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Utility patents, half-decent examples from U.S.

QuickStatements to create a patent or add a propertyEdit

To create a patent, this worked:

LAST	Len	"Patent US-1906-827017"						
LAST	P31	Q253623						
LAST	P1476	en:"Wing of flying machines"	S1246	"US827017"	S813	+2018-10-19T00:00:00Z/11	S248	Q3235742

To add more content, use QuickStatements without the create, and instead having a Q-id in the first position. QuickStatements instructions are here: Help:QuickStatements.

Tool for queries about patents and their data structureEdit

To do
  • add documentation to that QuickStatement and add subsequent QuickStatements to fill in more detail about the patent
  • Develop a third-party formatter URL (P3303) for espacenet URLs, if possible, or USPTO ones