646/36.330543
Q28971463 Beaumont-sur-Oise amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Beaumont-sur-Oise, France Beaumont-sur-Oise 49.146/2.297
Beaumont amphi1.JPG
Q814450 Behbeit el-Hagara village in Gharbia Governorate, Egypt Gharbia Governorate 31.031111111111/31.286666666667
Q180012 Behistun Inscription ancient stone inscription in Iran Harsin County 34.390555555556/47.435833333333
Darius I the Great's inscription.jpg
Q803753 Beihan human settlement Bayhan District 14.8/45.73333333
Kasr Al-sultan-Bihan.JPG
Q3820 Beirut capital of Lebanon Beirut Governorate 33.886944444444/35.513055555556
Q815472 Belgica vicus Euskirchen
Germania Inferior
Q68041232 Bellapais museum museum in Bellapais, Cyprus Belapais
Q3531028 Belvedere tomb Vetulonia 42.8695165/10.9828734
Q29001118 Berja amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Berja, Spain Berja 36.837/-2.955
Menuda Fotaza 20210307 131328 02.jpg
Q29001163 Bern amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bern, Switzerland Bern 46.976/7.451
Bern Amphitheatre.jpg
Q2866135 Besançon amphitheatre Besançon 47.23916667/6.01597222
Vestiges Arènes Besançon.jpg
Q3078392 Bewcastle Roman Fort Roman fort, built in 120 to the north of Hadrian's Wall 55.064/-2.685
Ramparts of the Roman fort at Bewcastle - - 1834694.jpg
Q18029092 Bezirksmuseum Buchen museum in Buchen, Germany Buchen 49.521297/9.326883
Q854989 Bhir Mound Punjab 33.74333333/72.82138889
Q71990964 Biainili vault at Yerevan grave of some sort Yerevan 40.155441/44.499653
Q2901274 Biblioteca Casanatense library in Rome, Italy Rome 41.8987/12.4794
Casanatense 1120152.JPG
Q750403 Biblioteca Nacional de España library in Spain Madrid 40.423822/-3.690215
Biblioteca Nacional de España (Madrid) 09.jpg
Q2256644 Biblioteca nazionale Vittorio Emanuele III Naples 40.83619/14.24956
Q1339031 Bignor Roman Villa archaeological site and museum in Sussex Bignor 50.9233/-0.594959
Bignor Roman Villa - - 3599416.jpg
Q65944715 Bir Messaouda archaeological site in Tunisia 36.8493/10.3283
Q477898 Bishapur city Kazerun County 29.777778/51.570833
Bishapur (Iran) Sassanid Period 2.jpg
Q68041738 Bishapur Museum museum in Kazerun Kazerun
Q740141 Bisotun city in Kermanshah Province, Iran Bisotun District 34.399722222222/47.445
Q5938856 Blank surface in Naqsh-e Rustam planned relief in Fars Province, Iran Marvdasht County 29.989321/52.87534
Naqsh-e Rostam, Iran (48098715841).jpg
Q28974259 Bobadela amphitheatre Roman amphiteatre in Boticas, Portugal Boticas 40.361/-7.893
Q272680 Bosra town in Daraa, Syria Daraa District
Daraa Governorate
Q70786932 Bostanlyk Rock Reliefs relief sculpture Bostanliq District 41.55788/70.113167
Q61828363 Bouleuterion at Monte Iato ancient Greek building in the province of Palermo, Italy Sicily
Q70786287 Boundary Stela A in Amarna stele Amarna 27.739305/30.700537
Q28971465 Bourges amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bourges, France Bourges 47.085/2.391
Q28974261 Bracara Augusta amphitheatre Roman amphiteatre in Braga, Portugal Braga 41.548/-8.431
Q17659606 Brampton Old Church Roman fort and the medieval Church of St Martin Brampton 54.9457/-2.76676
Q68227637 Bridge in Firuzabad Bridge in Iran Firuzabad 28.916502/52.537006
Q68227643 Bridge in Pasargadae Bridge in Iran Pasargadae 30.199638/53.178787
Q16830693 Brigetio 47.73526/18.1601
Q28973939 Brigetio amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Komárom, Hungary Komárom 47.733/18.188
Q6373 British Museum national museum in the Bloomsbury area of London London Borough of Camden
Metropolitan Borough of Holborn
British Museum from NE 2 (cropped).JPG
Q71990874 Broken Pediment Tomb at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.322258/35.44458
31 Petra High Place of Sacrifice Trail - The Garden Hall - panoramio.jpg
Q16537574 Bronze Herm house Roman domus buried during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, Herculaneum, Naples Ercolano 40.806/14.3469
Casa dell'Erma di Bronzo 2.JPG
Q72578139 Broxtowe Roman fort A Roman military site, probably a fort 52.9808287/-1.2165064
Q1918358 Bu Njem (Gholaia) Jabal al Gharbi District 30.578197222222/15.413011111111
Gholaia-Bu Njem - erhaltenes Kastelltor, 1819.png
Q603841 Bubastis archaeological site in Egypt Al Sharqia Governorate 30.572777777778/31.51
Bubastis 011.JPG
Q68112551 Buddha statue at Ghalegay statue in Pakistan Ghalegay 34.704754/72.259506
Q1004205 Bulla Regia archaeological site in Tunisia Jendouba Governorate 36.558893/8.757016
Bulla Regia (413045219).jpg
Q29002315 Bulla Regia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Jendouba Governorate 36.56/8.758
Q28971092 Burnum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Ivoševci, Croatia Ivoševci 44.019/16.018
Q188694 Buthrotum human settlement Sarandë municipality
Vlorë County
Butrint, Albania.jpg
Q68122000 Buthrotum Therme thermae in Buthrotum
Q173532 Byblos Mediterranean city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon Jbeil District 34.116666666667/35.65
Byblos Libanon 2003.JPG
Q71551674 Byrsa Citadel walled citadel in Tunisia 36.852222/10.323889
Q1018775 Byzantine & Christian Museum museum in Athens, Greece Athens Municipality 37.97507/23.74452
BCMA Villa Ilissia.jpg
Q71551716 Byzantine barracks at Gerasa fortifications Jerash 32.27668/35.89077
South Gate (Jerash).jpg
Q71551817 Byzantine barracks of Taucheira fortifications Tocra 32.536461/20.568224
Q23725 Byzantium ancient Greek city 41.015277777778/28.984722222222
1784 Bocage Map of The Bosphorus and the City of Byzantium - Istanbul - Constantinople - Geographicus - Bosphorus-white-1793.jpg
Q814982 Béja Tunisian town Beja Governorate 36.725555555556/9.1816666666667
Q1242545 Béziers amphitheatre ancient Roman amphitheatre in Béziers, France Béziers 43.339583/3.214028
Beziers Arenes.jpg
Q28974154 Caesarea amphitheatre Roman amphitheater in Caesarea, Israel Caesarea 32.507/34.897
Q1309531 Caesarea of Mauretania 36.60694444/2.19666667
Q82073818 Caesareum at Cyrene temple Jabal al Akhdar 32.818203/21.858339
Caesareum, Cyrene.jpg
Q1897 Cagliari capital city of the autonomous Italian island of Sardinia Province of Cagliari
Metropolitan City of Cagliari
Corsica and Sardinia
Q29001119 Calahorra amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Calahorra, Spain Calahorra 42.301/-1.961
Q5018684 Calcaria 53.885/-1.263
Q28978006 Cales amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Calvi, Italy Calvi 41.201/14.138
Q5027713 Camp of Diocletian a Roman military complex, or castra, built in the ancient city of Palmyra in the Syrian Desert. Palmyra 34.5548/38.261
Diocletian's camp and Qasr Ibn Maʿan.jpg
Q28978008 Canusium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Canosa di Puglia, Italy Canosa di Puglia 41.222/16.056
Q59174 Capernaum village at Lake Tiberias in the north of historical Judea, associated with Jesus Northern District 32.881111111111/35.575
Kafarnaum BW 7.JPG
Q106519909 Capitolium of Volubilis a Roman temple 34.072613/-5.554492
Volubilis Capitoline temple.jpg
Q28978071 Capua amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy Santa Maria Capua Vetere 41.086/14.25
Amphitheater santa maria capua vetere.jpg
Q68108623 Caravanserai of Sergiopolis caravanserai in Syria 35.628815/38.756924
Q27924306 Carmarthen Amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre associated with Moridunum Roman fort Carmarthen 51.862004/-4.296705
Amphitheatre Moridunum - - 777546.jpg
Q63092 Carmona municipality in Andalusia, Spain Seville Province
Campiña de Carmona
Saint Peter Church Carmona Andalucia Spain.JPG
Q2844399 Carnuntum civil amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Carnuntum, Austria Petronell-Carnuntum 48.11/16.85094444
Ancient Roman amphitheatre in Petronell-Carnuntum.JPG
Q28970913 Carnuntum military amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg‎, Austria Bad Deutsch-Altenburg 48.127/16.893
Ancient Roman amphitheatre in Bad Deutsch-Altenburg.JPG
Q17675628 Carrawburgh Roman fort and Hadrian's Wall and vallum part of a World Heritage site in the United Kingdom Newbrough 55.0348/-2.22377
Temple of Mithras (Mithraeum) at Carrowburgh, Hadrians Wall.jpg
Q28978088 Carsulae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Terni, Italy Terni 42.64/12.559
Q6343 Carthage city-state in the Antiquity 36.852558/10.323461
Tunisie Carthage Ruines 08.JPG
Q1961849 Carthage National Museum museum in Carthage, Tunisia Carthage 36.853142/10.324395
Facade Musee Carthage.jpg
Q2844404 Carthage amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Carthage 36.85612/10.315078
Carthage amphitheatre.jpg
Q651415 Carthago Nova amphitheatre amphitheatre Cartagena 37.60062/-0.98015
Anfiteatro cartagena.jpg
Q1046434 Casa Romuli the reputed dwelling-place of the legendary founder and first king of Rome, Romulus Rome 41.88944444/12.48472222
Palatine Hill.House of Romulus.jpg
Q4262253 Casa de Hippolytus cultural property in Alcalá de Henares, Villalbilla y Torres de la Alameda, Spain Alcalá de Henares 40.476604/-3.390666
Complutum Casa de Hippolitus 02.JPG
Q28978014 Casinum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Cassino, Italy Cassino 41.483/13.824
Anfiteatro romano cassino.jpg
Q2444590 Casteddu di Ceccia Porto-Vecchio 41.5626/9.2447
Q2968724 Castle of Cabrières Cabrières 43.5781/3.36333
Cabrieres chateau.JPG
Q5757470 Castle of Montánchez Montánchez 39.225056/-6.155015
Castillo de Montanchez.JPG
Q1124663 Castra Ad Fines Roman fort Pfyn
Luftaufnahme Pfyn.jpg
Q1131391 Castra Arbeia Roman fort Tyne and Wear
South Tyneside
Arbeia Roman Fort reconstructed gateway.jpg
Q1692925 Castra Arbon Roman fort Thurgau
Q51433287 Castra Exploratorum castle in Cumbria Cumbria 55.036648/-2.945877
Q71551689 Castra Praetorii Mobeni fortifications 31.337263/35.981155
Q1233131 Castra Vindolanda Roman fort in Northern England Henshaw 54.9902/-2.3671
Vindolanda bathhouse - 2007-05-19.jpg
Q241013 Castra of Irgenhausen Castra of Irgenhausen Canton of Zürich 47.3582/8.79255
Irgenhausen - Castrum IMG 8164.JPG
Q1735404 Castra of Oberscheidental Roman fort Mudau 49.5064/9.15278
201102121253a ORL 51 Oberscheidental PPD rechter Turm Geländestufe.jpg
Q1735418 Castra of Schloßau Roman fort Mudau
Germania Superior
Q1735436 Castra of Walldürn Roman fort Walldürn
Germania Superior
Q1746898 Castra of Zwing Roman fort Mudau
Germania Superior
Q1309550 Castrum Mannaricium Roman fort Germania Inferior
Q637958 Castrum Segedunum Roman fort North Tyneside
Roman Britain
Segedunum Roman Fort and Baths - - 37360.jpg
Q1331160 Castrum Tasgetium Roman fort Canton of Schaffhausen
Q164912 Castrum Vitudurum castrum Canton of Zürich
Vitudurum - Oberwinterthur, römischer Vicus in Winterthur - Mauerreste bei der Reformierten Kirche St. Arbogast 2011-09-10 14-09-12.JPG
Q2671839 Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa archaeological site in Egypt Alexandria 31.186944/29.904722
Q1292498 Caulonia Monasterace 38.44541667/16.57875
Kaulon 2009 tempio.JPG
Q71990902 Cemetery of Reims-Tinqueur cemetery located in Marne, in France Reims 49.251141/3.957782
Q68122006 Central Baths in Bosra thermae in Bosra (Syrië)
Q97643032 Centro Histórico de Lebrija cultural property in Lebrija, Spain Lebrija 36.91863/-6.084134
Q101094838 Ceyhan Bridge stone bridge near Kahramanmaraş, Turkey Onikişubat 37.6225/36.798
Ceyhan koprusu.jpg
Q2955905 Champlieu Orrouy 49.309092/2.854342
Orrouy (60), ruines gallo-romaines de Champlieu, théâtre, scène 1.jpg
Q71990783 Chariot tomb I at Lchashen grave of some sort Lchashen 40.519104/44.938419
Q71990786 Chariot tomb II at Lchashen grave of some sort Lchashen 40.519329/44.938332
Q17642126 Charterhouse amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre near Charterhouse, United Kingdom Charterhouse 51.3055/-2.72026
Q22954443 Chassenon amphitheatre Chassenon 45.849/0.7674
Q29002300 Chemtou amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Jendouba Governorate 36.49/8.58
Amphithéâtre de Chemtou 2.JPG
Q22944147 Chenevières amphitheatre Montbouy 47.872878/2.818978
Amphi montbouy-4.jpg
Q28969515 Cherchell amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Cherchell, Algeria Cherchell 36.609/2.199
Théâtre Cherchell.jpg
Q2844408 Chester Roman Amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom Chester 53.1892/-2.887
Chester amphitheatre.jpg
Q17646696 Chichester Roman amphitheatre Chichester 50.835/-0.770824
Site of Roman Amphitheatre, Chichester - - 225463.jpg
Q55685833 Chieti Roman theatre archeological site in Chieti, Italy Chieti 42.347124/14.163451
Q5103844 Chogha Mish Dezful 32.223149/48.554634
Q4523 Chogha Zanbil elamite complex in the Khuzestan province of Iran Khuzestan Province 32.008333333333/48.520833333333
Q1112125 Church of Saint Simeon Stylites historical church building located to the northwest of Aleppo, Syria Aleppo Governorate 36.334166666667/36.844166666667
Overview of St. Simeons from the North Syria.jpg
Q4255568 Church of St. George El Cairo Cairo Governorate 30.0057/31.2311
Греческий собор святого Георгия в Каире.jpg
Q29001120 Ciavieja amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in El Ejido, Spain El Ejido 36.777/-2.801
Q3818331 Cilurnum (fort) fort located at Hadrian's wall Northumberland 55.026/-2.139
Chesters Roman fort barracks.jpg
Q2970522 Cincinnati Art Museum museum in Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati 39.114637/-84.496965
Cincinnati Art Museum, Eden Park.jpg
Q1092772 Circesium archaeological site Syria 35.156758/40.425739
Q71990771 Circular cemetery at Kerma grave of some sort Nubia 19.600368/30.409641
Q71990678 Circular tomb in Carmona grave of some sort Carmona 37.466064/-5.653985
Q207808 Circus Maximus Ancient Roman circus in Rome Municipio I 41.8859/12.4857
Circus max 1978.jpg
Q1984155 Circus Maximus Ancient Roman circus in Mérida, Spain Mérida 38.9198/-6.3323
VR Merida 03.JPG
Q1939638 Circus Maximus Mithraeum Mithraeum in Rome, Italy Rome 41.88811389/12.48285556
Q2974258 Circus of Carthage ancient Roman circus in Carthage Carthage 36.8508/10.3137
Tunis Carthage Cirque 2.jpg
Q70772483 Circus of Leptis Magna Roman theatre Khoms 32.633247/14.310017
Q5121861 Cirencester Amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre located in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England Cirencester 51.712/-1.97261
Cirencester Amphitheatre.jpg
Q1093156 Cirta major ancient city of Numidia, now Constantine, Algeria Algeria 36.3675/6.61194444
Cirta mosaic.jpg
Q68078339 Cistern of Sergiopolis aqueduct in Sergiopolis Resafa
Q2974432 Cisterns of La Malga ancient Roman cisterns in Carthage, Tunisia Carthage 36.8593/10.3189
Malga 2.jpg
Q71551696 Citadef of Dura Europos fortifications Deir ez-Zor Governorate 34.748425/40.733906
Q71551705 Citadel of Cyrene fortifications Shahhat 32.820946/21.851229
Q71551703 Citadel of Cyrrhus fortifications Aleppo Governorate 36.743343/36.955002
Q71551823 Citadel of Teppe Hasanlu fortifications West Azerbaijan Province 37.004753/45.458809
Q71551833 Citadel of Zenobia fortifications Deir ez-Zor Governorate 35.689594/39.818642
Q71551699 Citadel`s Ward, Cyrrhus fortifications Aleppo Governorate 36.752319/36.960278
Q5702349 Ciudad romana de Aratispi cultural property in Antequera, Spain Antequera 36.938477777778/-4.4412305555556
Q658893 Ciudad romana de Itálica ancient city Santiponce
Hispania Ulterior
Hispania Baetica
Amphitheatre Italica, Spain.jpg
Q28978018 Civitas Camunnorum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Cividate Camuno, Italy Cividate Camuno 45.944/10.281
Anfiteatro romano - Cividate Camuno (Foto Luca Giarelli).jpg
Q844930 Classical Athens city-state in ancient Greece Attica Region 37.96666667/23.71666667
Q729177 Cleopatra's Needle ancient Egyptian obelisk in London City of Westminster 51.508503/-0.120296
Cleopatra's Needle (London) inscriptions.jpg
Q23889503 Cleopatra's Needle ancient Egyptian obelisk in Central Park, New York City Manhattan 40.779630555556/-73.9654
Obelisk Central Park.jpg
Q42168 Clermont-Ferrand commune in Puy-de-Dôme, France Puy-de-Dôme
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Centre
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Est
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Nord
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Nord-Ouest
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Ouest
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Sud
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Sud-Est
canton of Clermont-Ferrand-Sud-Ouest
canton of Montferrand
arrondissement of Clermont-Ferrand
Ville de Clermont-Ferrand.jpg
Q657415 Cleveland Museum of Art art museum in Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland 41.508888888889/-81.611666666667
Springtime art museum.jpg
Q29001121 Clunia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Huerta de Rey, Spain Huerta de Rey 41.779/-3.368
Q365 Cologne city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Cologne Government Region 50.942222222222/6.9577777777778
Stadtbild Köln (50MP).jpg
Q464588 Colonia Ulpia Traiana ancient Roman city Xanten
Germania Inferior
Harbor temple (1) (archaeological park Xanten, Germany, 2005-04-23).jpg
Q10285 Colosseum ancient Roman amphitheatre in Rome Municipio I
Colosseo 2020.jpg
Q750209 Colossi of Memnon ancient Egyptian statues Thebes 25.720555555556/32.610555555556
Colossi of Memnon May 2015 2.JPG
Q2984560 Columbarium of Pomponius Hylas first-century columbarium in Rome 41.875972222222/12.500416666667
Q97725649 Comitium of Cosa the Comitium of the Republican city Ansedonia 42.412067/11.289125
Cosa, foro, comitium 03.jpg
Q3485393 Complutum human settlement in Alcalá de Henares, Community of Madrid, Spain Alcalá de Henares
Conventus Caesaraugustanus
Ciudad Romana de Complutum (RPS 06-09-2015) vista panorámica.png
Q28978020 Compsa amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Conza della Campania, Italy Conza della Campania 40.871/15.33
Q28974262 Conímbriga amphitheatre Roman amphiteatre in Condeixa-a-Nova, Portugal Condeixa-a-Nova 40.1/-8.495
Q5169781 Corbridge Bridge Grade I listed bridge in the United Kingdom Corbridge 54.9722/-2.0189
Bridge over River Tyne at Corbridge - - 30867.jpg
Q2428630 Corfinium ancient town Corfinio 42.11739/13.835249
Targa Corfinium.jpg
Q103011 Corinth seaside town in Peloponnese, Greece Corinth Municipality
Peloponnese Region
Corinthia Regional Unit
2007 Greece Corinthian Gulf & Corinth.jpg
Q28973922 Corinth amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Corinth, Greece Corinth 37.91/22.892
Q71990876 Corinthian Tomb at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.328402/35.449417
Q2320554 Coriovallum Roman town, currently Heerlen Germania Inferior
Q13574975 Coronea ancient Greek city-state of Boeotia 38.3912/22.9571
Q546547 Cosa A Latin colony founded ca. 273 B.C. Ansedonia 42.41083333/11.28638889
Q1996721 Crocodilopolis ancient city in Egypt Faiyum Governorate 29.1166/30.75
Q71990751 Cult room of Ka-ni-sut at Giza grave of some sort Giza 29.980114/31.131716
Q28977996 Cumae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bacoli, Italy Bacoli 40.842/14.056
Q1148462 Cyprus Museum Archaeological museum in Cyprus Ayios Andreas 35.17166666666667/33.35527777777778
Nicosia 01-2017 img28 Cyprus Museum.jpg
Q44112 Cyrene ancient Greek and Roman city near present-day Shahhat, Libya 32.816666666667/21.85
Archaeological Site of Cyrene-109025.jpg
Q12238619 Cyrene Museum museum 32.817639/21.864167
Q28974184 Cyrene amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.825/21.851
Q68122047 Cyrene, Baths of Trajan Thermae / Baths in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar
Q71990690 Cyrene, North Necropolis Funerary monument(s)/funerary area in Libya. 32.824463/21.853426
North Necropolis, Cyrene (50145187097).jpg
Q536924 Cyrrhus archaeological site and ancient city in modern Syria Aleppo Governorate 36.74416667/36.95916667
Q29002438 Cyzicus amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Erdek, Turkey Erdek
Balıkesir Province
Q29001115 Cáparra amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Oliva de Plasencia, Spain Oliva de Plasencia 40.164/-6.1
Q1100519 Dalverzin Tepe human settlement 38.10111111/67.86055556
Dalverzine Tepe - Denau - Surkhandarya.JPG
Q68085221 Dam at Siq Dam at the main entrance to Petra Petra
Q70786984 Damaged Relief of Shapur II in Naqsh-e Rostam relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.989017/52.874313
Q3766 Damascus capital of Syria Damascus Governorate 33.513055555556/36.291944444444
Damascus coll.jpg
Q28971508 Dambach amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Unterschwaningen, Germany Unterschwaningen 49.104/10.583
Q3016158 Darioritum 47.6594/-2.7542
Vannes remparts romains.JPG
Q68227635 Darius' Bridge Bridge in Turkey Istanbul 41.091763/29.061798
Q17453146 De Solberg archaeological site in Beesel, Netherlands Beesel 51.26301/6.03348
Q1182942 Dehdadi human settlement Dihdadi 36.662222222222/66.995277777778
Q750212 Deir el-Medina ancient Egyptian village in the Valley of the Kings Luxor Governorate 25.728888888889/32.601388888889
Q1954780 Deir ez-Zor Museum Museum in Syria Deir ez-Zor 35.341/40.133
Deir ez-Zor Museum 1.jpg
Q63217505 Delphinium Miletus ancient Greek temple Balat
Aydın Province
Q1019166 Dhiban town in Jordan Madaba Governorate 31.5/35.783333333333
Q3542035 Diavolino II tomb Etruscan tomb of the seventh century B.C. Vetulonia 42.8757/10.9944
Q28973775 Diocletian's palace amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Split, Croatia Split 43.513/16.443
Q68122011 Diokletiansthermen thermae of baths
Q56304411 District of Dido archaeological site in Tunisia Carthage 36.85073973348562/10.328640642737929
Quartier didon.jpg
Q18533909 Divje babe cave in Slovenia Municipality of Cerkno 46.112842054/13.915318575
Cave Divje Babe I.JPG
Q86664800 Dolicheneum, Dura Europos 34.75082/40.728882
Yale 1938.5999.1150.jpg
Q5812486 Dolmen de El Romeral dolmen in Antequera, Spain Antequera 37.034444444444/-4.5349444444444
Q1143218 Dolmen de Menga dolmen located in Málaga, Spain Antequera 37.024111111111/-4.5483611111111
Dolmen Vacquerie elements.gif
Q2948560 Dolmen of Damiya site of dolmen in Damiya (Jordan) Damiyah 32.0962/35.5647
Q1238767 Domus Tiberiana an Imperial Roman palace in ancient Rome, located on the northwest corner of the Palatine Hill Rome 41.89024/12.48623
Q32378 Dougga archaeological site in Tunisia Beja Governorate 36.42333333/9.22027778
Dougga, Beja.jpg
Q29002310 Dougga amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Beja Governorate 36.424/9.217
Q45687 Dream Stele ancient Egyptian stela Giza 29.975277777778/31.1375
Great Sphinx with Stelae.jpg
Q28971466 Drevant amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Drevant, France Drevant 46.693/2.523
Drevant Amphitheatre Gallo-Romain.JPG
Q28996532 Drobeta amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Drobeta-Turnu Severin, Romania Drobeta-Turnu Severin 44.624/22.666
Q70787030 Dromedary relief in Siq, Petra relief sculpture Petra 30.322039/35.455025
Petra Jordan BW 25.JPG
Q69119886 Dromolaxia-Vyzakia archeological site 34.886703/33.604156
Q253208 Dur-Sharrukin Assyrian capital in the time of Sargon II Nineveh Governorate 36.50953/43.22931
Q464266 Dura-Europos ancient Syrian city Al-Salihiyah, Deir ez-Zor Governorate
Deir ez-Zor Governorate
Q29001887 Dura-Europos amphitheatre former Roman amphitheatre in Abu Kamal District, Syria Abu Kamal District
Q1577089 Dura-Europos synagogue an ancient synagogue uncovered at Dura-Europos, Syria, in 1932. The last phase of construction was dated by an Aramaic inscription to 244 AD, making it one of the oldest synagogues in the world Dura-Europos 34.7474864/40.7270988
Doura Europos synagogue courtyard.jpg
Q83285 Durrës city in Albania Durrës County 41.324166666667/19.455833333333
Durrës Albania 2.jpg
Q68045508 Dvin museum museum in Dvin Dvin
Q487614 Dūr-Katlimmu Archaeological site in Syria Deir ez-Zor Governorate 35.64333333/40.74027778
Q71990687 East Necropolis, Cyrene Funerary monument(s)/funerary area in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.817783/21.868036
Q70786420 East Stairs in Persepolis stairs Fars Province 29.935314/52.890202
Q68122013 Eastern baths in Gerasa thermae of baths
Q71990946 Eastern tombs at Umm Qays (Gadara) grave of some sort Irbid Governorate 32.654682/35.682007
Q5743 Ebla ancient city Idlib Governorate 35.798056/36.798611
Q28977983 Egnatia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Fasano, Italy Fasano 40.888/17.391
Q3329425 El Djem Archaeological Museum museum in El Djem, Tunisia El Djem 35.28972222/10.70472222
Musée Archéologique El Djem.jpg
Q42659903 El Vilarenc ancient roman villa at Calafell, Spain Calafell 41.191535/1.569977
Q2119834 El-Kurru cemetery in Sudan Northern 18.4/31.76667
Al-Kurru,main pyramid.jpg
Q70786260 Elephant in Musawarat statue Musawarat 16.412914/33.323917
Q71990681 Elephant tomb in Carmona grave of some sort Carmona 37.472466/-5.638149
Q284009 Elephantine island Aswan Governorate 24.088888888889/32.888888888889
Q28974152 Eleutheropolis amphitheatre Roman amphitheater in Beit Guvrin, Israel Beit Guvrin 31.608/34.894
Beit Guvrin.JPG
Q15964934 Elewijt vicus Zemst 50.96861111/4.49638889
Elewijt archeologische onderzoeken.jpg
Q2530806 Elsberg Leidschendam-Voorburg
Q1583842 Emerita Augusta archaeological site Mérida
Maqueta Emerita-Augusta.JPG
Q148327 Emona city 46.047694444444/14.500922222222
Emona in ljubljana osm.jpg
Q93335483 Emporiae Roman city built next to the Greek colony of Emporion in Spain Hispania Tarraconensis 42.13469444444444/3.1206111111111112
Q93335904 Emporion Ἐμπόριον ancient Greek colony on coast of the Catalonia (Ἐμπόριον) 42.13469444444444/3.1206111111111112
Q29001113 Empúries amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in L'Escala, Spain L'Escala 42.13/3.117
Anfiteatro ampurias.JPG
Q23068938 Enkomi archaeological site in Cyprus 35.165751/33.87017
Q68042393 Ensérune museum museum in Ensérune Nissan-lez-Enserune 43.310132/3.113358
F10 09.Oppidum d'Ensérune.0123.JPG
Q47611 Ephesus ancient city in Anatolia İzmir Province 37.939722/27.348611
Ephesus Celsus Library Façade.jpg
Q3836325 Epizephyrian Locri ancient city of south Italy Locri 38.20779/16.23677
Q29001122 Ercavica amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Cañaveruelas, Spain Cañaveruelas 40.43/-2.668
Q733610 Erebuni Fortress Fortress Yerevan
Erebuni District
Q3915253 Erebuni Museum Archaeological and Historical Museum-Reserve Yerevan 40.14111111/44.53527778
2014 Erywań, Erebuni, Muzeum Erebuni, Budynek muzeum (02).jpg
Q1018197 Eresos village on the Greek island of Lesbos Lesbos Municipality 39.166666666667/25.933055555556
Q210087 Ermoupolis town on the island of Syros, in the Cyclades, Greece Syros - Ermoupoli Municipality 37.433333333333/24.916666666667
Q3469362 Eshaqvand Tombs tombs in Kermanshah Province, Iranian national heritage site Harsin County 34.2484/47.4484
Eshaqvand Rock tomb.jpg
Q1954014 Excavations at Heerlen Dutch potter
Lucius Ferenius.jpg
Q28978067 Fabrateria Nova amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in San Giovanni Incarico, Italy San Giovanni Incarico 41.519/13.553
Q28978023 Falerii Novi amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Fabrica di Roma, Italy Fabrica di Roma 42.303/12.361
Q28978025 Falerio Picenus amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Falerone, Italy Falerone 43.101/13.496
Q70786434 Fallen obelisk in Karnak obelisk Thebes 25.717667/32.658333
Q193190 Famagusta city in Cyprus Famagusta District 35.116666666667/33.95
Famagusta 01-2017 img16 view of the walled city.jpg
Q2311719 Fectio village in Netherlands Germania Inferior
Romeinse wachttoren fort vechten netherlands.jpg
Q1404264 Felsenmeer geotope in Hesse, Germany Lautertal 49.7239/8.69111
Das Felsenmeer 12.JPG
Q3274394 Ferriby Boats museum ships in the UK North Ferriby 53.712593/-0.506039
Q28978028 Firmum Picenum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Fermo, Italy Fermo 43.161/13.718
Q28970911 Flavia Solva amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Wagna, Austria Wagna 46.767/15.567
Flavia Solva model.jpg
Q662766 Flavian Amphitheater Roman amphitheatre in Pozzuoli, Italy Pozzuoli 40.825869/14.125078
Rive, Roberto (18..-1889) - n. 107 - Anfiteatro di Pozzuoli.jpg
Q71551713 Fluvio Frigido fortifications Ajdovščina 45.888863/13.904464
Q28978029 Formiae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Formia, Italy Formia 41.267/13.617
Q71551778 Fort Tall-e Takht in Pasargadae fortifications Fars Province 30.207912/53.185356
Q71551749 Fort at Lchashen fortifications Gegharkunik Province 40.505417/44.939316
Лчашен, Урартская крепость 02 - panoramio.jpg
Q71551758 Fort at Machaerus fortifications Machaerus 31.567474/35.624107
Q71551760 Fort at Mauchamps fortifications Mauchamps 49.41798/3.926362
Q71551790 Fort at Resafa fortifications Resafa 35.628994/38.758106
Q71551800 Fort at Samarkand, Afrosiab fortifications Samarkand 39.676445/66.984642
Q71551805 Fort at Semna fortifications Lake Nasser 21.500191/30.967163
Q71551660 Fort of Betthorus fortifications Betthorus 31.236868/35.868069
Q71551667 Fort of Bishapur fortifications Kazerun County 29.779839/51.580219
Q71551669 Fort of Bordj Hellal fort in Tunisia Jendouba Governorate 36.478004/8.651145
Q71551673 Fort of Boreum fortifications Ras Teyonas 30.475845/19.700668
Q71551680 Fort of Burgenae fortifications Novi Banovci 44.949989/20.283337
Q71551685 Fort of Camboglana fortifications Cumbria 54.963669/-2.763268
Q71551693 Fort of Catabathmus Maior fortifications Sallum 31.571741/25.156004
Q71551691 Fort of Elbasan fortifications Elbasan 41.113056/20.081778
Q71551710 Fort of Erk-Kala fortifications Merv 37.669502/62.192169
Q71551719 Fort of Gerra fortifications Anjar 33.732361/35.933525
Q71551732 Fort of Isfahan fortifications Isfahan 32.647873/51.570362
Q71551767 Fort of Mušov-Burgstall fortifications Brno-Country District 48.906532/16.56982
Q71551772 Fort of Odigram fortifications Btabuzai Swat 34.741791/72.313171
Q71551809 Fort of Shah Tepe fortifications Gorgan 41.231895/69.189041
Q71551812 Fort of Singidunum fortifications Belgrade 44.823612/20.450077
Q71551641 Fort of Siwa fortifications Siwa Oasis 29.201353/25.519381
Q71551636 Fort of Udruh fortifications Petra 30.329138/35.595825
Q71551763 Fort on Mount Khajeh fortifications Hamun County 30.936983/61.245651
Q71551741 Fortification at Kir Heres fortifications 31.180805/35.701488
Q71551650 Fortress of Ayaz Kala fortifications Ellikqala District 42.014065/61.029156
Q71551656 Fortress of Barikot fortifications Barikot 34.681286/72.212669
Q71551679 Fortress of Bukan fortifications Bukan 36.517857/46.2104
Q61076505 Fortress of Jikha fortress Rize Province 41.106339/40.906601
Ghulivati (Ciha) Castle, Atina-Pazar, Lazeti-Rize.jpg
Q71551744 Fortress of Kurganzol fortifications Boysun 38.091522/67.191612
Q71551748 Fortress of Takht-e Soleyman fortifications Takab 36.604557/47.234776
Q68075509 Fortress of Ugarit fortress and watchtower in Ugarit Ugarit 35.602005/35.782108
Q28978108 Forum Novum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Torri in Sabina, Italy Torri in Sabina 42.33/12.604
Q769555 Fossa Corbulonis canal South Holland 52.0962/4.4158
Fossa Corbulonis map.png
Q68082867 Fountain (Heraclea Lyncestis) fountain in Heraclea Lyncestis Bitola 41.011486/21.34281
Q68078889 Fountain of Pratomedes fountain in Lybia Cyrene 32.823315/21.852724
Q71990712 Fourth Cataract cemetery grave of some sort 18.904018/32.365204
Q1450060 Franzensknüppchen Rhineland-Palatinate 49.7545/6.66143
Franzensknüppchen Trier.jpg
Q70786905 Free-standing Parthian rock relief in Behistun relief sculpture Bisotun 34.392273/47.437794
Q28978031 Frusinum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Frosinone, Italy Frosinone 41.639/13.353
Q12631270 Fulfinum - Mirine 45.20414/14.54708
Q1490815 Gadara 32.655998/35.679352
Gadara 01.jpg
Q97642267 Gadara, Walls 32.654385/35.678776
Q23411448 Gallo-Roman Museum in Biesheim museum in France Biesheim 48.039538/7.545596
Biesheim, Musée de l’Optique et Musée Gallo-Romain.jpg
Q56198220 Gallo-Roman Theatre of Champlieu ancient Roman theatre in Orrouy, France Orrouy 49.30905/2.85425
Orrouy (60), ruines gallo-romaines de Champlieu, théâtre, scène 1.jpg
Q28971473 Gallo-Roman amphitheatre of Sanxay Gallo-Roman amphitheatre/theatre in Sanxay, France Sanxay 46.495/-0.022
Théâtre Gallo-Romain de Sanxay.jpg
Q4910752 Gallo-Roman temple complex Tongeren Tongeren 50.78376/5.45999
Tongeren-Gallo-Romeinse tempel (4).JPG
Q972128 Gallo-Roman theatre at Arles Gallo-Roman theatre in Arles, France Arles 43.676388888889/4.6297222222222
Arles Amphitheatre gallo romain pano.jpg
Q2844405 Gallo-Roman theatre of Grand Gallo-Roman theatre/amphitheatre in Grand, France Grand 48.385/5.49111111
Grand amphitheatre vgen.jpg
Q684072 Garni Temple sacred architecture Garni 40.112/44.729
Templo de Garni, Armenia, 2016-10-02, DD 03.jpg
Q28969517 Gemellae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Ourlala, Algeria Ourlala 34.635/5.523
Q101439343 Gemellae roman fortres Roman fortes in Algeria 34.636598/5.522904
Q1501204 Gemonian stairs stairs Rome 41.893333333333/12.484722222222
Partial Map of downtown Rome during the Roman Empire large with scalae Gemoniae marked.jpg
Q2388770 Gennes amphitheatre Gennes-Val de Loire 47.3351/-0.238599
Arène du théâtre-Amphithéâtre de Gennes.JPG
Q117654 Germa human settlement 26.533333333333/13.066666666667
Garma (Garama) - Ruinen der antiken Stadt Garama.jpg
Q71551794 Ghassanid praetorium of Resafa fortifications Resafa 35.632568/38.75861
Q2120559 Gheriat el-Garbia building in Libya 30.4201/13.4186
Garbia 02.JPG
Q1812247 Gheriat esh-Shergia building in Africa Jufra 30.391247222222/13.590313888889
Gheriat esh-Shergia 2.jpg
Q2232797 Ghirza archeological site in Libya 30.965945/14.569759
Ghirza n general.JPG
Q889398 Gibeon human settlement in Palestine West Bank 31.847451/35.183351
Gibeon well 03.jpg
Q2243148 Gisacum 49.000833/1.23
Q6631530 Giza Solar boat museum Giza Solar boat museum Giza Governorate 29.9781/31.1344
Cairo - Pharaons funeral ships museum outdoors.JPG
Q636638 Gjirokastër Castle cultural heritage monument of Albania Gjirokastër
Gjirokastër municipality
Gjirokastra - Burganlage vor Gjerë-Gebirge.jpg
Q674543 Glanum archaeological site Saint-Rémy-de-Provence 43.773888888889/4.8325
Glanum-triomphal arch-arc de triomphe.jpg
Q71551723 Glasgow Bridge Fortlet fortifications East Dunbartonshire 55.931522/-4.184182
Q28973037 Gleisdorf amphitheatre former Roman amphitheatre in Gleisdorf, Austria Gleisdorf 47.111/15.708
Q162077 Glyptothek archaeological museum in Munich Munich 48.146389/11.565833
Glyptothek Munich.jpg
Q774339 Godin Tepe human settlement 34.516667/48.066667
Q28973923 Gortyn amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Gortyn, Greece Gortyn 35.058/24.958
Q1013831 Gravisca Gravisca was the port of the Etruscan city of Tarquinii, situated 8 km west of the city center. Tarquinia 42.21277778/11.71027778
Tarquinia 31122007088.jpg
Q37200 Great Pyramid of Giza oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis; one of the seven ancient wonders of the world Giza Governorate 29.979138888889/31.13425
Q20395818 Great Temple temple in Jordan Ma'an Governorate 30.328718/35.4423
Great Temple of Petra 01.jpg
Q68122009 Greek Baths in Cyrene thermae of baths
Q56163374 Greek Theatre of Buthrotum ancient Greek theatre in Butrint, Albania Sarandë municipality 39.745647222222/20.020511111111
Teatri ne Butrint, Shqiperi.jpg
Q1058967 Greek Theatre of Syracuse ancient Greek theatre in Siracusa, Italy Syracuse 37.07611/15.275
Greek theater of Syracuse AvL.JPG
Q28978036 Grumentum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Grumento Nova, Italy Grumento Nova 40.287/15.912
Q20458 Gubbio Italian comune Province of Perugia 43.3517882/12.5772674
Gubbio - 01.jpg
Q3110595 Gunar Tepe early Bronze Age settlement in Turkmenistan Mary 38.1907/62.0343
Q1302971 Gundeshapur City in Sasanian Persia Khuzestan Province 32.283333/48.516667
Q5636876 Habitancum ancient Roman fort in Northumberland, England Corsenside 55.17/-2.172
Habitancum Roman Fort - - 692457.jpg
Q272777 Hadrian's Villa human settlement Tivoli 41.941944/12.775278
Villa adriana.jpg
Q17645080 Hadrian's Wall in wall mile 6, Condercum Roman fort, Benwell part of a World Heritage site in the United Kingdom Newcastle upon Tyne 54.9768/-1.66514
Q11904209 Hadrianopolis ancient Roman city in Epirus Epirus 39.996424/20.224666
Hadrianopolis, Sofratika, Albania - Antique Theater 2017 01.jpg
Q2736539 Hadrumetum ancient city in Tunisia Sousse 35.824444444444/10.638888888889
Q1266141 Haft Tepe archaeological site 32.078889/48.326389
Grabgewölbe Haft Tepe.JPG
Q1570185 Hala Sultan Tekke mosque Larnaca 34.883333333333/33.6
Larnaca 01-2017 img30 Salt Lake.jpg
Q17650400 Haltwhistle Burn 1 Roman temporary camp, fortlet and section of the Stanegate Haltwhistle 54.9892/-2.44808
Q28587 Hamadan capital city of Hamadan Province of Iran Central District 34.8/48.516666666667
Iran - Hamedan view from Alvand Mountain - panoramio.jpg
Q5644463 Hamadan Stone Lion statue in Hamadan, Iranian national heritage site Hamadan Province 34.786089/48.524183
Q185562 Harappa archaeological site in Punjab, Pakistan Sahiwal District 30.633333333333/72.866666666667
Q181007 Hattusa capital of Hittite empire Boğazkale 40.019722222222/34.615277777778
Lion Gate, Hattusa 01.jpg
Q26237 Hawara necropolis in Faiyum Governorate, Egypt Faiyum Governorate 29.274/30.899
Q71551726 Haykaberd - Aspeşîn‎- Çavuştepe fortifications Çavuştepe 38.354252/43.465412
Q1518300 Hecatompylos former city in Persia Semnan Province 35.961666666667/54.0375
Q5721847 Hegmataneh museum museum in Hamadan Hamadan
Q27356 Hegra Ancient settlement in Saudi Arabia Al Madinah Region 26.814166666667/37.9475
Madain Saleh (6731527141).jpg
Q191687 Heliopolis city of ancient Egypt Egypt 30.129527777778/31.288888888889
Q71551647 Hellenistic Fort of Apamea fortifications Al-Suqaylabiyah 35.419907/36.392628
Q104889791 Hellenistic House at Rusellae 42.8280502/11.1591494
The Hellenistic house, Rusellae, Etruria, Italy (43188322195).jpg
Q1333237 Helorus an ancient city in Sicily with occupation from the Archaic period to Late Antiquity Noto 36.84220278/15.10941389
Q1604744 Hemesa 34.723511/36.714348
Q29002302 Henchir-Boucha amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Zaghouan Governorate 36.528/9.889
Q1142395 Heraclea Lyncestis archaeological site in Macedonia Bitola Municipality 41.01083333/21.3425
Q12526909 Heracles statue (Behistun) statue in Behistun, Iran Harsin County 34.383333/47.433333
Bistoon Kermanshah.jpg
Q249480 Herakleopolis Magna archaeological site in Egypt Beni Suef Governorate 29.085556/30.934444
Relieve tumba Satbahetep (M.A.N. Inv.1976-114-A-2080) 02.jpg
Q28978052 Herdoniae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Ordona, Italy Ordona 41.311/15.623
Q679056 Hermonthis town in Egypt Luxor Governorate 25.6167/32.5333
GD-EG-Nomes de Haute-Égypte.jpg
Q1615584 Heshbon human settlement 31.818611111111/35.798888888889
Tell Hesban (Column).jpg
Q71990767 Hexagonal Mausoleum at Cyrrhus The Hexagonal mausoleum dates ca. 150 CE–ca. 250 CE Aleppo Governorate 36.735443/36.953259
Tower Tomb, Cyrrhus (النبي هوري), Syria - General view - PHBZ024 2016 2214 - Dumbarton Oaks.jpg
Q1400802 Hierapolis Bambyke ancient city in Syria 37.926616/29.127375
Hierapolis teatr3 RB.jpg
Q70772356 Hippodrome in Gadara Roman theatre Gadara 32.656799/35.666904
Q70772359 Hippodrome in Gerasa Roman theatre Jerash 32.273609/35.890705
Entrance to the Roman Circus (Jerash).jpg
Q28971088 Hisarya amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Hisarya, Bulgaria Hisarya, Bulgaria 42.5/24.703
Q28978078 Hispellum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Spello, Italy Spello 42.996/12.665
Q28978101 Histonium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Vasto, Italy Vasto 42.111/14.708
Q70787019 Horns in Persepolis relief sculpture Fars Province 29.933493/52.889706
Q104671127 House of Jason Magnus, Cyrene Domestic building / villa / house in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.817881666666665/21.856936666666662
CireneInsulaGiasoneMagno01 1999.jpg
Q16537502 House of the Deer, Herculaneum Roman patrician house buried during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, Herculaneum, Naples Ercolano 40.8052/14.3471
010319 28 Ercolano casa dei cervi.JPG
Q16537570 House of the Mosaic Atrium Roman domus buried during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, Herculaneum, Naples Ercolano 40.8058/14.3469
Casa dell'Atrio a Mosaico 2.JPG
Q285196 House of the Vestals Rome 41.891583/12.486606
Q71551729 Humayma Fortress fortifications Humeima 29.952892/35.348148
Q105276927 Hunting Baths, Lepcis Magna Bath/spa in Libya. 32.641275/14.285926666666668
Q507207 Icorigium Rhineland-Palatinate
Germania Inferior
Q1656624 Idalium ancient city Nicosia District 35.01583333333333/33.42305555555556
Q1655395 Ietas human settlement in Italy Sicily 37.96666667/13.2
Q17606722 Ilerda 41.6178/0.626086
Q70786382 Inscription of IIII Scythica in the Temple of Artemis in Gerasa inscription Gerasa, Cyprus 32.281406/35.891998
Q70786378 Inscription of Tiridates in Garni inscription Garni 40.112968/44.729607
Q2354677 International Museum of Nubia Museum in Aswan Aswan Governorate 24.079576/32.889311
GD-EG-Musée Nubien001.JPG
Q70786963 Investiture Relief of Ardashir I in Naqsh-e Rajab relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.966452/52.887466
Q70786968 Investiture Relief of Shapur I in Naqsh-e Rajab relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.966406/52.88747
Q42053 Isfahan City in Iran, Isfahan province, center of Isfahan county Central District 32.644722222222/51.6675
Naghshe Jahan Square Isfahan modified2.jpg
Q3653191 Ishkhani monastery in Artvin Province, Turkey 40.78565/41.74698
Q636978 Istanbul Archaeology Museums archaeology museum in Istanbul, Turkey Istanbul 41.011669444444/28.981388888889
İstanbul Arkeoloji Müzeleri (collage) - Arkeoloji Müzesi (üstte), Eski Şark Eserleri Müzesi (solda), Çinili Köşk Müzesi (sağda).jpg
Q29002575 Isurium Brigantum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Aldborough, United Kingdom Aldborough 54.088/-1.381
Q2838393 Iulia Traducta human settlement in Spain 36.129768/-5.447744
Q69123340 Iwan-e Karkheh ancient city in modern day Iran 32.329288/48.122917
Q71551736 Jebal el Habis (Crusader castle) fortifications Petra 30.328901/35.438595
Q29002303 Jebel Moraba amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Manouba Governorate 36.598/9.861
Q31565 Jerash name of an ancient city in Jordan Jerash Governorate 32.272280555556/35.891397222222
Jerash City.jpg
Q720007 Jiroft city in Kerman Province, Iran Central District 28.678055555556/57.740555555556
Q17454840 Jodenberg tumulus in Grevenbicht, Netherlands Sittard-Geleen 51.0357/5.77337
Tumulus met enkele grafstenen, omheining en open terrein - Grevenbicht - 20399644 - RCE.jpg
Q71990952 KV 17, Sety I in the Valley of Kings grave of some sort Luxor Governorate 25.739901/32.602043
Q63198847 Kaboutersberg Roman tumulus near Hoogeloon, Netherlands Bladel 51.401839/5.279828
Hoogeloon-Kaboutersberg (7).jpg
Q690035 Kadesh archaeological site 34.55781/36.5196
Hitt Egypt Perseus.png
Q6356864 Kamenica Tumulus cultural Monument in Albania Korçë County
Korçë municipality
Kamenicë Tumulus, Albania 2018 02.jpg
Q105763865 Kampos Krousos archaeological site on Lesvos 39.114819/25.956814
Q2398757 Kampyrtep 37.410498/67.028121
Q657455 Karanis archaeological site in the Egyptian depression of el-Faiyum Faiyum Governorate 29.518088888889/30.902930555556
Q4215476 Karmir Blur cultural heritage monument of Armenia Yerevan
Shengavit District
Karmir Blur Town.JPG
Q17166590 Karnak Visitor Center building in Egypt Luxor Governorate 25.719916666667/32.653027777778
Q852735 Kasserine Tunisian town Kasserine Governorate 35.166666666667/8.8333333333333
Q69060686 Kastell Constantia Konstanz 47.66336/9.17598
Q1343017 Kastell Neckarburken Baden-Württemberg 49.376667/9.170278
Q105123253 Kastellbad Neckarburken Elztal
Germania Superior
ORL53 Kastell Neckarburken 3.jpg
Q71990844 Kato Alonia Sarcophagus at Paleapaphos (Kouklia) sarcophagus in Cyprus Kouklia 34.707367/32.573692
Q68227640 Kavar bridge Bridge in Iran Kavar 29.182184/52.69688
Q1341882 Kawa Sudan 19.10194444/30.52611111
Q1107569 Kerma capital city of the Kerma culture and archaeological site Northern 19.600802/30.409731
Kerma city.JPG
Q57980405 Kerma Museum 19.600802777778/30.409730555556
متحف كرمة.jpg
Q171714 Kerman capital city of Kerman Province, Iran Central District 30.283333333333/57.066666666667
Kerman panorama.JPG
Q180078 Kermanshah capital of Kermanshah Province in Iran Central District 34.316666666667/47.068611111111
Q33268537 Kestel Bronze Age archaeological site in Anatolia (now Turkey) 37.797668/34.933159
Q71990756 Khafre's Pyramid at Giza grave of some sort Giza 29.97611/31.130833
Khafre Pyramid Giza.JPG
Q1568966 Khakhuli Monastery Georgian Orthodox monastery in historical Medieval Georgian Kingdom of Tao (modern-day Turkey), in one of the gorges of the Tortum river, whose main church is now reused as a mosque 40.86222222/41.76027778
77. xaxuli.JPG
Q1649570 Khenchela city in Algeria Khenchela District 35.416666666667/7.1333333333333
Mairie de Khenchela.jpg
Q68111115 Kip Emonca replica of an excavated statue Ljubljana 46.05035/14.50297
Kip Emonca - panoramio.jpg
Q1743884 Kition ancient Phoenician city in Cyprus Larnaca District 34.923296/33.630545
Q61076439 Kiz Kulesi, Rize Rize Province 41.182735/40.874271
Q1746865 Kleinkastell Haselburg Walldürn
Germania Superior
Kleinkastell Haselburg.jpg
Q1746875 Kleinkastell Hönehaus Hettingen
Germania Superior
Kleinkastell Höhnehaus 1.jpg
Q1239120 Kleinkastell Robern Fahrenbach
Germania Superior
Q1490793 Kleinkastell Seitzenbuche Mudau 49.5506/9.12243
Q68043219 Kokand Regional Studies Museum museum in Kokand Kokand
Q593295 Koroneia, Boeotia village in Greece Livadia Municipality 38.34916667/22.95944444
Q930838 Kouklia community in Paphos District, Republic of Cyprus Paphos District 34.70986527/32.5733095
Petra tou romiou beach.jpg
Q1785592 Kourion ancient city, excavation area Episkopi 34.6642/32.8877
Episkopi 01-2017 img04 Kourion.jpg
Q22991924 Kourion Stadium Kourion 34.67083/32.875
Q95569 Kunsthistorisches Museum art museum in Vienna, Austria Innere Stadt 48.203611111111/16.361666666667
Wien Kunsthistorisches Museum.jpg
Q1789475 Kura Hulanda Museum museum in Willemstad (Curaçao) Willemstad
Kura Hulanda museum (31086636051).jpg
Q6098962 Kurban Höyük 37.504341/38.517864
Q3896698 Kurijan village in Hamadan, Iran Sabzdasht Rural District (Hamadan Province) 35.051389/48.664167
Q28973924 Kydonia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Chania, Greece Chania 35.504/24.058
Q206760 Kyrenia TRNC city on the island of Cyprus Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Kyrenia 01-2017 img04 view from castle bastion.jpg
Q68043616 Kyrenia Shipwreck Museum museum in Kyrenia Kyrenia
Q2234980 Kyrenia ship 35.361294/33.337502
Kyrenia ship.jpg
Q11929904 Kôm Médinet Ghourob 29.2/30.95
Q1795804 Kölner Brunnen well
Q2111641 Künzing amphitheatre building in Künzing, Lower Bavaria, Germany Künzing 48.667/13.084
Q677814 La Graufesenque archaeological site Millau 44.097172222222/3.0920944444444
Q2020438 Lady of Auxerre
Lady of Auxerre Louvre Ma3098 n1.jpg
Q104530360 Lagerdorf (Walldürn) Walldürn
Germania Superior
Q28969516 Lambaesis amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tazoult, Algeria Tazoult 35.489/6.26
Une arène près de Lambèse 6.JPEG
Q1332706 Landesmuseum Württemberg museum in Stuttgart, Germany Stuttgart
Stuttgart AltesSchloss03.JPG
Q28978038 Lanuvium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Lanuvio, Italy Lanuvio 41.683/12.7
Q841388 Lapis Niger an archaic period sanctuary in the Forum Romanum containing an inscribed stone stele with a sacred inscription in archaic Latin. Rome 41.8925/12.48472222
Lapis Niger top.jpg
Q68045062 Larnaca museum museum in Larnaca Larnaca
Q71551639 Learchild fort fortifications Northumberland 55.395329/-1.840976
Q29001116 Legio amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in León, Spain León 42.597/-5.567
Q677211 Leontopolis Archaeological site in Egypt 30.683333/31.35
Q79048877 Lepcis Magna: Chalcidicum Public or civic building/stoa/gymnasium in Libya. Khoms 32.637418333333336/14.291348333333334
Q68122045 Lepcis Magna: Hadrianic Baths Thermae / Baths in Libya. Khoms
Q69124396 Lepti Minus ancient city 35.66938/10.876193
Q191504 Leptis Magna ancient city in modern Lybia Khoms 32.639166666667/14.290555555556
Leptis Magna market place April 2004.jpg
Q68083385 Leptis Magna: Nymphaeum Nymphaeum in Leptis Magna Khoms
Q55984349 Leptis Magna: Roman theatre Roman theatre in Leptis Magna, Libya Murqub 32.638111111111/14.290333333333
Archaeological Site of Leptis Magna (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya).jpg
Q623448 Les Ferreres Aqueduct aqueduct in Tarragona, Spain Tarragona 41.145556/1.243889
Roman aqueduct Tarragona.jpg
Q703480 Letoon Ancient Lycian city and part of UNESCO World Heritage site in Turkey Kumluova 36.331944444444/29.289722222222
Letoon tempel axb01.jpg
Q6535231 Leventio Museum museum in Ledra Street, Cyprus Ledra Street 35.17055833/33.36166111
NICOSIA, 11 AUGUST, 2011 140.jpg
Q15953348 Lillebonne Gallo-Roman theater Lillebonne 49.5177/0.536753
Q29002304 Limisa amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Kairouan Governorate 36.035/9.693
Q18736672 Limoges amphitheatre Limoges 45.8302/1.2514
Q1786557 Lindum Colonia human settlement in United Kingdom Lincoln 53.2339/-0.538056
Newport Arch.jpg
Q70787024 Lion Relief in Petra relief sculpture Petra 30.320223/35.446362
Q17905082 Listercombe Bottom Roman Villa Chedworth 51.8043/-1.8995
Q2284751 Little Petra archaeological site in Jordan Ma'an Governorate 30.37527847/35.45138931
05 Little Petra Canyon Trail - The Trail Starts at the End of Little Petra - panoramio.jpg
Q923835 Lixus archaeological site in Morocco Larache 35.2/-6.1
Lixus in Morocco.jpg
Q18640103 Lixus amphitheatre building in Morocco Larache Province 35.1999/-6.10847
Q927198 Londinium settlement established on the current site of the City of London around AD 43 Roman Britain 51.514217/-0.088455
Map Londinium 400 AD-de.svg
Q1408799 London Mithraeum mithraeum in the United Kingdom City of London 51.512679/-0.091671
London Mithraeum, Bloomberg’s European headquarters, London (25502116578).jpg
Q6674222 Longovicium auxiliary Roman fort in Durham county Lanchester 54.816/-1.755
Longovicium - - 344015.jpg
Q24014359 Lora de Estepa capital of Lora de Estepa Municipality, Spain Lora de Estepa 37.27651/-4.82082
Q19675 Louvre Museum art and archeology museum in Paris, France Saint-Germain-l'Auxerrois 48.86108888888889/2.33575
Louvre 2007 02 24 c.jpg
Q16543366 Lu Brandali nuragic complex a nuragic complex that includes a 'giant's tomb' and a nuragic village Sardinia 41.233578/9.175375
Santa Teresa di Gallura Lu Brandali Riesengrab.jpg
Q29001117 Lucus Augusti amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Lugo, Spain Lugo 43.01/-7.561
Q28978011 Lucus Feroniae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Capena, Italy Capena 42.13/12.595
Q1232473 Ludus Magnus arena Rome 41.89/12.495
Ludus magnus Rome 2006.jpg
Q665 Lugdunum ancient Roman city on the site of modern Lyon, France Gallia Lugdunensis 45.759722222222/4.8194444444444
Roman theatre in Lyon.jpg
Q71551754 Luguvallium Legionary Fort - Carlisle fortifications Carlisle 54.896187/-2.94077
Q130514 Luxor city in Egypt Luxor Governorate 25.696944444444/32.642222222222
Q1503331 Luxor Obelisk ancient Egyptian obelisk in Paris 8th arrondissement of Paris 48.865475/2.321133
Place de la concorde.jpg
Q319841 Luxor Temple ancient Egyptian temple Luxor 25.7/32.639166666667
Pylons and obelisk Luxor temple.JPG
Q1456371 Lychnidos archaeological site in Macedonia Ohrid Municipality 41.11666667/20.8
Ohrid amphitheatre.jpg
Q66098920 M6 mastaba mastaba in the necropolis of Meidum, Egypt Beni Suef Governorate 29.395959/31.158503
Q335478 Ma'rib City in Ma'rib Governorate, Yemen Ma'rib Governorate 15.422777777778/45.3375
Ancient Ma'rib 01.jpg
Q69125006 Maa-Palaiokastro archaeological site in Cyprus 34.853218/32.36274
Q1549278 Machaerus hilltop palace in Jordan Madaba Governorate 31.56694/35.63361
Machaerus Panorama.jpg
Q1683958 Madaba city in Madaba Governorate, Jordan Madaba Governorate 31.716666666667/35.8
MADABA 2.png
Q1897297 Mageroy archeological site of a Gallo-Roman Villa in Belgium 49.7167/5.65
20040915 060.jpg
Q78806201 Magnesia Stadium ancient Greek hippodrome Tekin
Aydın Province
Magnesia Stadium.jpg
Q1432674 Magnesia on the Maeander ancient Greek city in Ionia, modern Turkey Aydın Province 37.852692/27.527104
Магнесия на Меандре. Пропилеи.jpg
Q3589083 Mahdia shipwreck archaeological site in Tunisia 35.531944444444/11.124444444444
Bardo mahdia galere.jpg
Q677659 Maison Carrée ancient Roman temple in Nîmes, southern France Nîmes 43.838194/4.356111
Q97207580 Makreti bridge Artvin Province 41.43301/42.219639
Q29002317 Maktar amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Siliana Governorate 35.855556/9.206389
Makthar amphithéâtre.jpg
Q28971084 Marcianopolis amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Devnya, Bulgaria Devnya 43.229/27.586
Q1507676 Maresha hill in Southern District, Israel Southern District 31.592963/34.898241
Beit Guvrin 4.JPG
Q244762 Mari ancient Sumerian and Amorite city Abu Kamal
Deir ez-Zor Governorate
Mari-Zimri Lim Palace.jpg
Q1466831 Marion one of the Ten city-kingdoms of Cyprus 35.0375/32.4333
Ancient kingdoms of Cyprus en.svg
Q28978065 Marruvium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in San Benedetto dei Marsi, Italy San Benedetto dei Marsi 42.007/13.628
Anfiteatro di Marruvium 8 2016.jpg
Q1907814 Mastaba of Ti ancient Egyptian grave at the necropolis of Saqqara Giza Governorate 29.87724686/31.21175003
Q1702090 Maumbury Rings Neolithic henge monument Dorchester 50.7079/-2.44039
Q71990905 Mausoleum A Northern Necropolis at Ghirza grave of some sort 30.946922/14.551018
Q71990792 Mausoleum near Qasr Banat grave of some sort Raqqa 31.463655/14.707388
Q71990796 Mausoleum of Bes mausoleum Sabratha 32.805244/12.480993
Q1053521 Mausoleum of Centcelles cultural property in Constantí, Spain Constantí 41.155781/1.226134
Centcelles, termes.jpg
Q48809427 Mausoleum of Gallienus a large Roman mausoleum located in Rome, at the IX mile of the ancient Appian Way (in the municipality of Ciampino) Ciampino 41.891775/12.486137
Mausoleum of Gallienus.jpg
Q3301847 Mausoleum of Glanum mausoleum located in Bouches-du-Rhône, in France Saint-Rémy-de-Provence 43.7764/4.83099
Mausolée de Glanum.JPG
Q27808180 Mausoleum of Lucilius Paetus The Mausoleum of Lucilius Peto was discovered in 1887 along the Via Salaria Rome 41.915/12.496611111111
M02 Q04 v Salaria mausoleo Lucilio Peto 1080599.JPG
Q2520616 Mederiacum Roman town 51.157771/6.018727
Q1457477 Megara Hyblaea city of ancient Sicily and Italian archaeological site Augusta 37.20388889/15.18194444
Megara Hyblaea 001.jpg
Q28974155 Megiddo amphitheatre Roman amphitheater in Megiddo, Israel Megiddo, Israel 32.582/35.184
Q1066424 Meidum village in Beni Suef Governorate, Egypt Beni Suef Governorate 29.372448/31.172034
Q13444093 Meidum Pyramid pyramid in Egypt Beni Suef Governorate 29.38833333/31.15694444
Q5715 Memphis ancient capital of Aneb-Hetch, Egypt Giza Governorate 29.85412/31.25934
Q1427162 Mendes village and archaeological site Dakahlia Governorate 30.956280555556/31.5172
Q29002301 Meninx amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Medenine Governorate 33.686/10.914
Q5780 Meroë ancient city along the eastern bank of the Nile River in Northern Sudan River Nile 16.935138888889/33.75075
Sudan Meroe Pyramids 2001.JPG
Q724954 Mesha Stele Stele set up around 840 BCE by King Mesha of Moab
Mesha stele.jpg
Q160236 Metropolitan Museum of Art major art museum in New York City, United States Manhattan 40.7794/-73.9631
Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met) - Central Park, NYC.jpg
Q22986284 Meunerie romaine de Barbegal archaeological site in Fontvieille (France) Fontvieille 43.7027/4.7212
Barbegal mill 02.jpg
Q28977999 Mevania amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bevagna, Italy Bevagna 42.937/12.615
Q28996603 Micia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Vețel, Romania Vețel 45.915/22.817
Q2844419 Milan amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Milan, Italy Milan 45.457427777778/9.1787333333333
Rovine dell'Anfiteatro romano.JPG
Q6851166 Milecastle 28 Northumberland 55.029086/-2.152839
Heading east out of Walwick - - 2890667.jpg
Q16156512 Milecastle 37 human settlement in United Kingdom 55.01234/-2.337652
Q6851174 Milecastle 38 part of Hadrian's Wall 55.007253/-2.35684
Q16156578 Milecastle 42 watchtower in Great Britain 54.993992/-2.445829
Milecastle 42, Hadrian's Wall - - 1067566.jpg
Q16156595 Milecastle 45 54.992705/-2.50613
Q16156605 Milecastle 46 54.98759/-2.5256
Q16156847 Milecastle 65 Stanwix Rural 54.912602/-2.924106
Q16156860 Milecastle 66 54.902135/-2.941333
Q68088694 Milestone (Mosque Cordoba) 1 milestone near the Mosque in Cordoba Córdoba 37.879337/-4.77959
Q68089977 Milestone (Mosque Cordoba) 2 milestone near the Mosque in Cordoba Córdoba 37.879227/-4.779772
Q68090352 Milestone Brimont (CIL 17-02, no. 509) milestone in France Brimont 49.340324/4.024861
Q68090584 Milestone Col de la Forclaz du-Prarion milestone in France Passy 45.922861111111/6.6953333333333
Q68090131 Milestone Nîmes (CIL 17-02, no. 237) milestone in France Nîmes 43.834599/4.3609
Q68090280 Milestone Nîmes (CIL 17-02, no. 239) milestone in France Nîmes 43.834599/4.3609
Q1281959 Military Museum Military museum in Belgrade Belgrade Fortress
Belgrade Military Museum.jpg
Q28978041 Minturnae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Minturno, Italy Minturno 41.242/13.764
Q28973825 Mirebeau amphitheatre former Roman amphitheatre in Mirebeau-sur-Bèze, France Mirebeau-sur-Bèze 47.391/5.326
Q178168 Mitrovica City in Kosovo Kosovska Mitrovica Municipality 42.883333333333/20.866666666667
Q71990879 Moghar Annassara - Christian Tombs at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.337643/35.453678
Q29838047 Molino San Vincenzo archaeological site in Tuscany Montespertoli 43.6941505/11.094951194444
MSV GP 2015-08-14 10-23-17.jpg
Q1945735 Monte Baranta megalithic complex in Olmedo, Italy Olmedo 40.631933/8.396644
Olmedo - Monte Baranta (05).JPG
Q97666909 Monte di Terra Tomb a Roman tomb along the Via Appia Antica Ciampino 41.787109/12.59305
Q68111480 Monument for the battle at the Persian Gate monument in Iran Yasuj 30.635778/51.59639
Q68110977 Monument for the excavation of Tepe Sialk monument in Iran Kashan 33.964924/51.404198
Q70786412 Monument of Gavius Macer Lepcis Magna monument Khoms 32.637051/14.290944
Q56294207 Moresby Roman Fort A Roman fort, likely the ancient Gabrosentum. England 54.573931/-3.576289
Kastell Moresby Schautafel MH.png
Q660692 Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut temple in Luxor, Egypt Luxor Governorate 25.738056/32.606944
Q14551916 Mortuary Temple of Montuhotep II Luxor 25.73736111/32.60611111
Q2250231 Mosa Trajectum Roman city, present day known as Maastricht
Maastricht, Kleine Griend, sculpted reliefs from Wilhelminabrug01.jpg
Q71990809 Msletten I obelisk-shaped tomb grave of some sort 31.832701/14.291232
Q71990812 Msletten II grave of some sort 31.363548/14.618385
Q71990815 Msletten II (south) grave of some sort 31.35437/14.619184
Q1140859 Msoura Stone Circle 35.404/-5.944
Morocco Mzoura Stone Circle (2).JPG
Q185453 Multan city in Punjab, Pakistan Multan District 30.197777777777777/71.47111111111111
Q1148574 Munigua cultural property in Villanueva del Río y Minas, Spain Villanueva del Río y Minas 37.7132094022504/-5.74094783234069
Vista general munigua.JPG
Q286426 Musawarat 16.41583333/33.32361111
Q2729588 Museo Barracco di Scultura Antica art museum, historic site in Rome, Italy Rome 41.89685270040581/12.47261047288945
Palazzetto Le Roy Rome.jpg
Q11694517 Museo Egipcio de Barcelona Barcelona
MuseuEgipci entrada.jpg
Q6033143 Museo Histórico de Sagunto cultural property in Sagunto, Spain Sagunto 39.678472222222/-0.27788888888889
Museu Històric de Sagunt (MUHSAG).JPG
Q1954223 Museo archeologico regionale Paolo Orsi museum in Italy Syracuse 37.07638889/15.28638889
Museo Orsi Gorgone 1476.JPG
Q5652553 Museo de Ronda Ronda
Ronda Museo Municipal 03.jpg
Q3868150 Museo delle Mura museum in Rome Rome 41.8734/12.5014
Celio - Porta san Sebastiano 1973.JPG
Q1816007 Museo nazionale romano di palazzo Altemps museum in Italy Rome 41.901197/12.472839
Roma 2011 08 07 Palazzo Altemps.jpg
Q20106356 Museu d'Història de Tarragona Tarragona 41.117808/1.255378
Entrada Museu d'Història de Tarragona.jpg
Q104502353 Museum am Odenwaldlimes Elztal 49.3774318/9.1679979
200910261714MEZ Neckarburken, Museum am Limes.jpg
Q754322 Museum of Anatolian Civilizations museum in Ankara, Turkey Ankara 39.938333/32.861944
Museum of Anatolian Civilizations001.jpg
Q6940744 Museum of Apollonia archaeological museum. in Fier County, Albania Fier County 40.720333/19.471722
Apollonia Ruins near Fieri (Albania).jpg
Q896052 Museum of Art and Crafts Hamburg museum of fine, applied and decorative arts in Hamburg, Germany Hamburg-Mitte 53.551111/10.009444
Q68042005 Museum of Bosra museum in Bosra Bosra 32.517813/36.481435
Q840886 Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest museum in Heroes' Square, Budapest, Hungary Zugló 47.51587/19.07678
Museum Fine Arts01.jpg
Q1331646 Museum of Mediterranean and Near Eastern Antiquities museum in Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Municipality 59.32939444/18.06740278
Medelhavsmuseet 2007.jpg
Q1275123 Museum of Roman Civilization museum Rome 41.831521/12.477741
Roma EUR Colonnato MCR BW.jpg
Q1514270 Museumpark Orientalis religion theme park in the Netherlands Berg en Dal 51.814167/5.888333
Figuranten bijbelsmuseum.jpg
Q3330574 Musée Gallo-Romain de Saint-Romain-en-Gal museum in Saint-Romain-en-Gal Saint-Romain-en-Gal 45.5295/4.87093
Musée GR de Saint-Romain-en-Gal 27 07 2011 35.jpg
Q1376 Musée Saint-Raymond museum of antiquities in Toulouse Toulouse 43.60787/1.44112
Musée Saint-Raymond - Toulouse.jpg
Q23596705 Musée Saint-Remi museum in France Reims 49.2434/4.0413
Reims-Musée St Rémi-02.jpg
Q3329418 Musée archéologique Théo Desplans museum in France Vaison-la-Romaine 44.2417/5.07414
2005-09-17 10-01 Provence 443 Vaison-la-Romaine.jpg
Q782003 Musée archéologique de Strasbourg archaeological museum in Strasbourg, France Strasbourg 48.581111/7.752222
Musée archéologique de Strasbourg-Galerie centrale.jpg
Q1976221 Musée de Mariemont museum in Belgium Morlanwelz 50.4677/4.23276
Musée mariemont.JPG
Q20726222 Musée historique de Bani Walid Bani Walid 31.751824/14.012022
Q720045 Nahavand city in Hamadan Province, Iran Central District 34.188333333333/48.376944444444
Castle Nahavend by Eugène Flandin.jpg
Q3869982 Naissus Pannonia 43.316295/21.893884
Q743282 Napata city Northern 18.53333333/31.81666667
Amun in Barkal.jpg
Q637248 Naples National Archaeological Museum Italian archeological museum known for Roman materials Naples 40.853377777778/14.250486111111
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli - panoramio (1).jpg
Q648705 Naqsh-e Rustam necropolis in Fars Province, Iranian national heritage site Marvdasht County 29.988888888889/52.874722222222
The Islamic Republic 049 (8498647398).jpg
Q5887708 Naqsh-e Rustam Cistern cistern in Fars Province, Iran Marvdasht County 29.988611111111112/52.87319444444445
Q70787008 Naqsh-i Rustam, Investiture relief of Narseh relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.989273/52.875237
Q11938382 Narbo Martius ancient Roman city on site of Narbonne Gallia Narbonensis
Narbonensis I
Narbonensis II
Q28713977 Narin Castle (Nain) castle in Nain, Iranian national heritage site Isfahan Province 32.8675/53.08972222222222
Wiki Loves Monuments 2018 Iran - Isfahan - NainNarenj Citadel-3.jpg
Q2342844 National Archaeological Museum French National Archaeological Museum Saint-Germain-en-Laye 48.897777777777776/2.0955555555555554
Chateau de St Germain-en-laye.JPG
Q637187 National Archaeological Museum of Athens Athens located museum, houses some of the most important artifacts from a variety of archaeological locations around Greece from prehistory to late antiquity Athens Municipality 37.98916666666667/23.732222222222223
Archäologisches Nationalmuseum Athen.jpg
Q1581154 National Historical Museum national historical museum in Tirana, Albania Tirana
Museo Nacional de Historia, Tirana, Albania, 2014-04-17, DD 10.JPG
Q617254 National Museum in Damascus museum in Damascus, Syria Damascus 33.51257222/36.29004444
Q1164599 National Museum of Aleppo museum in Syria Aleppo 36.205/37.15
Entrance of the National Museum Aleppo Syria.jpg
Q648166 National Museum of Denmark Denmark’s largest museum of cultural history Copenhagen Municipality 55.674722/12.574722
Nationalmuseet kbh.jpg
Q1631008 National Museum of Iran museum in Tehran Tehran County 35.687044/51.414611
Národní muzeum Íránu.jpg
Q3330685 National Museum of Roman Art museum in Mérida, Spain Mérida 38.917306/-6.339861
Museo Nacional de Arte Romano 2019An002.jpg
Q1135392 National Museum of Rome museum in Rome, Italy Rome 41.90125278/12.49829444
Q2033282 National Museum of Slovenia Slovenian museum Ljubljana 46.05222222222222/14.499444444444444
Q65047450 Naustathmus town in ancient Cyrenaica 32.912868/22.168787
Q11938485 Nawar antique city-state
Q28978046 Neapolis amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Naples, Italy Naples 40.852/14.256
Q68044030 Nebo archaeological museum Archaeological museum on mount Nebo Mount Nebo
Q71990960 Necropolis at Wietrzychowice (Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship) grave of some sort Wietrzychowice, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship 52.408867/18.871693
Q71990966 Necropolis at Zmajevac - Mocsolás grave of some sort Zmajevac, Kneževi Vinogradi 45.805008/18.807768
Q539095 Necropolis of Anghelu Ruju building in Alghero, Italy Alghero 40.6325/8.32666667
Alghero, necropoli di Anghelu Ruju (004).jpg
Q71990941 Necropolis of Carmona grave of some sort Carmona 37.467476/-5.652242
Q106520047 Necropolis of Santa Maria in Borraccia necropolis of the Etruscan culture located near ancient Heba Magliano in Toscana 42.5937801/11.3110786
Q2914723 Nemausus ancient Roman name for Nîmes Gallia Narbonensis 43.83777778/4.36083333
France-002364 - Square House (15867600545).jpg
Q2566747 Neolithic flint mines of Valkenburg archeological site in Valkenburg, Netherlands Valkenburg aan de Geul 50.86554/5.82346
Valkenburg-Plenkertstraat met rotswand vuursteenmijnbouw.JPG
Q2778005 Neot Kedumim park in Israel 31.95023333/34.97596389
Neot Kedunim 73098.png
Q6041035 Nertobriga Concordia Iulia Fregenal de la Sierra 38.11416666666667/-6.61
Nertobriga muralla.jpg
Q29001123 Nertobriga amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in La Almunia de Doña Godina, Spain La Almunia de Doña Godina 41.502/-1.365
Q157316 Neues Museum museum in Berlin, Germany Mitte 52.5202/13.3976
Berlin Neues Museum 001.JPG
Q15736475 Neviodunum Municipality of Krško 45.917552/15.48638
Q739037 Nicaea ancient Greek city of Asia Minor İznik
Bursa Province
Nicaea theatre 990.jpg
Q1814026 Nijmegen amphitheatre Nijmegen
Q69128106 Nisaea East archaeological site 37.967445/58.200493
Q28978047 Nocera amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Nocera Superiore, Italy Nocera Superiore 40.746/14.657
Q2026618 Norba (Latium) archaeological site near Norma, Italy; site of a Latin colony established by Rome in 492 BCE Norma 41.58988889/12.96430556
Norma, Eingang mit Zyklopensteinen.jpg
Q78229063 North Agora of Miletus ancient Greek Agora Balat
Aydın Province
Q70786422 North Stairs in Persepolis stairs Fars Province 29.935675/52.88937
Q70772401 North Theatre in Shahhat Roman theatre Shahhat 32.818428/21.857773
Q70772372 North theatre in Gadara Roman theatre Gadara 32.65633/35.680149
Q70772462 North theatre in Gerasa Roman theatre Jerash 32.282757/35.892498
Jordanie Jerash Theatre Nord Entree Escalier 18042013 - panoramio.jpg
Q71990716 Northern (Meroite) pyramids at Jebel Barkal grave of some sort Karima 18.538321/31.822609
Q71990721 Northern Necropolis, Mausoleum B at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.946823/14.551096
Q71990724 Northern Necropolis, Mausoleum C at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.94669/14.551096
Q71990728 Northern Necropolis, Mausoleum D at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.946632/14.551144
Q71990732 Northern Necropolis, Mausoleum E at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.946589/14.551157
Q71990735 Northern Necropolis, Mausoleum F at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.946531/14.551163
Q68076142 Northern fortification in Persepolis fortification in Persepolis Persepolis 29.936943/52.890121
Q81903413 Northern hill of Tepe Sialk hill Kashan County
Q71990667 Northern tombs in Amarna grave of some sort Minya Governorate 27.663774/30.927183
Q105491175 Novum Hydreuma an ancient Roman road station in the eastern desert of Egypt 24.184234/35.2347791
Q623407 Numantia Ancient city and archaeological site Soria Province
Hispania Tarraconensis
Nunmancia 1.JPG
Q99298929 Numituriana
Q104645182 Nuraghe Coa de Ambidda Sardinia
Q28978050 Nuvlana amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Nola, Italy Nola 40.928/14.52
Q1140507 Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek museum in Copenhagen founded by Carl Jacobsen Copenhagen Municipality 55.6725/12.571944444444
Main entrance, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek.jpg
Q68122022 Nymphaeum in Amathus thermae of baths
Q68122002 Nymphaeum of Callirrhoe nymphaeum in Jordan
Q29001164 Nyon amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Nyon, Switzerland Nyon 46.38339805555555/6.2410225
Amphithéâtre de Nyon - 02.jpg
Q1779332 Nysa human settlement Sultanhisar
Aydın Province
Nysa, Anatolia.JPG
Q42807 Nîmes city and prefecture of the Gard department in the Occitanie region of Southern France arrondissement of Nîmes
canton of La Vistrenque
canton of Nîmes-5
canton of Nîmes-6
Communauté d’agglomération Nîmes Métropole
Nîmes, Centre ville.jpg
Q71990882 Obelisk Tomb at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.321136/35.463428
Q3880477 Obelisk of Hatshepsut obelisk Karnak 25.718311/32.658569
Q70786438 Obelisk of Thutmose I in Karnak obelisk Karnak 25.718306/32.658283
Q3073505 Ocriculum archaeological site in Otricoli, Italy Otricoli 42.41127014/12.46708965
Q28978054 Ocriculum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Otricoli, Italy Otricoli 42.412/12.467
Q3880770 Ocriticum archaeological site in Abruzzo, Italy Cansano 42.00298611/13.99021111
Q70772393 Odeon in Ptolemais Roman theatre Acre 32.706963/20.952934
Q20422619 Odeon of Amman Ancient Roman odeon in Amman, Jordan Amman 31.95235/35.93993
Q55068927 Odeon of Paphos ancient Greek odeon at the Asklepieion of Paphos, Cyprus 34.760774/32.413611
Archaeological Park Paphos Cyprus 13.jpg
Q1994812 Oea ancient city in present-day Centreville à le Souq Yafran, in Tripoli, Libya Tripolitania (Mattingly) 32.899889/13.17575
Marcus Aurelius Arch Tripoli Libya.jpg
Q433112 Old Dongola human settlement 18.223055555556/30.743888888889
Church of the Granite Columns 2007-10-03 02.jpg
Q69128659 Old Termez archaeological site 37.263985/67.19249
Q21234753 Onchesmos ancient city 39.87457/20.006943
Onchesmos 5th c synagogue 2015 02.jpg
Q77221 Oppidum d'Ensérune human settlement in France Nissan-lez-Enserune 43.309722/3.110556
Silo Enserunes (France).jpg
Q958997 Oracle of Amun Temple in Egypt 29.1866/25.5475
Q728519 Oricum ancient city and archaeological site in Albania 40.317777777778/19.430555555556
Oricum - Monumental Fontana 01.jpg
Q1640 Osijek city in Osijek-Baranja County, Croatia Osijek-Baranja County
Zajednica općina Osijek
Osijek panorama Gornji grad.jpg
Q71990819 Ossuary at Naqsh-e Rustam Ossuary at Naqš-e Rustam (Iran) Marvdasht County 29.989437/52.872093
Q71990885 Outer Siq at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.323797/35.449062
Q622640 Oxyrhynchus village in Egypt Egypt 28.53611111/30.65555556
Oxyrhynchos map.gif
Q2047415 Palace Tomb (Petra) tomb in Jordan 30.32863056/35.44924444
Palace Tomb, Petra.jpg
Q71990698 Palace Tomb in Dar Untash grave of some sort Khuzestan Province 32.007236/48.527161
Q71551775 Palace of Ardashir Pāpakan fortifications Firuzabad 28.920998/52.530136
Q1473825 Palazzo dei Normanni palace in Palermo, Italy Palermo 38.111389/13.353056
Palais des Normands.jpg
Q2656 Palermo Italian city, capital of Sicily Metropolitan City of Palermo 38.115658/13.361262
Palermo02 flickr.jpg
Q243133 Palestrina Italian comune Metropolitan City of Rome 41.833333333333/12.9
2012-09-07 Palestrina panorama.jpg
Q5747 Palmyra ancient city in Homs Governorate, Syria Tadmur 34.550381/38.269791
Palmyra, view from Qalaat Ibn Maan, Temple of Bel and colonnaded axis.jpg
Q54500886 Panagia Chrysopolitissa Church Church in Paphos
Panagia chrysopolitissa paphos 04.jpg
Q53123620 Panagia Katholiki, Kouklia, Cyprus 34.70722222222222/32.57508333333333
Panagia Katholiki, Kouklia, Cyprus (14).jpg
Q24914520 Panagia tis Angeloktistis church in Cyprus Kiti, Cyprus 34.84757/33.571
Chypre - Kiti-03.jpg
Q180918 Paphos town Paphos District 34.77612852/32.42651039
Fort pafos.jpg
Q28971095 Paphos amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Paphos, Cyprus Paphos 34.755/32.405
Q85792106 Papirion 36.9189005/32.840915
Q230025 Pasargadae ancient city and archaeological site in Fars Province, Iran Pasargad County 30.2/53.179444444444
Pasargadae, Marv Dasht, near Shiraz - 4-8-2013.jpg
Q87742452 Passo Lombardo Roman villa 41.845276/12.648494
Q233121 Patara a Lycian settlement on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey Lycia et Pamphylia 36.260278/29.314167
Patara ruins.jpg
Q69129842 Pella ancient city 32.450001/35.616669
Q649559 Peltuinum archaeological site Prata d'Ansidonia 42.286929/13.62261
Q28978069 Peltuinum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in San Pio delle Camere, Italy San Pio delle Camere 42.282894/13.623996
Peltuinum 21.JPG
Q18986 Pergamon Ancient Greek and Roman city in modern-day Turkey and UNESCO World Heritage Site Bergama
Kingdom of Pergamon
Temple of Trajan, Pergamon 01.jpg
Q157298 Pergamon Museum museum building in Berlin, part of the Museumsinsel, presents the Vorderasiatisches Museum, the Museum für Islamische Kunst and parts of the Antikensammlung Mitte 52.521/13.396
Pergamonmuseum Front.jpg
Q29002436 Pergamon amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bergama, Turkey Bergama
İzmir Province
The remains of Roman amphitheatre (view from the Acropolis), Pergamon (7107158993).jpg
Q719815 Perge ancient Greek city in Anatolia Aksu, Antalya
Antalya Province
Perge city overview.jpg
Q129072 Persepolis ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire Persis 29.934444444444/52.891388888889
Persepolis vue d'oiseau Chipiez.jpg
Q68114116 Persian siege ramp in Dura-Europos siege ramp in Syria Salhiyeh 34.744179/40.727894
Q5788 Petra ancient city in southern Jordan Ma'an Governorate 30.328888888889/35.440277777778
The Treasury, Petra, Jordan5.jpg
Q55629697 Petra Theatre Ancient theatre in Petra, Jordan Petra 30.32469/35.44682
Theater at Petra (35597953322).jpg
Q29002299 Pheradi Maius amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia 36.25/10.397
Q2085773 Philadelphia archaeological site in Turkey Lydia
Manisa Province
Q392878 Piazzale delle Corporazioni The Piazzale delle Corporazioni (Square of the Corporations) was a mercantile center in ancient Ostia. Ostia 41.7564/12.2911
Ostia, piazzale delle corporazioni, elefante 02.JPG
Q71990896 Pinarbasi tomb at Krini grave of some sort Krini 35.274845/33.241745
Q71551782 Pnubs (Dukki Gel) fortifications 19.608709/30.412287
Q2695523 Poitiers amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre Poitiers 46.5786/0.339455
Amphithéâtre de Poitiers.JPG
Q5871707 Pol-e Dokhtar bridge in Iran 33.160511/47.715425
Q28978057 Pollentia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bra, Italy Bra 44.685/7.896
Q7227963 Pons Aelius 54.973888888889/-1.6133333333333
Pons Aelius production2YD.jpg
Q640092 Pons Aemilius Roman stone bridge in Rome, Italy Rome 41.889444/12.479444
Q944688 Pons Fabricius the oldest Roman bridge in Rome, Italy, still existing in its original state Rome 41.89098/12.47819
Pons Fabricius.jpg
Q1902995 Pons Neronianus Roman bridge in Italy Rome 41.901/12.4641
Remains of Neronian Bridge, Rome, Italy.jpg
Q189764 Pont du Gard ancient Roman aqueduct bridge that crosses the Gardon River in Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France Vers-Pont-du-Gard 43.9473/4.5355
Pont du Gard BLS.jpg
Q1127325 Ponte Milvio bridge across Rome's Tiber river Rome 41.935555555556/12.466944444444
Q1351222 Ponte Nomentano Rome 41.93361111/12.5325
Ponte Nomentano 00234.JPG
Q943224 Ponte Salario bridge in Italy Rome 41.93944444/12.50833333
Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Ponte Salario, Engraving.jpg
Q870476 Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge in Rome Rome 41.901803/12.46645
Roma - Ponte s. Angelo.jpg
Q68085953 Pool of the Pilgrimage cistern in Bosra Bosra
Q28996547 Porolissum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Mirșid, Romania Mirșid 47.178/23.154
Porolissum - Amphitheater 16.jpg
Q748516 Porta Ardeatina One of the doors opening in the Aurelian Walls of Rome. Rome 41.8733/12.4971
Porta Ardeatina 28 09 2019.jpg
Q62096795 Porta Maggiore The republican period city gate of ancient Norba Lazio
Antica Norba, Porta Maggiore - panoramio.jpg
Q3399205 Porte Mordelaise Rennes 48.112/-1.68474
Rennes - Portes Mordelaises.jpg
Q2319979 Portonaccio The sanctuary of Minerva at Portonaccio is an archaeological site on the western side of the plateau on which the ancient Etruscan city of Veii, north of Rome, Italy, Isola Farnese 42.02111111/12.39083333
Tempio di veio.JPG
Q28978063 Portus amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Rome, Italy Rome 41.782/12.258
Q773565 Precinct of Mut temple in Karnak, near Thebes, Egypt 25.711823/32.655466
Temple Mout 01.JPG
Q142819 Priene ancient Greek city of Ionia Aydın Province 37.659722/27.297778
Temple of Athena at Priene.jpg
Q71990898 Ptolemaic tomb at Ptolemais grave of some sort Ptolemais 32.698524/20.930155
Q45829 Ptolemais one of the ancient capitals of Cyrenaica Marj District 32.707138888889/20.951888888889
Ptolemais Byzantine Cistern.JPG
Q28974185 Ptolemais amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tolmeita, Libya Tolmeitha 32.708/20.946
Q588535 Puente Romano bridge in Spain Mérida 38.91306/-6.35083
Puente Romano y Puente de Lusitania, Mérida.jpg
Q106941945 Puente Serapio Badajoz
Puente Serapio - panoramio.jpg
Q6091651 Puente romano sobre el Arroyo Pedroches bridge in Spain Córdoba
Los Pedroches
Puente romano sobre el arroyo Pedroches (Córdoba, Spain).jpg
Q474998 Pula Arena Roman amphitheatre in Pula, Croatia Pula 44.873/13.85
The new old amphitheater in Pula Istria (19629095974).jpg
Q65944741 Punic Town of Kerkuane and its Necropolis World Heritage site in Tunisia Nabeul Governorate 36.9464/11.0992
Q625407 Pushkalavati archaeological site in Pakistan, former capital of the Gandhara kingdom Charsadda District 34.168/71.736
Bala Hisar - Charsadda - Northern Mound.JPG
Q71990802 Pyramid XI at Meroe grave of some sort River Nile 16.93865/33.748924
Q71990805 Pyramid XIX at Meroe grave of some sort River Nile 16.938292/33.749271
Q192418 Pyramid of Djoser archeological remain in the Saqqara necropolis, Egypt Giza Governorate 29.871266666667/31.216394444444
Sakkara 12.jpg
Q23948242 Pyramid of El Lahun building in Egypt Faiyum Governorate 29.236388888889/30.970833333333
Q238623 Pyramid of Menkaure smallest of the three main Pyramids of Giza, Egypt Giza 29.9725/31.128333
Menkaure's pyramid.jpg
Q2119728 Pyramid of Naqada building in Egypt 25.94055556/32.70916667
Q71990753 Pyramid of Queen Meritetis I at Giza grave of some sort Giza 29.978441/31.136251
Q71990842 Pyramid of Taharqa at Nuri grave of some sort Nuri 18.564882/31.915119
Taharqo's pyramid, Nuri, Sudan, North-east Africa.jpg
Q1570082 Pyramid of Userkaf smooth-sided pyramid Giza Governorate 29.873453/31.218901
Saqqarah Ouserkaf 06.jpg
Q15945086 Périgueux amphitheatre Périgueux 45.1828/0.713333
Périgueux amphithéâtre ruines (1).JPG
Q3412395 Qadamgah rock-cut monument in Fars, Iran Arsanjan County 29.7341/53.2122
Qadamgah Water monument.jpg
Q2121495 Qasr Azraq castle in Jordan Azraq 31.87996389/36.82742778
Q537641 Qasr Kharana desert castles located in present-day eastern Jordan Zarqa Governorate 31.728889/36.462778
Qasr Kharana in Jordan.jpg
Q11944146 Qasr Qarun archaeological site in the Egyptian depression of el-Faiyum Faiyum Governorate 29.405630555556/30.418288888889
Q7267043 Qasr al Abd `Iraq al Amir 31.9128/35.7518
View of Qasr Al-Abd, Amman.jpg
Q3695599 Qasr al Hallabat human settlement in Jordan Zarqa Governorate 32.079414/36.367459
Qasr Al-Hallbat complex.jpg
Q935454 Qift town in Egypt Qena Governorate 26/32.816666666667
Fragment de bas-relief du temple de Cléopâtre et Césarion, Coptos, I siècle av JC.JPG
Q69130677 Rafniye ancient city 34.966351/36.392979
Q311581 Ramesseum memorial temple of Ramesses II Luxor Governorate 25.727777777778/32.610555555556
SFEC AEH -ThebesNecropolis-2010-RamsesII-021.jpg
Q221447 Ramla city in Israel Ramla sub-district 31.9318/34.873555555556
Q636188 Ray capital of Ray County in Tehran Province of Iran Ray County, Iran 35.593055555556/51.448888888889
Photos of Rey, Iran.JPG
Q2498401 Red Castle Museum national museum in Tripoli, Libya Tripoli 32.89583333/13.18027778
Red Castle Museum Tripoli, LIbya.jpg
Q68045199 Regional Museum Mikulov museum in Mikulov Mikulov
Q28971469 Reims amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Reims, France Reims 49.265/4.026
Q70786938 Relief 1 in Firuzabad relief sculpture Firuzabad 28.909758/52.541012
Q70786941 Relief 2 in Firuzabad relief sculpture Firuzabad 28.916571/52.537331
Q70786911 Relief I in Bishapur relief sculpture Bishapur 29.780855/51.580448
Q70787050 Relief I in Sar-e Pol-e Zahab relief sculpture Sarpol-e Zahab 34.462624/45.869297
Q70786915 Relief II in Bishapur relief sculpture Bishapur 29.779991/51.581718
Q70787058 Relief II in Sar-e Pol-e Zahab relief sculpture Sarpol-e Zahab 34.462669/45.867336
Q70786917 Relief III in Bishapur relief sculpture Bishapur 29.782354/51.580593
Q70787061 Relief III in Sar-e Pol-e Zahab relief sculpture Sarpol-e Zahab 34.463093/45.868084
Q70786920 Relief IV in Bishapur relief sculpture Bishapur 29.782141/51.581039
Q70787066 Relief IV in Sar-e Pol-e Zahab relief sculpture Sarpol-e Zahab 34.463093/45.869179
Q70786922 Relief V in Bishapur relief sculpture Bishapur 29.782038/51.581627
Q70786927 Relief VI in Bishapur relief sculpture Bishapur 29.781931/51.581978
Q5942845 Relief of Bahram II and his court relief in Fars Province, Iran Marvdasht County 29.988461/52.872395
Naqsh-e Rostam II, register view (3160636781).jpg
Q70787070 Relief of Gotarzes in Sar-e Pol-e Zahab relief sculpture Sarpol-e Zahab 34.462509/45.869175
Q70786973 Relief of Kartir in Naqsh-e Rajab relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.966551/52.887478
Q70786935 Relief of Kibrit relief sculpture 30.244455/32.514759
Q70786409 Relief of Le Bar-sur-Loup altar Le Bar-sur-Loup 43.700092/6.986657
Q70786959 Relief of Naqsh-e Rajab relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.966494/52.887047
Q70786978 Relief of Shapur I in Naqsh-e Rajab relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.966576/52.887398
Naqsh-e Rajab IV (3267729382).jpg
Q70787076 Relief of Shapur II and Julian the Apostate in Taq-e Bostan relief sculpture Kermanshah 34.387161/47.132385
Q5936367 Relief of equestrian combat of Bahram II relief in Fars Province, Iran Marvdasht County 29.989162/52.874802
The Double Equestrian Relief of Bahram II (AD 276-293), Naqsh-e Rostam, Iran (48098814427).jpg
Q5937114 Relief of equestrian combat of Hormizd II relief in Fars Province, Iran Marvdasht County 29.989055555555556/52.87425
Equestrian relief of Hormizd II, c AD 303–309, Naqsh-e Rostam, Iran (48098806707).jpg
Q70786906 Reliefs of Mithridates II and Gotarzes II in Behistun relief sculpture Bisotun 34.390709/47.437595
Q7319720 Reza Abbasi Museum museum in Tehran, iran 35.740775/51.446517
Golden head of horse rhyton - Sassanid Empire 6-7 AD.JPG
Q3431966 Rigomagus Rhineland-Palatinate
Germania Inferior
Q1860378 Rijksmuseum van Oudheden national archaeological museum of the Netherlands Leiden 52.158333/4.485833
Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.jpg
Q68113503 Rock-Carvings of Gogdara I rock carvings in Pakistan 34.743073/72.295082
Q28971470 Rodez amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Rodez, France Rodez 44.354/2.571
Q2187146 Roman Aachen highway ancient road between Maastricht and Aachen
Q3616679 Roman Amphitheatre of Albano Laziale building in Albano Laziale, Italy Albano Laziale 41.732719444444/12.664947222222
Albano L. Anfieatro Romano.JPG
Q2379643 Roman Amphitheatre of Amiternum archaeological site L’Aquila 42.400556/13.306
Q3616680 Roman Amphitheatre of Ancona building in Ancona, Italy Ancona 43.6247/13.512
Ancona-Anfiteatro romano 01.JPG
Q3616681 Roman Amphitheatre of Arezzo building in Arezzo, Italy Arezzo 43.4606/11.8806
Anfiteatro romano Arezzo.jpg
Q3616683 Roman Amphitheatre of Benevento building in Benevento, Italy Benevento 41.1324/14.7674
Benevento-Anfiteatro romano.jpg
Q2844403 Roman Amphitheatre of Cagliari Roman amphitheatre in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy Cagliari 39.220673/9.104116
Roman Amphitheatre of Caralis (Cagliari).jpg
Q16526592 Roman Amphitheatre of Ivrea building in Ivrea, Italy Ivrea 45.4678/7.8875
Anfiteatro romano di ivrea.jpg
Q2144316 Roman Amphitheatre of Luna building in Luni, Ortonovo, Italy Ortonovo 44.0626/10.0224
Luna Amphitheater1.jpg
Q3616684 Roman Amphitheatre of Rimini building in Rimini, Italy Rimini 44.06027/12.5754
Q3616685 Roman Amphitheatre of Rusellae building in Grosseto, Italy Grosseto 42.8283/11.1589
Anfiteatro Roselle 1.JPG
Q3616688 Roman Amphitheatre of Teramo archaeological site in Teramo Teramo 42.6579/13.7032
Anfiteatro romano di Teramo.jpg
Q638502 Roman Museum Weißenburg museum Weißenburg in Bayern 49.0318/10.9702
Weißenburg in Bayern, Römermuseum, Martin-Luther-Platz 3a, 2012-07-30.JPG
Q555201 Roman Theatre at Palmyra Roman theatre in ancient Palmyra in the Syrian Desert Palmyra 34.5505/38.2687
Palmyra theater02(js).jpg
Q23976188 Roman Theatre of Alexandria ancient Roman theatre or odeon in Alexandria, Egypt Alexandria 31.19463/29.90405
Q2634316 Roman Theatre of Amman ancient Roman theatre in Amman, Jordan Amman 31.951673/35.939363
Roman theater of Amman 01.jpg
Q51994627 Roman Theatre of Casinum ancient Roman theatre in Cassino, Italy Cassino 41.483218/13.821105
Teatro romano cassino.jpg
Q2700544 Roman Theatre of Emerita Augusta ancient Roman theatre in Merida, Spain Mérida 38.91667/-6.33333
Merida Roman Theatre1.jpg
Q11704271 Roman Theatre of Italica ancient Roman theatre in Santiponce, Spain Santiponce 37.4401/-6.03878
Italica Roman Theatre.JPG
Q4453457 Roman Theatre of Kourion ancient Roman theatre in Limassol, Cyprus Episkopi 34.66421/32.887954
Episkopi 01-2017 img04 Kourion.jpg
Q958961 Roman Theatre of Orangis ancient Roman theatre in Orange, France Orange
Communauté de communes du Pays Réuni d'Orange
Le Théâtre Antique d'Orange, 2007.jpg
Q3982370 Roman Theatre of Ostia ancient Roman theatre of Ostia, Rome, Italy Rome 41.75591/12.29137
Panoramica Teatro di Ostia.jpg
Q60334580 Roman Theatre of Salamis ancient Roman theatre of Salamis, Cyprus Famagusta District 35.184944444444/33.901944444444
The Roman theatre, built during the reign of Augustus and completed during the years of Trajan and Hadrian, it originally had 50 rows of seats (just 18 remain) and held over 15,000 spectators, Salamis, Northern Cyprus (22335101200).jpg
Q2202540 Roman Villa Borg Perl 49.4964/6.45814
Q17441186 Roman Villa op de Lorberg Roman Villa near Melick, Netherlands Roerdalen 51.15235/6.00704
Q276063 Roman amphitheater of Fréjus Roman amphitheater in Fréjus, France Fréjus 43.434452/6.728742
Q2844396 Roman amphitheatre of Aoste Roman amphitheatre in Aoste, Italy Aosta 45.740933/7.323418
Arena anfiteatro di aosta.jpg
Q2844398 Roman amphitheatre of Caerleon Roman amphitheatre in Caerleon, Wales Caerleon 51.608069/-2.956873
Caerleon - johnelamper - X.jpg
Q2844406 Roman amphitheatre of Catania Roman amphitheatre in Catania, Sicily, Italy Catania 37.507361/15.085417
Catania anfiteatro romano2423.jpg
Q779868 Roman amphitheatre of Durrës Roman amphitheatre in Durrës, Albania Durrës County
Durrës Municipality
Amfiteatr rzymski w Durrës 1.jpg
Q2914326 Roman amphitheatre of El Jem Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia El Djem 35.29638889/10.70694444
Amphi El Jem.jpg
Q519184 Roman amphitheatre of Florence Roman ampitheatre in Florence, Italy Florence 43.76915/11.2599
Museo Firenze com'era, plastico Florentia 4.JPG
Q2844407 Roman amphitheatre of Larino Roman amphitheatre in Larino, Italy Larino 41.805525/14.916289
Larino - Anfiteatro 4.jpg
Q2844410 Roman amphitheatre of Lecce Roman amphitheatre in Lecce, Italy Lecce 40.353294/18.172571
Q2844413 Roman amphitheatre of Leptis Magna Roman amphitheatre in Leptis Magna, Libya Murqub 32.632219/14.30922
Circus Leptis Magna Libya.JPG
Q2844409 Roman amphitheatre of Lucca Roman amphitheatre in Lucca, Italy Lucca 43.845398/10.50611
Anfiteatro Lucca.png
Q2844414 Roman amphitheatre of Lucera Roman amphitheatre in Lucera, Italy Lucera 41.508256/15.344853
Amphitheatre of Lucera4.jpg
Q2844412 Roman amphitheatre of Martigny Roman amphitheatre in Martigny, Switzerland Martigny 46.094354/7.073432
Martigny, ville romaine et moderne, amphithéâtre.jpg
Q2844415 Roman amphitheatre of Metz Roman amphitheatre in Metz, France Metz 49.108941/6.180292
Maquette GalloRomainMetz.jpg
Q2844425 Roman amphitheatre of Purpan-Ancely Roman amphitheatre in Purpan-Ancely, Toulouse, France Toulouse 43.614778/1.397694
Amphitheatre-Toulouse 1.JPG
Q2844420 Roman amphitheatre of Saintes Roman amphitheatre in Saintes, France Saintes 45.74581/-0.64399
Saintes amphitheatre.jpg
Q2844418 Roman amphitheatre of Salona amphitheatre in Salona, Croatia Solin 43.53847/16.47403
The Amphitheatre, erected in the latter half of the 2nd century AD, the fights in the arena could be watched by some 17,000 spectators, Salona (12248989063).jpg
Q474970 Roman amphitheatre of Santa Maria Capua Vetere Roman amphitheatre in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, Italy Santa Maria Capua Vetere 41.08611111/14.25
Amphitheatre Santa Maria di Capua Vetere - EyeSky.jpg
Q1091447 Roman amphitheatre of Syracuse Roman amphitheatre in Syracuse, Italy Syracuse 37.074152777778/15.27895
Anfiteatro di Siracusa 01.jpg
Q2844421 Roman amphitheatre of Tours Roman amphitheatre in Tours, France Tours 47.3954/0.6964
Amphi Tours vomit.jpg
Q474982 Roman amphitheatre of Trier roman amphitheatre in Trier, Germany Trier 49.7481/6.64889
Trier Amphitheater 2.JPG
Q3124 Roman amphitheatre of the Three Gauls Roman amphitheatre in France 1st arrondissement of Lyon 45.770555555556/4.8305555555556
03. Amphithéatre des Trois Gaules.JPG
Q17675790 Roman amphitheatre, Guildhall Yard former amphitheatre in London, United Kingdom London
City of London
Guildhall Roman Amphitheatre, London.JPG
Q101552215 Roman bath in the Castra of Walldürn Roman bath close to the Castra of Walldürn, Germany Walldürn 49.57922/9.38509
Walldürn - Kastell - Kastellbad - Ansicht von NO.jpg
Q68075932 Roman beneficiary station in Hrtkovci beneficiary station in Hrtkovci Ruma 44.883904/19.76672
Q97032135 Roman bridge Tungelroy monument near Tungelroy, Netherlands Weert 51.20560277777778/5.722955555555556
Q3396817 Roman bridge in Andújar bridge in Spain Andújar 38.0333/-4.06129
Q5317907 Roman bridge near Cuijk bridge Cuijk
Mook en Middelaar
Cuijk-locatie Romeinse brug (1).jpg
Q68227633 Roman bridge over the Afrin river Bridge in Syria Aleppo 36.73901/36.972744
Q17455810 Roman building near Hellebroek monument in Hellebroek, Netherlands Beekdaelen 50.90916/5.90182
Wijnandsrade-Terrein ten zuiden Bisseweg (1).JPG
Q2202460 Roman catacombs building in Valkenburg, Netherlands Valkenburg aan de Geul 50.865416666667/5.8215583333333
Valkenburg-Romeinse catacomben.JPG
Q2629538 Roman circus of Tárraco circus Tarragona 41.1158/1.25681
Roman circus of Tarraco 02.jpg
Q71551795 Roman fortified settlement at Dolge njive fortifications Dolge Njive, Gorenja Vas–Poljane 45.969536/14.302877
Q68113159 Roman forum in Glanum roman forum in France Saint-Rémy-de-Provence 43.773376/4.832998
Q17464455 Roman grave field Venray archaeological site in Venray, Netherlands Venray 51.52366/6.00248
Q71990907 Roman necropolis at Šempeter v Savinjski Dolini grave of some sort Šempeter v Savinjski Dolini 46.255291/15.120966
Q17454558 Roman road near Swalmen archaeological site near Swalmen, Netherlands Roermond 51.22563/6.05849
Swalmen-Romeinse weg bij Kroppestraat.JPG
Q17454667 Roman roof tile oven Venlo archaeological site in Venlo, Netherlands Venlo 51.35258/6.15443
Resten Romeinse Panoven in bodem, Hulsterweg - Venlo - 20241400 - RCE.jpg
Q7362337 Roman temple of Alcántara Alcántara 39.721708/-6.891554
Templo Romano dedicado a Trajano (Alcántara, Cáceres, España) , vista frontal..JPG
Q70772384 Roman theatre in Paphos Roman theatre Paphos 34.761108/32.41386
Q28974187 Roman theatre of Sabratha Roman theatre in Sabratha, Libya Sabratha 32.805166666667/12.485333333333
Sabratha - Bühnenhaus des Theaters 2. Jh..jpg
Q56257615 Roman theatre of Scythopolis ancient Roman theatre in Beit She'an, Israel Beit She'an 32.501532/35.501589
P1110934 (6967152454).jpg
Q17454198 Roman villa Backerbosch roman villa in Cadier en Keer, Netherlands Eijsden-Margraten 50.839444/5.754167
Cadier en Keer-Missiehuis (1).JPG
Q14286048 Roman villa Bocholtz-Dellender Netherlands Simpelveld 50.812/6.02044
Q14286062 Roman villa Bocholtz-Vlengendaal Simpelveld 50.81019/6.00177
Q18813772 Roman villa Borgharen-Pasestraat remains of an ancient Roman villa in Borgharen near Maastricht, the Netherlands Maastricht 50.88346/5.68784
Q14286076 Roman villa Bovenste Caumer Roman villa in Heerlen, Netherlands Heerlen 50.87055/6.00393
Q7478129 Roman villa Groot Haasdal-Billich Roman villa in Haasdal near Schimmert, Netherlands Beekdaelen 50.89043/5.82782
Schimmert-Terrein Billicherweg (1).JPG
Q63199064 Roman villa Hoogeloon Netherlands Bladel 51.399161111111/5.2767638888889
Q7478148 Roman villa Houthem-Rondenbos Roman villa in Valkenburg aan de Geul, Netherlands Valkenburg aan de Geul 50.88007/5.79622
Houthem-Archeologisch monument Stevensweg.JPG
Q2512281 Roman villa Kaalheide Kerkrade 50.86314/6.04185
Q7478065 Roman villa Lemiers Netherlands Vaals 50.78316/6.00112
Lemiers-Terrein links achter huis.JPG
Q17455803 Roman villa Maasbracht-Steenakker Roman villa near Maasbracht, Netherlands Maasgouw 51.15056/5.91218
Q19906280 Roman villa Maastricht-Louwberg Maastricht 50.829444/5.664167
Q17454165 Roman villa Meerssen-Onderste Herkenberg Remains of ancient Roman villa in Meerssen-Onderste Herkenberg, the Netherlands Meerssen 50.8825/5.7613888888889
Meerssen-Ten zuidwesten Houthemerweg.JPG
Q7478216 Roman villa Nieuw Ehrenstein archaeological site in Kerkrade, Netherlands Kerkrade 50.87471/6.05079
Q17453199 Roman villa Obbicht - Steenakker archaeological site in Obbicht, Netherlands Sittard-Geleen 51.03231/5.78398
Q2466478 Roman villa Plasmolen Roman villa in Mook en Middelaar, Netherlands Mook en Middelaar 51.73912/5.92419
Overzicht van visualisatie van Romeinse villa gelegen in het natuurgebied de Sint Jansberg,--Archeoregio 5 - Mook - 20425911 - RCE.jpg
Q7478139 Roman villa Ravensbosch Roman villa near Valkenburg, Netherlands Valkenburg aan de Geul 50.87857/5.81727
Valkenburg-Splitsing van paden in zuidelijke deel Ravensbosch.JPG
Q17452786 Roman villa Schandelo archaeological site in Velden, Netherlands Venlo 51.4224977/6.1954793
Q19922097 Roman villa Simpelveld-De Molt remains of a Roman villa in the Dutch village of Simpelveld Simpelveld 50.835922/5.975606
Q17452782 Roman villa Steeningse Weg Arcen Roman villa near Arcen, Netherlands Venlo 51.49125/6.17189
Q7478143 Roman villa Steenland Roman villa near Arensgenhout, netherlands Beekdaelen 50.89487/5.83607
Hulsberg-Terrein aan Diepestraat.JPG
Q17454561 Roman villa Swalmen archaeological site near Swalmen, Netherlands Roermond 51.2333/6.05883
Q17455811 Roman villa Swier Roman villa near Swier, Netherlands Beekdaelen 50.89703/5.90018
Wijnandsrade-Terrein aan Weg achter Swier.JPG
Q17453682 Roman villa Thull-Vaesrade Roman villa near Vaesrade, Netherlands Beekdaelen 50.93392/5.90781
Q5579446 Roman villa Ubachsberg Roman villa in Colmont near Ubachsberg, Netherlands Voerendaal 50.85411/5.91906
Ubachsberg-Terrein noordwesten Kolmonderweg-Karstraat.JPG
Q17455837 Roman villa Valkenburg-Heihof remains of a Roman villa in Valkenburg, Limburg, the Netherlands. Valkenburg aan de Geul 50.88111/5.84185
Valkenburg-Plateau Heyerveldweg.JPG
Q5502693 Roman villa Voerendaal-Ten Hove Voerendaal 50.88293/5.90836
Voerendaal-Terrein ten noorden Steinweg.JPG
Q67875091 Roman villa at Positano An ancient villa maritima destroyed in 79 CE Positano 40.628479/14.486888
Q10276237 Roman villa of Frielas building in Loures, Lisbon District, Portugal Santo António dos Cavaleiros e Frielas 38.826998/-9.143765
Vila Romana de Frielas1.JPG
Q42432129 Roman villa of Jette Jette 50.882402777778/4.3064527777778
Jette-Romeinse villa (2).jpg
Q66814208 Roman villa of Quinta da Bolacha cultural heritage monument in Amadora, Portugal Falagueira-Venda Nova 38.7631149291992/-9.22730445861816
Q707955 Romano-Germanic Museum archaeological museum of ancient roman and germanic cultures in Colone, Germany Cologne 50.940542/6.958931
Römisch-Germanisches Museum Köln (2514-16).jpg
Q220 Rome capital and largest city of Italy Roma Capitale 41.893055555556/12.482777777778
Roma dall'aereo.JPG
Q14286089 Romeinse villa Kerkrade-Hoeve Overste Hof Kerkrade 50.85763/6.03199
Q14286103 Romeinse villa Kerkrade-Holzkuil Kerkrade 50.88438/6.06432
Q14286115 Romeinse villa Landgraaf-Schaesberg Landgraaf 50.89872/5.99929
Q14286128 Romeinse villa Rolduc Kerkrade 50.8709/6.07898
Q2844417 Rotomagus amphitheatre former Roman amphitheatre or theatre in Rouen, France Rouen 49.446667/1.094444
Q28221913 Rougga city of Ancient Rome Sfax Governorate 35.2/10.8
Q68122020 Royal Baths of Meroe thermae of baths
Q945059 Royal Museums of Art and History Museum in Brussels City of Brussels 50.840514/4.393158
Musée d'Art et Histoire Bxl 01.JPG
Q71990847 Royal Tomb 1 at Paphos grave of some sort Paphos 34.774853/32.40696
Q71990851 Royal Tomb 2 at Paphos grave of some sort Paphos 34.774788/32.405678
Q71990854 Royal Tomb 3 at Paphos grave of some sort Paphos 34.775883/32.404903
Q71990856 Royal Tomb 4 at Paphos grave of some sort Paphos 34.776001/32.404755
Q71990860 Royal Tomb 5 at Paphos grave of some sort Paphos 34.776787/32.404442
Q71990706 Royal Tomb 50 at Enkomi grave of some sort Egkomi Ammochostou 35.176907/33.89204
Q71990861 Royal Tomb 6 at Paphos grave of some sort Paphos 34.776897/32.404427
Q71990708 Royal Tomb 79 at Enkomi grave of some sort Egkomi Ammochostou 35.176357/33.892235
Q71990864 Royal Tomb 8 at Paphos grave of some sort Paphos 34.77647/32.405014
Q71990764 Royal Tomb at Haft Tepe grave of some sort Khuzestan Province 32.082272/48.328671
Q71990909 Royal Tomb at Palmyra grave of some sort Tadmur 34.553478/38.250183
Q71990702 Royal Tomb in Enkomi grave of some sort Egkomi Ammochostou 35.174889/33.891026
Q668973 Royal Tomb of Akhenaten pharaoh tomb 27.626202/30.985193
Dibujo de tumba.jpg
Q28978040 Rudiae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Lecce, Italy Lecce 40.334/18.147
Q29002583 Rutupiae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Richborough, United Kingdom Richborough 51.29/1.327
Q1611898 Römergrab Köln-Weiden Weiden 50.9386/6.82448
Zugang Römergrab Köln-Weiden und Wächterhaus-8387.jpg
Q1751346 Römermuseum Osterburken museum in Germany Osterburken 49.4293/9.42542
200909161046MEZ Osterburken Römermuseum.jpg
Q37900428 Römerstein in Hard Hard 47.4777/9.676623
Römerstein am Römerstein in Hard 1.JPG
Q878029 Römisch-Germanisches Zentralmuseum archaeological research institute and museum in Mainz Mainz 50.0061/8.26972
Kurfuerstliches Schloss Mainz s.jpg
Q15843466 Römische Villa in Botzdorf 50.75976/6.99385
Q29883098 Römischer Gutshof Stutheien Hüttwilen
Römische Villa Stutheien Gesamtansicht.jpg
Q104521813 Römischer Wachturm Steinernes Haus (RLK 7/31) mit Nebengebäude Walldürn
Germania Superior
Reste röm. Wachturm 7-31 mit Nebengebäude bei Walldürn.jpg
Q104520578 Römischer Wachturm Tannenwald (RLK 7/24) Walldürn
Germania Superior
Schutthügel röm. Wachturm 7-24.jpg
Q192918 Sabratha city in Libya Zawiya District 32.792222222222/12.484166666667
Theatre, Sabratha.JPG
Q279191 Sagalassos ancient city and tentative UNESCO World Heritage Site Ağlasun 37.67805556/30.51944444
Sagalassos Overview.jpg
Q6389103 Saguntum former city on site of Sagunto, Spain 39.683333/-0.283333
Castillo04 Sagunto.JPG
Q185362 Saint Catherine's Monastery Greek-orthodox monastery in South Sinai, Egypt South Sinai Governorate 28.555830555556/33.975561111111
Katharinaklooster R01.jpg
Q28971472 Saint-Marcel amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Saint-Marcel, France Saint-Marcel 46.602/1.521
Q381038 Sais village in Gharbia Governorate, Egypt Gharbia Governorate 30.964722222222/30.768333333333
Jean-Francois Champollion - Plan Des Ruines De Sais.cropped.png
Q286794 Salakta village in Tunisia Mahdia Governorate 35.392283/11.048438
Tunisie Site Salakta.jpg
Q767089 Salamis historical state on Cyprus and archaeological site Famagusta District 35.183333333333/33.9
Q28971098 Salamis amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Cyprus Agios Sergios 35.18479512/33.90260826
Q1258998 Salona ancient city on the Dalmatian coast 43.53944444444444/16.483055555555556
Episcopal Center (Salona) 03.jpg
Q1111359 Salvia officinalis species of plant
Salvia officinalis0.jpg
Q1243772 Samannud city in Egypt Gharbia Governorate 30.96222222/31.2425
Relief Nectanebo I.jpg
Q5753 Samarkand city in Uzbekistan Samarqand Region 39.654166666667/66.959722222222
Q2471 Sanaa capital city of Yemen Yemen 15.35/44.2
San'a03 flickr.jpg
Q3949669 Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia Roman sanctuary in Palestrina Palestrina 41.8404/12.8925
Q104671876 Sanctuary of Isis and Serapis, Cyrene Temple/altar/polytheist building(s) in Libya 32.820515/21.853078333333332
Q791823 Sanctuary of the Queen of Sheba historical region or ancient temple Ma'rib Governorate 15.403227/45.343112
Bar'an temple 1986-1.jpg
Q28978073 Sant'Antioco amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Sant'Antioco, Italy Sant'Antioco 39.071/8.452
Q2552044 Sant'Omobono Area an archaeological site in Rome next to the church of Sant'Omobono, at the junction of via L. Petroselli and il Vico Jugario at the foot of the Campidoglio Rome 41.89062/12.48126
Sant'Omobono Area - Rome, Italy - DSC00578.jpg
Q1518317 Santa Lucía de El Trampal church Alcuéscar 39.15280556/-6.22263889
Santa Lucía de El Trampal.jpg
Q18007542 Santa Margarida d'Empúries church building in L'Escala, Spain L'Escala 42.1306/3.11129
Q2223492 Santi Nereo e Achilleo church building in Rome, Italy Rome 41.880222222222/12.494777777778
21 caracalla ss nereo 3 000213.jpg
Q739802 Sarmizegetusa Regia ancient Dacian settlement Orăștioara de Sus 45.62277778/23.31027778
Sarmizegetusa temples.jpg
Q28996562 Sarmizegetusa amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Sarmizegetusa, Romania Sarmizegetusa 45.517/22.786
Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa 12.JPG
Q68227631 Sasanian-Safavid Bridge in Behistun Bridge in Iran Bisotun 34.400726/47.446384
Q3326323 Scalabis Roman name of Santarém Lusitania 39.235105/-8.676233
Q28973943 Scarbantia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Sopron, Hungary Sopron 47.693/16.589
Sopron-antik 15 Amphitheater.JPG
Q19365350 Schneeberg hill in Aachen, Germany Aachen 50.78425/6.01755556
Q68122019 Schola and Thermae in Leptis Magna thermae of baths
Q28978002 Scolacium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Borgia, Italy Borgia, Calabria 38.82/16.583
Q70786341 Sculpture with three gods in Ay sculpture Aÿ-Champagne 49.129639/4.007251
Q28974153 Scythopolis amphitheatre Roman amphitheater in Bet She'an, Israel Beit She'an 32.499/35.501
Amphitheatre in Bet She'an.jpg
Q68122026 Seaward Baths in Sabratha Thermae/Spa in Libya. Zawiya District 32.807611666666666/12.482141666666667
Q68044879 Segedunum Museum museum in Wallsend Wallsend
Q28978083 Segusium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Susa, Italy Susa 45.133/7.045
Susa anfiteatro.jpg
Q1759993 Segóbriga human settlement in Saelices, Cuenca Province, Castile-La Mancha, Spain Saelices 39.885102/-2.813269
Segóbriga Teatro 01 JMM.jpg
Q8199538 Segóbriga amphitheatre cultural property in Almonacid del Marquesado y Saelices, Spain Saelices 39.88527778/-2.81333333
Segóbriga, anfiteatro, vista general.jpg
Q1605894 Seleucia Pieria city Seleucis of Syria
Hatay Province
Q28971474 Sens amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Sens, France Sens 48.2/3.293
Q7452248 Septempeda an ancient town of Picenum, in the upper valley of the Potentia, 9 miles above Treia. 43.2289/13.1771
Septempeda terme.jpg
Q1234446 Septizodium water fountain Rome 41.885633/12.488719
Septiconium Luci Septimi Severi.jpg
Q521646 Serapeum of Alexandria temple in Alexandria Alexandria 31.18194/29.89694
Q287375 Serapeum of Saqqara temple in Saqqara 29.87471111/31.21241944
Hémicycle Saqqarah 082005.JPG
Q71990887 Sextius Florentinus Tomb at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.331072/35.45171
Q69131305 Shadikanni ancient city 36.209518/40.720448
Q5876409 Shah Rukn al-Din Hammam hammam in Dezful, Iranian national heritage site Dezful County 32.379444444444445/48.39763888888889
نمای داخلی حمام شاه رکن الدین عکس از حسین درآمد.jpg
Q1025825 Shahr-e Sukhteh archaeological site in Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Iran Sistan and Baluchestan Province 30.595277777777778/61.331944444444446
کاخ سوخته شهر سوحته.jpg
Q1568726 Shahrestan bridge Iranian national heritage site Isfahan 32.627086/51.717667
Shahrestan bridge.JPG
Q1136023 Sharuna village in Minya Governorate, Egypt Minya Governorate 28.593980555556/30.851630555556
Q71990932 Sheikh Abd el-Qurna necropolis at Thebes necropolis in Egypt containing various tombs of Ancient Egyptian nobility Thebes 25.731211/32.611404
Q7494260 Shengavit Settlement archaeological site in present-day Yerevan, Armenia 40.15694444/44.47694444
Shengavit Foundations.JPG
Q3949875 Shrine of Hercules Curinus sanctuary in Sulmuna (AQ), Italy Sulmona 42.088539/13.934617
Sulmona -Eremo di Sant'Onofrio al Morrone- 2006 by-RaBoe 001.jpg
Q69131659 Siarum ancient city
Q68075787 Signal tower in Gheriat al-Garbia watchtower in Libya 30.42794/13.424827
Q24660983 Silchester Amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Silchester Silchester 51.35885/-1.07528
Entrance to the Amphitheatre at Calleva Silchester - - 79935.jpg
Q71990890 Silk Tomb at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.328011/35.44936
Q28978076 Siponto amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Siponto, Italy Siponto 41.612/15.889
Q1340954 Sirkap archaeological site near Taxila, Punjab, Pakistan Punjab 33.75611111/72.82916667
Sirkap02 overview.jpg
Q833060 Sirmium Roman and Byzantine city Pannonia 44.979722222222/19.609722222222
Sirmium, Imperial Palace.jpg
Q938289 Sirsukh Punjab 33.77305556/72.84944444
Q192119 Sisak town in Croatia Sisak-Moslavina County 45.487777777778/16.374166666667
Sisak Fortress.jpg
Q29001109 Sisapo amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Almodóvar del Campo, Spain Almodóvar del Campo 38.646/-4.518
Q869690 Skulpturensammlung Dresden collection of sculptures over 5 millennia Dresden 51.0519/13.7444
Dresden Albertinum 055.JPG
Q1558783 Soknopaiu Nesos archaeological site in the Egyptian depression of el-Faiyum Faiyum Governorate 29.5339/30.669080555556
Q52197 Soleto Italian comune Province of Lecce 40.187722222222/18.207361111111
Q656954 Soli antic city of Cilicia Mersin Province 36.741944444444/34.54
Q78212304 South Agora of Miletus ancient Greek Agora Balat
Aydın Province
Q68122029 South Baths in Bosra thermae of baths
Q68227639 South Bridge in Gerasa Bridge in Jordan Jerash 32.278839/35.893013
Q70772419 South Theater in Shahhat Roman theatre Shahhat 32.817661/21.857977
Q71990719 Southern (Late Napatan) pyramids om Jebel Barkal grave of some sort Karima 18.535797/31.824326
Q71990740 Southern Necropolis, Mausoleum C at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.931667/14.542091
Q71990743 Southern Necropolis, Mausoleum F at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.931265/14.54222
Q71990746 Southern Necropolis, Mausoleum G at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.931667/14.54203
Q71990749 Southern Necropolis, Mausoleum NN at Ghirza grave of some sort Misrata District 30.93161/14.541987
Q56117303 Southern Theatre of Jerash ancient Roman theatre in Jerash, Jordan Jerash 32.27667/35.88927
Jerash BW 16.JPG
Q2100495 Special Collections of the University of Amsterdam heritage collection of the university of Amsterdam Amsterdam
Bijzondere Collecties OTM.jpg
Q5839567 Sphinx of Memphis 29.849539/31.254902
Q1663 Split city in Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia Split-Dalmatia County 43.51/16.45
Split Collage.jpg
Q18655842 Spoletium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Spoleto, Italy Spoleto 42.739619444444/12.737480555556
Anfiteatro romano (4).JPG
Q707981 Staatliche Antikensammlungen collection of graeco-roman antiquities in Munich Munich 48.145/11.5647
Staatliche Antikensammlungen in München.jpg
Q78209672 Stadium Miletus archaeological site in Balat, Turkey Balat 37.528055555555554/27.274444444444445
Milet stadtmitte 1997.jpg
Q70772339 Stadium in Bosra Roman theatre Bosra 32.515049/36.480053
Q70772424 Stadium in Shahhat Roman theatre Shahhat 32.82217/21.864107
Q76632279 Stadt- und Wallfahrtsmuseum museum in Germany Walldürn 49.582254/9.357166
Hauptstraße 39 Walldürn 20170623 001.jpg
Q70786429 Stairs of Artaxerxes III Ochus in Palace of Darius I in Persepolis stairs Marvdasht 29.934319/52.889454
Q464872 State Museum of Egyptian Art archaeological Museum in Munich Maxvorstadt
MUC SMÄK 2013-06.jpg
Q70787034 Station of Sabinos Alexandros in Siq/Petra relief sculpture Petra 30.321226/35.459625
Q70786372 Statue of Nike at the agora in Cyrene statue Shahhat 32.819111/21.85615
Q3554935 Statue of Ramesses II ancient Egyptian statue 29.8713/31.2164
Colossus Of Ramesses (235168871).jpeg
Q70786387 Statue of a scarab in Karnak statue Karnak 25.717613/32.658112
Q68083840 Stone Well in Persepolis stone well Marvdasht County
Q104672177 Strategheion, Cyrene Celebratory monument/triumphal arch; Temple/altar/polytheist building(s) in Libya . 32.822833333333335/21.853388333333335
Q104776275 Street of Battos, Cyrene Street / causeway / stair in Cyrene, Libya. 32.81769333333333/21.858828333333335
Q980425 Suasa amphitheatre amphitheatre of the roman city of Suasa Castelleone di Suasa 43.625/12.987222
Anfiteatro di Suasa - Porta pompae con le querce.JPG
Q1536583 Sufetula archaeological site in Tunisia Kasserine Governorate 35.240380555556/9.1203194444444
Q29002306 Sufetula amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Sbeitla 35.244/9.115
Le reste de l'Amphithéâtre 1.jpg
Q12832678 Surmala-Turm
Q180773 Susa ancient city in Iran Susiana 32.2/48.25
Susa house drawing.jpg
Q3616687 Sutri amphitheatre A Roman amphitheater located at Sutri, Italy Sutri 42.23896/12.22912
Sutri Amphitheatre from above 2.jpg
Q13670 Syracuse Italian comune Libero consorzio comunale di Siracusa
Ortigia dall'alto.jpg
Q71551815 Sînnicolaul Mare fortifications 46.077477/20.628317
Q1725708 Tall Zira'a 32.62083333/35.65611111
Tall Zira'a.jpg
Q3473296 Tang-e Qandil relief Iranian national heritage site Kuhchenar County 29.884/51.577
Sarab-e Qandil.jpg
Q210598 Tanis village and ancient city in Sharqia Governorate, Egypt Al Sharqia Governorate 30.976944444444/31.88
Ruins of Tanis.jpg
Q28978085 Tarent amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Taranto, Italy Taranto 40.471/17.241
Q2746482 Tarragona Amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tarragona, Spain Tarragona 41.11457/1.2588
Amphitheatre of Tarragona 02.jpg
Q134287 Tarsus city in Turkey and district of Mersin Province Mersin Province 36.916666666667/34.9
Ulucami, Tarsus, Mersin Province.jpg
Q7689656 Taxila Museum museum in Taxila, Pakistan Taxila 33.7464332/72.8172326
Taxila Musemum.JPG
Q27365 Tayma oasis in Saudi Arabia Tabuk Region 27.6260861/38.5475976
Q28978015 Teate Marrucinorum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Chieti, Italy Chieti 42.345025/14.162539
Q3849447 Teatro romano ancient Roman theatre in Málaga, Spain Málaga 36.7211886764313/-4.41687142073097
Roman Malaga.jpg
Q740138 Tel Hazor Archeological site in Israel 33.018333333333/35.569166666667
Tel hatzor.JPG
Q208379 Tel Megiddo site of an ancient city in northern Palestine Megiddo, Israel 32.585277777777776/35.184444444444445
תל מגידו.JPG
Q28978086 Telesia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Telese Terme, Italy Telese Terme 41.224/14.501
Anfiteatro Telesia.jpg
Q7697374 Tell Afis 35.905/36.79861111
Q1693787 Tell Chuera archaeological site in Syria Al-Raqqah Governorate 36.6458/39.4983
Villes assyriennes.PNG
Q1149666 Tell el Fakhariya archaeological site in Syria Ras al-Ayn 36.840027777778/40.068694444444
Q1716909 Tell ‘Uqayr Babylon Governorate 32.7833/44.6833
Q14468682 Tempel van Nehalennia in Domburg
Q3983186 Temple F A Doric order temple at Selinunte likely dating to the sixth century BC Selinunte 37.5873/12.8349
Selinunte-Temple F 01.JPG
Q79464710 Temple complex Maasplein two ancient Roman temples in Nijmegen, Netherlands Nijmegen 51.849894444444445/5.845152777777778
Q834058 Temple of Amenhotep IV ancient Egyptian temple Karnak 25.7182/32.6582
Plan temple d'Aton Karnak.svg
Q481660 Temple of Amun, Jebel Barkal Temple at archaeological site at Jebel Barkal in Northern State, Sudan Karima 18.53513889/31.83055833
Amun Tempel Barkal SW.jpg
Q5866947 Temple of Anahita at Bishapur temple
Q82073859 Temple of Aphrodite in Cyrene Temple / altar / polytheist building(s) in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.817322/21.857841
Q3561843 Temple of Apollo (Corinth) Ancient Greek temple Corinth Municipality 37.90611111/22.87916667
Korinth BW 2017-10-10 10-55-28.jpg
Q82073864 Temple of Apollo in Cyrene Temple / altar / polytheist building in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.819096/21.855328
Cyrene Apollo temple.jpg
Q2527347 Temple of Artemis Roman temple in Jerash, Jordan Jerash 32.2818498/35.8910698
Artemis Temple Pan 2 touched.jpg
Q2654754 Temple of Artemis archaic Greek temple in Corfu, Greece, built in around 580 BC in the ancient city of Korkyra Corfu Municipality 39.6075/19.9178
Full Medusa pediment at the Archaelogical museum of Corfu.jpg
Q84737320 Temple of Artemis Azzanathkona sacred space located in Dura-Europos 34.750881/40.727142
Q3983222 Temple of Artemis at Sardis the fourth largest Ionic temple in the world
Q82073867 Temple of Artemis in Cyrene Temple / altar / polytheist building(s) in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.823669/21.852583
Q78786432 Temple of Artemis in Magnesia on the Maeander Tekin
Aydın Province
Магнесия на Меандре. Храм Артемиды Левкофрины.jpg
Q384813 Temple of Athena Nike ancient Greek temple Athens Municipality 37.9715/23.7249
Temple of Athena Nikè from Propylaea, Acropolis, Athens, Greece.jpg
Q3517516 Temple of Augustus and Livia (Vienne) Roman temple located in Isère, in France Vienne 45.5255/4.8742
Q3819019 Temple of Augustus in Barcelona cultural property in Barcelona, Spain Barcelona 41.3834/2.17715
Columnes del temple d'August.jpg
Q1991217 Temple of Bacchus ruins of the Greco-Roman period Beqaa Governorate 34.006066666667/36.203944444444
Lebanon, Baalbek, Temple of Bacchus 2.jpg
Q797481 Temple of Bel ancient stone ruin located in Palmyra, Syria Tadmur
Homs Governorate
Temple of Bel, Palmyra 02.jpg
Q1133288 Temple of Caesar building in Roman Forum, Italy Roman Forum 41.89203611/12.48609167
Temple of Caesar 3D.jpg
Q764886 Temple of Claudius Roman temple in Colchester Colchester 51.890594/0.903104
Temple of Claudius Colchester 001.png
Q383609 Temple of Cybele a temple on the Palatine Hill dedicated on 11 April 191 BC Rome 41.88961/12.48456
Controfacciata di villa medici, rilievi romani 13 victimarii conducono un bue e al Tempio della Magna Mater sul Palatino (ara gentis Iuliae) 2.jpg
Q82073900 Temple of Demeter and Kore, Agora Temple/altar/polytheist building(s) in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.819283/21.855524
Q1186970 Temple of Dendur object highlighted in The MET collection 23.383056/32.95
The Temple of Dendur MET DP240337.jpg
Q613037 Temple of Edfu ancient Egyptian temple, located on the west bank of the Nile in Edfu, Upper Egypt Edfu 24.977777777778/32.873333333333
Temple of Edfu 02.jpg
Q82073888 Temple of Hades in Cyrene Temple / altar / polytheist building(s) in Cyrene, Libya. Jabal al Akhdar 32.823196/21.853127
Q576929 Temple of Hercules Victor The Temple of Hercules Victor or Hercules Olivarius is a Roman temple in Piazza Bocca della Verità, in the area of the Forum Boarium close to the Tiber in Rome, Italy Municipio I 41.88873/12.48075
Temple of Hercules (Rome).jpg
Q82074370 Temple of Hercules, Leptis Magna temple Khoms 32.639664/14.295122
Forum leptis magna.JPG
Q82074373 Temple of Hercules, Sabratha temple Sabratha 32.806263/12.48442
Q19901019 Temple of Isis, Philae painting by Vasily Polenov
Поленов Храм Изиды на острове Филе.jpg
Q1526555 Temple of Janus Romano-Celtic Temple in Autun, France Autun 46.96122222/4.2885
Autun Temple de Janus 03 PA00013101 JPM.JPG
Q21079381 Temple of Jupiter ruined Roman temple in Baalbek Baalbek 34.004722222222/36.204444444444
Baalbeck Temple.jpg
Q7698734 Temple of Jupiter, Damascus Damascus 33.5116/36.3038
The Jupiter temple in Damascus.jpg
Q11704302 Temple of Kalabsha building in Egypt Kalabsha 23.9609/32.86734
The Temple of Kalabsha by Dennis G. Jarvis.jpg
Q1243401 Temple of Kom Ombo building in Egypt Aswan Governorate 24.451944444444/32.928055555556
Q105272154 Temple of Liber Pater, Lepcis Magna Temple/altar/polytheist building(s) in Libya. 32.63941666666667/14.294698333333333
Q3517583 Temple of Mercury (Puy de Dôme) Gallo-roman temple located in Puy-de-Dôme, in France Orcines 45.771702777778/2.9645666666667
Puy de dome temple mercure 2.jpg
Q60040094 Temple of Mut, Jebel Barkal temple at Jebel Barkal in Northern State, Sudan 18.535278/31.830556
B300 Columns Barkal.jpg
Q21129741 Temple of Nabu Palmyra 34.55417/38.26667
Temple of Nabu, Palmira, HPIM3168.jpg
Q1123019 Temple of Olympian Zeus ancient Greek temple in Athens Athens Municipality 37.969372222222/23.733077777778
Attica 06-13 Athens 25 Olympian Zeus Temple.jpg
Q21705206 Temple of Poseidon at cape Sounion temple in Greece Lavreotiki Municipality 37.65025/24.024555555556
Greece Cape Sounion BW 2017-10-09 10-12-43.jpg
Q1881992 Temple of Ramesses II building in Egypt 26.18644444/31.91633333
Abydos Tempel Ramses II. 02.JPG
Q104882938 Temple of Roma and Augustus, Ostia
Q78231712 Temple of Serapis in Miletus Balat
Aydın Province
Q1536148 Temple of Seti I building in Africa Abydos 26.18333333/31.91666667
Q978503 Temple of Taffeh building in Egypt
Temple of Taffeh in Leiden by Paul Garland.jpg
Q6141053 Temple of Trajan at Italica a temple dedicated to Trajan, located in the centre of a large porticoed square that was decorated with statues. 37.440225/-6.044669
Q753791 Temple of Vesta temple in Rome, Italy Roman Forum 41.891707/12.486206
Temple of Vesta 3D.jpg
Q12243758 Temple of Zeus extramural temple in Cyrene 32.822325/21.862467
Q38199305 Temple of Zeus Theos, Dura Europos Dura-Europos 34.746914/40.730929
Q134140 Temples of Abu temples in Egypt Aswan Governorate 22.336944444444/31.625555555556
Großer Tempel (Abu Simbel) 31.jpg
Q97625649 Templo romano calle Claudio Marcelo cultural property in Córdoba, Spain Córdoba 37.8847618433/-4.77638620444
Córdoba - Templo Romano 2.jpg
Q69133568 Tepe Nush-e Jan ancient city 34.365589/48.632797
Q1581555 Tepe Sialk archaeological site in Kashan, Iranian national heritage site Kashan 33.968888888889/51.404722222222
Sialk slide.jpg
Q2404564 Terenuthis human settlement in Egypt 30.4333/30.8167
Q68122031 Termas del teatro de Segobriga thermae of baths
Q3616676 Termini Imerese amphitheatre building in Termini Imerese, Italy Termini Imerese 37.987294444444/13.693652777778
Q28978091 Terracina amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Terracina, Italy Terracina 41.289/13.247
Q29002318 Thaenae amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Sfax Governorate 34.656/10.673
Q29002319 Thapsus amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Monastir Governorate 35.619/11.042
Q28978004 Tharros amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tharros, Cabras, Italy Cabras, Sardinia 39.877/8.441
Tharros - panoramio (2).jpg
Q130958 The Great Sphinx ancient Egyptian monumental sculpture Giza 29.975277777778/31.137777777778
Great Sphinx of Giza May 2015.JPG
Q24521524 The Jordan Museum art museum, archaeological museum in Amman, Jordan Amman 31.945645/35.926515
Jordan Museum.JPG
Q57740198 The Renaissance Tomb Tomb in Petra Wadi Musa 30.32164/35.444846
Jordan-18B-075 - So Many Tombs.jpg
Q59398496 The Temple of Zeus at Cyrene
Q16523298 Theadelphia ancient Egyptian city Faiyum Governorate 29.346724/30.587773
Q70772317 Theater Al Bayda Roman theatre Al Bayda 32.760868/21.715712
Q70772430 Theater in Tarragona Roman theatre Tarragona 41.120155/1.255944
Q70772346 Theater of Cyrene Roman theatre Shahhat 32.815689/21.856388
Q70772466 Theatre Nova Trajana in Bosra Roman theatre Bosra 32.517754/36.481647
Q70772366 Theatre in Apamea Roman theatre Apamea 35.416676/36.394932
Q70772377 Theatre in Oricum Roman theatre Oricum 40.318798/19.429344
Q70772478 Theatre of Cyrrhus Roman theatre Cyrrhus 36.744198/36.959091
Q70772447 Theatre of Hadrianopolis Roman theatre Sofratikë 39.996437/20.224558
Q70772454 Theatre of Heraclea Lyncestis Roman theatre of Heraclea Lynkestis in Bitola, North Macedonia Bitola Municipality 41.011475/21.34222
2011 Bitola, Heraclea Lyncestis (30).jpg
Q46812956 Theatre of Thorikos ancient Greek theatre in Thorikos, Lavreotiki, Greece Lavreotiki Municipality 37.738028/24.05375
Q79999995 Theatre, Apollonia Auditorium/theatre/odeon/circus in Libya 32.90287/21.974873055555555
Q78804798 Theatron in Magnesia on the Meander ancient Greek theatron Tekin
Aydın Province
Q68122015 Thermae in Heraclea Lyncetis thermae of baths
Q68122024 Thermae in Salamis thermae of baths
Q68122049 Thermae in Umm Qais thermae of baths
Q68122052 Thermae in Viminacium thermae of baths
Q68121990 Thermae of Andesina thermae in France
Q68122016 Thermae of Antequera thermae of baths
Q68122034 Thermae of Glanum thermae of baths
Q68122036 Thermae of Gorneas thermae of baths
Q68122040 Therme - Gerasa thermae of baths
Q54914895 Thermen Coriovallum Roman baths in the Thermenmuseum in Heerlen, Netherlands Heerlen 50.885/5.9766694444444
Thermenmuseum Heerlen 8372.jpg
Q3523849 Thermes de Constantin Ancient Roman thermae in Arles, France Arles 43.6789/4.62722
Arles-Thermes de Constantin-bjs180820-02.jpg
Q68122042 Thermes de l'Est (Paris) thermae of baths
Q29002320 Thibaris amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Beja Governorate 36.505/9.082
Q29002297 Thignica amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Beja Governorate 36.528/9.362
Q29002298 Thimisua amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Gaâfour 36.311/9.319
Q56244081 Thirteen Altars at Lavinium, Italy a federal sanctuary of the Latins Pomezia
Pratica di Mare
Santuario dei Tredici Altari 12.jpg
Q29002321 Thizica amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Bizerte Governorate 36.973/9.681
Q1967945 Thuburbo Majus archaeological site in Tunisia Zaghouan Governorate 36.4025/9.90306
Thuburbo Majus vue vers Capitole.jpg
Q2429748 Thuburbo Minus city of Ancient Rome 36.828247/9.841058
Q17097490 Thysdrus city of Ancient Rome Tunisia 35.29/10.708055555556
Thysdrus rebatel 1875.jpg
Q28978094 Tibur amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tivoli, Italy Tivoli 41.961/12.798
Anfiteatro di Bleso 2.JPG
Q1396850 Tiddis a Roman city located in the Constantine Province in Algeria. Algeria 36.46333333/6.48388889
Q720583 Tigranocerta human settlement Aghdznik
Diyarbakır Province
Location of Tigranocerta within the Kingdom Armenia.png
Q176458 Til Barsip archaeological site in Aleppo, Syria Syria 36.7014/38.0865
Villes assyriennes.PNG
Q19287775 Tillibari Roman fort in Tunisia Tataouine Governorate 32.313919444444/10.397994444444
Q459629 Timgad Roman ruins in Algeria Timgad 35.484237/6.468666
Timgad la ville.jpg
Q3991613 Tino di Moscona an ancient fortification located in the territory of Grosseto. Grosseto 42.81417222/11.15189167
Q28969520 Tipaza amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tipaza, Algeria Tipaza 36.593/2.445
Q94978 Tolentino Italian comune Province of Macerata 43.208611111111/13.2841
Panorama Tolentino -.jpg
Q71990891 Tomb 70 at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.323685/35.448742
Q71990949 Tomb KV33 in Valley of the Kings grave of some sort Luxor Governorate 25.737778/32.600834
Q71990693 Tomb at Dishasha grave of some sort Dishasha 28.984667/30.835459
Q4165296 Tomb of Aaron supposed burial place of Aaron, the brother of Moses Petra 30.3188862/35.4073383
Aaron's tomb.jpg
Q71990823 Tomb of Artaxerxes I at Naqsh-i Rustam grave of some sort Marvdasht County 29.989035/52.874298
Q64682836 Tomb of Artaxerxes II tomb in Persepolis, Iran Marvdasht County 29.93325/52.89472222222222
Persepolis Artaxerxes II tomb.jpg
Q9630189 Tomb of Artaxerxes III tomb in Persepolis, Iran Marvdasht County 29.936055555555555/52.89263888888889
Iran, Persepolis, Tomb of Artaxerxes III.jpg
Q71990672 Tomb of Ay in Amarna grave of some sort Minya Governorate 27.610455/30.914864
Q2635530 Tomb of Cyrus the Great tomb in Pasargadae, Iran Pasargad County 30.193921/53.167188
CyrustheGreatTomb 22057.jpg
Q3297266 Tomb of Daniel tomb in Shush, Iranian national heritage site Khuzestan Province 32.1904/48.2436
Q71990827 Tomb of Darius I the Great at Naqsh-i Rustam grave of some sort Marvdasht County 29.989197/52.874798
Rostam inscription - Naghsh Rostam - panoramio (1).jpg
Q71990826 Tomb of Darius II at Naqsh-i Rustam grave of some sort Marvdasht County 29.98893/52.873909
Q71990800 Tomb of Horembeb at Memphis grave of some sort Giza Governorate 29.866064/31.217001
Q71990916 Tomb of Maya and Merit at Saqqara grave of some sort Giza Governorate 29.866343/31.21701
Q71990944 Tomb of Petosiris at Tuna el-Gebel grave of some sort Tuna el-Gebel 27.736492/30.704239
Q71990935 Tomb of Saint Simeon tomb Aleppo Governorate 36.334564/36.844841
Q71990676 Tomb of Tutu in Amarna grave of some sort Minya Governorate 27.6168/30.920633
Q71990833 Tomb of Xerxes I at Naqsh-i Rustam grave of some sort Marvdasht County 29.989365/52.875683
نقش رستم - panoramio - Farid Atar.jpg
Q71990684 Tomb of a Roman officer in Chassenard grave of some sort Chassenard 46.440033/3.990714
Q71990774 Tomb of an Islamic sheikh at Kubbet el-Hawa grave of some sort Aswan Governorate 24.101681/32.889477
Q71990789 Tomb of princess Senebtisi at Lisht grave of some sort Giza Governorate 29.575167/31.227552
Q3531039 Tomb of the Golden Fibula An Etruscan tomb Vetulonia 42.879391/10.995749
Q63863132 Tomb of the Roman Soldier tomb in Petra 30.320461/35.445522
Q1457296 Tombos island Sudan 19.42/30.23
Q71990838 Tombs at the Old Municipal Baths at Nicosia grave of some sort Nicosia 35.17334/33.365143
Q71990778 Tombs of Harmhabi and Touatankhamanou (KV 54) Valley of the Kings grave of some sort Luxor Governorate 25.739998/32.601246
Q1796353 Tombs of the Kings necropolis in Paphos, Cyprus Paphos 34.77611111/32.40472222
Tombs of the Kings (Paphos).jpg
Q81903411 Tombstone for Loconius and Crobius in Dachstein tombstone Dachstein
Q29002586 Tomen y Mur amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Gwynedd, United Kingdom Gwynedd 52.932/-3.923
Q28996587 Tomis amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Constanța, Romania Constanța 44.178/28.654
Q3108571 Tophet of Carthage cemetery in Tunisia Carthage 36.8415/10.3231
Karthago Tophet.JPG
Q2443559 Toprak-kala settlement 41.92725/60.822917
Q1505731 Torre dels Escipions grave Tarragona 41.13201667/1.31885556
Q2199749 Traiectum former Roman fort in The Netherlands Germania Inferior
Begrenzingskaart castellum Traiectum Utrecht Domplein.jpg
Q7833054 Trajan's Kiosk ancient building on Philae, Egypt Agilkia island 24.0251/32.8846
Agilkia Trajankiosk 02.JPG
Q71990894 Treasury - Al Khazna at Petra grave of some sort Petra 30.322174/35.451366
Q2667584 Trebeništa archaeological site in Macedonia Debarca Municipality 41.2064/20.755
Trebenište necropolis, National Museum in Belgrade.jpg
Q28978043 Trebula Mutuesca amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Monteleone Sabino, Italy Monteleone Sabino 42.228/12.868
Q688726 Trieben municipality in Austria Liezen District 47.486388888889/14.485555555556
Trieben vom Triebenstein(Südansicht).jpg
Q29002580 Trimontium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Newstead, United Kingdom Scottish Borders 55.603/-2.678
Q1309599 Troesmis human settlement in Romania 45.14305556/28.195
Q22647 Troy Homeric ancient city in northwest Asia Minor Çanakkale Province 39.9575/26.238888888889
Walls of Troy (2).jpg
Q16519082 Tullonium 42.85/-2.5
Q25511426 Tumulus MM A Phrygian tumulus-type tomb at ancient Gordion. Ankara Province 39.653889/31.998056
Tumulus of King Midas 02.jpg
Q104551617 Tumulus of Montetosto site of an Etruscan tumulus Lazio
Cucchiai in avorio, dal tumulo di montetosto, 710-670 ac ca..JPG
Q681427 Tus ancient city in Iran Mashhad County 36.486130555555555/59.517538888888886
Irnh157-Przy Mausoleum Ferdousiego.jpg
Q754314 Tusculum ancient Latin and Roman city and archeological site in the Alban Hills of Latium, Italy Frascati 41.798333333333/12.710833333333
2007-09-27 Teatro del Tuscolo 01.jpg
Q28978034 Tusculum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Grottaferrata, Italy Grottaferrata 41.795/12.718
Q28978098 Tutere amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Todi, Italy Todi 42.779/12.413
Q70787003 Two small reliefs in Naqsh-e Rustam relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.989286/52.875191
Q82070 Tyre city in the South Governorate of Lebanon, also an ancient Phoenician city and the legendary birthplace of Europa and Elissa (Dido) Tyre District 33.266666666667/35.2
Coastline 02.JPG
Q28969519 Tébessa amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tébessa, Algeria Tébessa 35.401/8.124
Q29002322 Uchi Maius amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Beja Governorate 36.412/9.085
Q191369 Ugarit ancient port city in northern Syria Latakia Governorate 35.601944/35.785556
Ugarit Corbel.jpg
Q29002323 Ulissipira amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Sidi Bou Ali 35.959/10.441
Q2671791 Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa ancient Roman settlement Sarmizegetusa 45.5158/22.7881
Sarmizegetusa (Plan).JPG
Q68044708 Umm Qais Museum museum in Umm Qais Umm Qais 32.655908/35.679491
Q70786910 Unfinished Sasanian relief in Behistun relief sculpture Bisotun 34.388519/47.432079
Q71990867 Unfinished Tomb at Persepolis grave of some sort Paphos 29.929338/52.892227
Q735438 Unfinished obelisk ancient obelisk Aswan 24.07689/32.89544
Q70786404 Urartaean Inscription in Lchashen inscription Lchashen 40.520302/44.934238
Q2500932 Urn Tomb (Petra) Ma'an Governorate 30.32809722/35.44924444
Urn Tomb, Petra 01.jpg
Q3552479 Urso Hispania Ulterior
Hispania Baetica
Q166523 Utica archaeological site in Tunisia Bizerte Governorate 37.056527777778/10.062258333333
Q29002324 Utica first amphitheater Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Bizerte Governorate 37.052/10.057
Q29002325 Utica second amphitheater Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia Bizerte Governorate 37.051/10.061
Q2179572 Vaison-la-Romaine Roman Bridge Vaison-la-Romaine 44.23897222/5.07463889
Pont Vaison la Romaine.jpg
Q29001125 Valeria amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Las Valeras, Spain Las Valeras 39.813/-2.147
Q1647735 Valle de Abdalajís human settlement in Spain Málaga Province
Antequera Comarca
Sierra de Valle de Abdalajís.jpg
Q71990955 Valley of the Tombs Tadmur 34.552418055555556/38.25714111111111
Q3554931 Vasio archeological site, now in Vaison-la-Romaine, France
Vaison-la-Romaine - Atrium.JPG
Q182955 Vatican Museums museums of the Vatican City Vatican City 41.906388888889/12.454444444444
Mura vaticane - ingresso ai Musei 00410.JPG
Q677935 Veii Etruscan city Rome 42.023888888889/12.401388888889
Colonne di Veio a palazzo Wedekind.JPG
Q28978103 Veleia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Lugagnano Val d'Arda, Italy Lugagnano Val d'Arda 44.785/9.723
Q28978105 Venafrum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Venafro, Italy Venafro 41.483/14.046
Q192368 Vence commune in Alpes-Maritimes, France Alpes-Maritimes
arrondissement of Grasse
Q71551828 Venetian Castle in Butrint fortifications Butrint 39.742527/20.020037
Q68075648 Venetian Towers (Butrint) watchtowers in Butrint Butrint 39.744034/20.019756
Q29002578 Venta Icenorum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Caistor St Edmund, United Kingdom Caistor St Edmund 52.58/1.288
Q29002577 Venta Silurum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Caerwent, United Kingdom Caerwent 51.612/-2.766
Q28978106 Venusia amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Venosa, Italy Venosa 40.9679567/15.8243636
Anfiteatro di epoca romana (Venosa).jpg
Q213916 Vergina human settlement, Greece Veria Municipality 40.487222222222/22.315555555556
Verginia WHS.jpg
Q201722 Veroia city in northern Greece Veria Municipality 40.520277777778/22.201944444444
Q641556 Verona Arena Roman amphitheatre in Verona, Italy Verona 45.438888888889/10.994444444444
Arena Anfiteatro.XE3F1912a.jpg
Q70787013 Victory relief of Shapur I in Naqsh-i Rostam relief sculpture Marvdasht 29.989063/52.874481
Q27998481 Villa Arianna building in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy Castellammare di Stabia 40.6998164/14.4917605
Villa Arianna 38.JPG
Q81903406 Villa Kérylos at Beaulieu-sur-Mer house Beaulieu-sur-Mer
Q2363459 Villa Maxentii building in Rome, Italy Rome 41.85545833/12.51940278
Rome-Villa of Maxentius.JPG
Q7930480 Villa Romana of Minori archaeological ruin in Minori Minori, Campania 40.65003967/14.62656021
Giardino esterno della villa.JPG
Q104507683 Villa Rustica Buchen
Germania Superior
Glasinfotafel Römischer Gutshof bei Buchen (Odenwald).jpg
Q27998480 Villa San Marco A Roman villa covering some 11,000 square meters, located in Castellammare di Stabia, Italy Castellammare di Stabia 40.7031479/14.4991112
Villa San Marco (Stabia) WLM 170.JPG
Q4012551 Villa Sora Torre del Greco 40.778191/14.374717
Villa Sora.jpg
Q29059190 Villa del Val cultural property in Alcalá de Henares, Spain Alcalá de Henares 40.491609/-3.341572
Alcalá de Henares (RPS 22-10-2011) yacimiento arqueológico Villa Romana del Val.jpg
Q25510660 Villa della Pisanella
Q4012726 Villa di Domiziano al Circeo Roman villa in Italy Sabaudia 41.26845/13.03933
Q64159914 Villa of Publius Fannius Synistor ruin of an ancient Roman villa at Boscoreale, Italy Boscoreale 40.76841/14.4732795
Cubiculum (bedroom) from the Villa of P. Fannius Synistor at Boscoreale MET DP170943.jpg
Q96605492 Villa of the Shepherd an ancient Roman villa located at Stabiae Castellammare di Stabia 40.7019848/14.4981456
Villa del Pastore Pastore.jpg
Q55685668 Villa of the Volusii Saturnini An ancient Roman villa at Lucus Feroniae Fiano Romano 42.13179/12.597499
Villa dei Volusii Saturnini 2.jpg
Q104787743 Villa romana via Casone Grotta Boscoreale 40.761322/14.479286
Q1507884 Villa rustica of Eschweiler Roman rural estate at Eschweiler Eschweiler
Eschweiler, Propsteier Villa, Raum I.jpg
Q1231824 Viminacium Roman city Serbia 44.73277778/21.23055556
Viminacium kostolac pozarevac3.JPG
Q28997289 Viminacium amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Kostolac, Serbia Kostolac 44.738/21.22
Rekonstruisani amfiteatar.JPG
Q7932358 Vindomora auxiliary fort County Durham 54.894/-1.8385
B6309 Staggered Crossroads at Ebchester - - 2187419.jpg
Q667811 Vindonissa, Celtic oppidum / Roman legionary camp / civilian settlement archaeological site in Windisch in the canton of Aargau, Switzerland Windisch 47.48092744/8.220067498
Vindonissa Ausgrabung Ofen 3714.JPG
Q28970912 Virunum amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Maria Saal, Austria Maria Saal 46.698/14.367
Maria Saal Zollfeld Virunum Arena Suedteil 22092006 02.jpg
Q159610 Vlorë city in Albania Vlorë municipality 40.45/19.483333333333
Vlora cover.jpg
Q28978001 Volsinii amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Bolsena, Italy Bolsena 42.65/11.99
Q391215 Volubilis archaeological site in Morocco Oualili 34.071111111111/-5.5536111111111
Q9378878 Vouni community in Limassol District, Republic of Cyprus Limassol District 34.823333333333/32.833611111111
View of Vouni 13.jpg
Q71990958 Wadi El-Amud Mausoleum grave of some sort 31.080338/13.264124
Q68085621 Wadi al-Metaha canyon near Petra
Q68085749 Wadi al-Mudhlim canyon near Petra Petra
Q71551832 Wall of Alexander fortifications 37.307053/55.229095
Q71551644 Wall of Grand fortifications Grand 48.381378/5.483146
Q81903408 Wall of Nicodemus in Cyrene wall Shahhat
Q16248636 Washing Wells Roman Fort human settlement in United Kingdom Gateshead 54.9363/-1.66
Q7378836 Watchtower in Rujm Al-Malfouf Amman 31.95777778/35.90472222
Rujm el Malfouf 002.JPG
Q68082543 Water treatment system of Dur-Untash water treatment system in Dur-Untash Chogha Zanbil
Q71551737 Western deffufa at Kerma fortifications 19.600803/30.410435
Q1798479 Westfälisches Römermuseum Haltern museum in Germany Haltern am See 51.7395/7.17052
Q7996561 Whitley Castle Roman castle in the United Kingdom 54.832/-2.4763
Whitley Castle from hillside.JPG
Q464936 Xanthos ancient city in Lycia and part of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Turkey Kınık 36.357132/29.319255
Entrance into theatre of Xanthos.jpg
Q28978109 Zagarolo amphitheatre Roman amphitheatre in Zagarolo, Italy Zagarolo 41.858/12.819
Q8064652 Zahhak Castle Iranian national heritage site Hashtrud County 37.385055555556/47.167216666667
Zahhak castle stucco 2.JPG
Q196987 Zeugma ancient city of Commagene in modern-day Turkey Gaziantep Province 37.05861111/37.86583333
Q78787479 Zeus Sosipolis Temple ancient Greek temple in Magnesia on the Meander Tekin
Aydın Province
Q8071903 Zilkale castle in Turkey Çamlıhemşin 40.9283/40.95463
Zil Kalesi.jpeg
Q218016 Zoara 31.046944444444/35.5025
Q28973033 Zugmantel Castrum eastern amphitheatre former Roman amphitheatre in Taunusstein, Germany Taunusstein 50.19/8.211
Q28973032 Zugmantel Castrum northern amphitheatre former Roman amphitheatre in Taunusstein, Germany Taunusstein 50.193/8.202
Q17054090 Zvartnots Cathedral cathedral in Armenia Vagharshapat 40.1597/44.3366
Zvartnots cathedral ruins.jpg
Q21011990 amphitheatre of Alba Fucens archaeological site in Massa d'Albe (AQ), Italy Massa d'Albe 42.07718/13.412313
Anfiteatro di Alba Fucens e monte Velino.jpg
Q1826410 amphitheatre of Bordeaux Roman amphitheatre in Bordeaux, France Bordeaux 44.84759/-0.58271
Palais Galien-panoramique.jpg
Q18640104 amphitheatre of Libarna building in Serravalle Scrivia, Italy Serravalle Scrivia 44.706/8.868
Libarna (Serravalle Scrivia)-area archeologica e rinvenimenti città romana3.jpg
Q28973926 amphitheatre of the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia Roman amphitheatre built near the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia in Sparti, Greece Sparti 37.083/22.435
Q28978096 amphitheatre of the villa Adriana Roman amphitheatre in Tivoli, Italy Tivoli 41.94/12.776
Q70863776 ancient Roman theater of Cales Calvi Risorta 41.199925/14.132109
Q2217385 ancient Roman watchtower Heumensoord Heumen 51.79232/5.86988
Q71990769 ancient tomb at Janzur grave of some sort Janzur 32.828197/13.027646
Q2866137 arènes de Cimiez Roman amphitheatre in Nice, France Nice 43.71999167/7.27531944
Nice, France, Arènes romaines de Cimiez.jpg
Q17455836 field at Bosstraat in which the remains of Roman buildings monument in Valkenburg, Netherlands Valkenburg aan de Geul 50.88005/5.82667
Valkenburg-Plateau Bosstraat.JPG
Q23826238 musée d'art et d'histoire d'Orange museum in France Orange
Q17453410 pannenoven Krekelbergs Heide monument in Belfeld, Netherlands Venlo 51.30315/6.1039
Q70786946 relief in Gandj Nameh relief sculpture Hamadan 34.762356/48.437305
Q70786948 relief in Guyum relief sculpture Guyum 29.816767/52.380466
Q70786395 relief of Kurangun altar Fars Province 30.244261/51.45787
Q70787039 relief of Sabu-Jaddi relief sculpture Sabu-Jaddi 19.925329/30.541485
Q70787047 relief of Sarab-e Bahram relief sculpture Sarab-e Bahram 30.045244/51.559875
Q70787074 relief of Shahbazgarhi relief sculpture Shahbaz Garhi 34.223598/72.16552
Q29002326 second Roman amphitheatre of El Jem Roman amphitheatre in Tunisia El Djem 35.29/10.708
Q17454034 site in which the remains of a settlement near Rimburg archaeological site near Rimburg, Netherlands Landgraaf 50.91441/6.07742
Q3517625 temple de Talamone Talamone 42.55166667/11.16972222
Tempio di Talamonaccio.jpg
Q4012811 villa romana di Torvaianica Pomezia 41.61653015897468/12.473101863609894
Q273413 Écija city and municipality in the province of Seville, Spain Seville Province
Ecija 2.jpg
Q100138106 Üvecik Tepe 39.900234/26.199306
Q12870139 Şeytan Castle A castle in the Çıldır district in Turkey Çıldır 41.1541/43.1313
16. qajis cixe.JPG
Q16370856 კავკასიძეების ციხე
Fortress of Tekkale (kavkasidzeebis cixe).jpg
Q65285170 პეტერეკის ციხე Artvin Province
Პეტერეკის ციხე.png
Q65285189 სათლეს ციხე Shavsheti 41.259293/42.327324
Satle fortress.png
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