Wikidata:WikiProject PCC Wikidata Pilot/Pilot Best Practices/Handling Inaccurate Statements in Wikidata Items

Handling Inaccurate Statements in Wikidata Items edit

If there are no references for the inaccurate statement:

  • Remove the statement altogether
  • Replace the statement with correct data and a valid reference

If there are references for the inaccurate statement:

If the reference was "imported from a Wikimedia project" (P143), i.e. from a Wikipedia article:

  • Review the corresponding source Wikimedia source
  • Autoimports may be responsible for the error and the statements are not kept up to date when the source is updated. In this case, remove/alter the statement. Optionally, when you are sure that the incorrect statement is based on a typo, for example, correct Wikimedia source as well

If there is a valid reference:

  • Deprecate to lower rank and add a reason for deprecation (P224) qualifier with the most appropriate value, for example “incorrect value” (Q41755623). The lower rank will assist in preventing an editor or a bot from repopulating the error at “normal rank”
  • Add the correct value with a reference at the preferred rank

Optionally, submit the error for correction or consideration to the source of the data

Based on guidelines used and shared with the Wikidata list by Karly Wildenhaus <wildenhaus@FRICK.ORG> on MARCH 10, 2021