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The goal of WikiProject Middle-earth is to work on and improve all items about the Tolkien's legendarium (Q81738), adding the necessary missing information (e.g. labels, descriptions, statements), as well as other necessary tasks.


  • Create a fictional taxonomy with the correct properties
  • Finding all data objects, sort them add claims and objects



Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
from fictional universeP1080Itemfictional universe: subject's fictional entity is in the object narrative. See also P1441 (present in work) and P1445 (fictional universe described in)Battle of Dagorlad <from fictional universe> Tolkien's legendarium-
takes place in fictional universeP1434Itemfictional universe: the subject is a work describing a fictional universe, i.e. whose plot occurs in this universe.The Lord of the Rings <takes place in fictional universe> Tolkien's legendariumfictional universe described in
fictional universe described inP1445Itemwork and fictional universe: to link a fictional universe with a work that describes it: <universe> "described in the work:" <work>Tolkien's legendarium <fictional universe described in> The Lord of the Ringstakes place in fictional universe
present in workP1441Itemwork: work in which this fictional entity (Q14897293) or historical person is present (use P2860 for works citing other works, P361/P1433 for works being part of / published in other works, P1343 for entities described in non-fictional accounts)Aragorn <present in work> The Lord of the Ringscharacters
home worldP1165Itemfictional location: home planet or natural satellite for a fictional character or speciesAragorn <home world> Arda-
narrative locationP840Itemgeographic setting of film: the narrative of the work is set in this locationTolkien's legendarium <narrative location> Arda-
owner ofP1830Itementities owned by the subjectAragorn <owner of> Elessarowned by
owned byP127Itemproprietor: owner of the subjectElessar <owned by> Aragornowner of

All the fictional elements should use from fictional universe (P1080) with the value Tolkien's legendarium (Q81738), the works should use takes place in fictional universe (P1434) with Tolkien's legendarium (Q81738).

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