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Wikidata:WikiProject Middle-earth/Universe/Taxonomy

We need to build a fictional taxonomy for races, peoples and characters. We can differentiate between plants, animals and others beings. All these items should use from fictional universe (P1080) Tolkien's legendarium (Q81738) (excluding the categories).


Category : Category:Middle-earth plants (Q7035732) (subclass of (P279) Category:Fictional plants (Q6299400))
List : Middle-earth plants (Q578380)
Subject : ? (actually we can use the list, because on many WP the articles are not simply a list but also an introduction of the subject)


Others beings / CharactersEdit

(but individual animals are also characters)


Category : Category:Middle-earth races (Q6822457)
List :
Subject : Middle-earth races (Q989255)

The possibilities should all use instance of (P31) Middle-earth races (Q989255), they are:


Category : Category:Middle-earth peoples (Q9111597)
List : list of Middle-earth peoples (Q7476744)
Subject : Middle-earth people (Q17412916)

All peoples should have instance of (P31) Middle-earth people (Q17412916) and subclass of (P279) with the corresponding race.


Category : Category:Middle-earth Elven races (Q6306997)

They should all have subclass of (P279) Middle-earth elf (Q203904) or more precise

There is also


these should be also be used with subclass of (P279), which mean peoples can have two values with subclass of (P279).


Category : Category:Middle-earth Human peoples (Q10603146)
Category : Category:Middle-earth Hobbits (Q7796862)

They should all have subclass of (P279) Hobbit (Q74359)


Category : Category:Middle-earth characters (Q6151745) (subclass of (P279) Category:Characters in fantasy literature (Q7046469))
List : Middle-earth characters (Q1204735)
Subject : character from Tolkien's legendarium (Q15731071)

Individuals members should all have