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Wikidata Resources edit

Practical Wikidata for Librarians edit

The goal of the project is to gather together, organize, and expand resources for librarians interested in editing Wikidata, and to provide a space to develop shared data models and best practices. The hope is that sharing these resources will prevent duplicative work at different institutions, and provide stepping stones for librarians interested in working with Wikidata but seeking some direction on where to get started

Curricula edit

Wiki Education's Wikidata Curriculum - modules that give a comprehensive overview of Wikidata

Wikidata for Librarians Curriculum - outline only of a possible Wikidata curriculum for librarians

Introduction to the Basics edit

Wikidata Tours - step by step tutorials on Wikidata items, statements, references

Wikidata Activities - step by step tutorials on adding common properties to Wikidata items, including coordinates, images, inception dates, official websites, and administrative territory

A Gentle Introduction to Wikidata for Absolute Beginners - 3 hour introduction with first half hour explaining basic concepts, second half hour looking at the anatomy of items on Wikidata, followed by a live demo of editing Wikidata

Introduction for librarians webinar - 2018 OCLC webinar led by Andrew Lih and Rob Fernandez

Introduction to Wikidata in Portuguese

Creating item and editing Wikidata in Spanish

Introduction to Wikidata and wikiprojects of interest to librarians in Spanish

Querying edit

Introduction to Querying Wikidata with SPARQL video tutorial - easy to follow in depth introduction

Discussions edit

IFLA's WikiCite and Libraries Discussion Series on open citations, knowledge equity, language revitalisation, open access to scholarly publications, linking and visualising bibliographic data as they relate to Wikidata and Wikibase

Lists of resources edit

Wikidata Educational Resources

Wikidata Training Resources

LD4-Wikidata Affinity Group edit

Rationale edit

Community discussion forum for Wikidata related topics with the goal of understanding how the library can contribute to and leverage Wikidata as a platform for publishing, linking, and enriching library linked data.

The group will meet biweekly to discuss various aspects of Wikidata in support of the partner and cohort institution projects involving Wikidata. At each meeting, the co-facilitators, Alex Jung, Sarah Kasten, Susan Radovsky, Hilary Thorsen and Eric Willey, or a guest will present some relevant material related to the topic and we’ll discuss any issues members have encountered as well as helpful resources.

Anyone is welcome to join the group.

Calls edit

Calls biweekly, Tuesdays, 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 16:00 UTC / 6pm CEST starting April 23, 2019

See agendas for links to join: