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The aim of the WikiProject Museums is :

  • to define properties for items related to museums and the rules of use for these properties (qualifiers, datatypes, ...)
  • to organize the creation and improving the quality of the elements

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There are currently (Feb 2022) 64,236 museum items on Wikdata (query tool link).

According to The World Museum Community, there are more than 55 000 museums in 202 countries.[1]

Location Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
countryP17Itemcountry: sovereign state that this item is in (not to be used for human beings)Louvre Museum <country> France-
located in the administrative territorial entityP131Itemadministrative division: the item is located on the territory of the following administrative entity. Use P276 for specifying locations that are non-administrative places and for items about events. Use P1382 if the item falls only partially into the administrative entity.Louvre Museum <located in the administrative territorial entity> 1st arrondissement of Paris-
locationP276Itemphysical location: location of the object, structure or event. In the case of an administrative entity as containing item use P131. For statistical entities use P8138. In the case of a geographic entity use P706. Use P7153 for locations associated with the objectLouvre Museum <location> Louvre Palace-
located on streetP669Itemstreet: street, road, or square, where the item is located. To add the number, use Property:P670 "house number" as qualifier. Use property P6375 "street address", if there is no item for the streetLouvre Museum <located on street> rue de Rivoli-
street addressP6375Monolingual textstreet address, address and street: full street address where subject is located. Include building number, city/locality, post code, but not country; use also P669 if the street has its own separate itemLouvre Museum <street address> rue de Rivoli-
coordinate locationP625Geographic coordinatesgeographic coordinate: geocoordinates of the subject. For Earth, please note that only WGS84 coordinating system is supported at the momentLouvre Museum <coordinate location> 48°51'39.92"N, 2°20'8.70"E-
headquarters locationP159Itemheadquarters, siège social, seat, episcopal see and titular see: city, where an organization's headquarters is or has been situated. Use P276 qualifier for specific buildingNational Museum in Kraków <headquarters location> Building of the National Museum-

If the property location (P276) has a value, coordinate location (P625) is not mandatory.

Practical information Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
feeP2555Quantityfee: fee or toll payable to use, transit or enter the subject (only for one-time fees, do NOT use it for an ongoing fee, tuition fee or trading fee)Louvre Museum <fee> -
payment types acceptedP2851Itempayment: types of payment accepted by a venueLouvre Museum <payment types accepted> -
open daysP3025Itemdays in the week subject item is open within the opening seasonLouvre Museum <open days> -
closed onP3026Itemexceptions to open days (P3025), usually special datesLouvre Museum <closed on> -
open period fromP3027Itemqualifier to P3025 (open days) for season when open days applyLouvre Museum <open period from> -
open period toP3028Itemqualifier to P3025 (open days) for season when open days applyLouvre Museum <open period to> -
wheelchair accessibilityP2846Itemwheelchair accessibility and accessibility for people with visual disabilities: describes wheelchair accessibility of location or eventLouvre Museum <wheelchair accessibility> wheelchair accessible-

Communications Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
phone numberP1329Stringtelephone number: telephone number in standard format (RFC3966), without 'tel:' prefixLouvre Museum <phone number> +33 1 40 20 53 17-
fax numberP2900Stringfax: telephone number of a facsimile lineLouvre Museum <fax number> +33 1 40 20 54 52-
email addressP968URLemail address: email address, prefixed with mailto:Louvre Museum <email address>
official websiteP856URLofficial website and home page: URL of the official page of an item (current or former) [if the page changes, add an additional statement with preferred rank. Do not remove the former URL]Louvre Museum <official website>
logo imageP154Commons media filelogo: graphic mark or emblem commonly used by commercial enterprises, organizations and productsNational Gallery of Canada <logo image> National Gallery of Canada logo.svg-
Twitter usernameP2002External identifierTwitter account and Twitter: this item's username on X (formerly Twitter); do not include the “@” symbolLouvre Museum <Twitter username> MuseeLouvre-
Instagram usernameP2003External identifierInstagram: item's username on InstagramLouvre Museum <Instagram username> museelouvre-
Facebook IDP2013External identifierFacebook page: identifier for an official (preferably) Facebook person, product or organization page (everything that follows URL part '')Louvre Museum <Facebook ID> museedulouvre-
YouTube channel IDP2397External identifierYouTube channel: ID of the YouTube channel of a person or organisation (not to be confused with the name of the channel) The ID can also be used for IDs.Louvre Museum <YouTube channel ID> UCafm6w_rPndqAtokQy04Jdw-
GitHub usernameP2037External identifierGitHub: username of this project, person or organization on GitHubBritish Museum <GitHub username> BritishMuseum-
Google Maps Customer IDP3749External identifierGoogle Maps: in Google Maps, Customer identifier for a placeLouvre Museum <Google Maps Customer ID> 13363865620386383060-
TripAdvisor IDP3134External identifierTripadvisor: identifier of a place (region, hotel, restaurant, attraction), in TripAdvisorLouvre Museum <TripAdvisor ID> g187147-d188757-
Yelp IDP3108External identifierYelp: identifier of a place, in Yelp.comLouvre Museum <Yelp ID> musée-du-louvre-paris-2-
Michelin Voyages IDP4161External identifierGuide Vert and Michelin Guide: identifier for a place in the website Michelin VoyagesLouvre Museum <Michelin Voyages ID> europe/france/ile-de-france/ville-de-paris/paris/musee-du-louvre-
Instagram location IDP4173External identifierInstagram: identifier for a location on InstagramLouvre Museum <Instagram location ID> 683630-

Dates Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
inceptionP571Point in timedate of establishment: time when an entity begins to exist; for date of official opening use P1619Louvre Museum <inception> 1792-
dissolved, abolished or demolished dateP576Point in timedate of dissolution, abolition or demolition: point in time at which the subject (organisation, building) ceased to exist; see "date of official closure" (P3999) for closing a facility, "service retirement" (P730) for retiring equipment, "discontinued date" (P2669) for stopping a productDeutsches Museum <dissolved, abolished or demolished date> 1939-

Specific for museum Edit

Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
director / managerP1037Itemleader of organization: person who manages any kind of groupLouvre Museum <director / manager> Jean-Luc Martinez-
visitors per yearP1174Quantitynumber of visitors per year: number of people visiting a location or an event each yearLouvre Museum <visitors per year> 9,330,000±5000-
Commons Institution pageP1612StringCommons Institution page: name of the institutions's page on Wikimedia Commons (without the prefix "Institution")Louvre Museum <Commons Institution page> Louvre-
collection or exhibition sizeP1436Quantitynumber of items in a collection or exhibitionLouvre Museum <collection or exhibition size> 460,000±5000-

Identifier properties Edit

  • Property:P791 ISIL ID (P791) International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions - The World Museum Community