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Wikidata:WikiProject Molecular biology/Queries

With the emergence of the Wikidata query service and evidence of its dependable operation, we can now move squarely into the next era of the Wikidata project - building it out to answer important questions. Just as the female mayors question defined and served to motivate and to explain the early days Wikidata project, we here define a set of queries in the space of molecular biology (and its friends medicine, chemistry, and more). We hope that these serve to motivate communities to assemble the knowledge in wikidata to make answer to these questions easy (so we can move on to the harder ones that will follow).

  1. provide a list of all of the drugs that inhibit a particular protein with experimental method used to show the inhibition, citations
  2. show a table of effect sizes and p-values in all phase-3 clinical trials for Melanoma published after 1994;
  3. name all of the image denoising algorithms ever used to remove white noise from the famous “Barbara” image, with citations;
  4. list all of the classifiers applied to the famous acute lymphoblastic leukemia dataset,1 along with their type-1 and type-2 error rates;
  5. Request all organisms that are located (P276) in the female urogential tract (wd:Q5880) and that have a gene with product (P1056) indole (wd:Q319541).
  6. Find drugs for cancers that target genes related to cell proliferation and where the drug physically interacts with the product of gene known to be genetically associated a disease
  7. Retrieve all human membrane proteins annotated for a role in colorectal cancer