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Infobox mapping and dataEdit

Infobox IsotopeEdit

Template:Infobox isotope (Q8946766) - 38 transclusions on English Wikipedia. The rest of the data has to be gathered from other sources. Items for many nuclides have to be created.

Parameter Infobox Status Property Data type Qualifiers Comments
element symbol symbol   Done element symbol (P246) String - -
atomic number Z   Done atomic number (P1086) Number (not available yet) - P1086 Z (en:atomic number) not a parameter in the infobox
mass mass   Done mass (P2067) Number (not available yet) - -
neutron number num_neutrons   Done neutron number (P1148) Number (not available yet) - -
number of protons num_protons Same as mass_number but double check - Number (not available yet) - mass number = number of protons + number of neutrons (A = N + Z)
natural abundance abundance   Done natural abundance (P2374) Number (not available yet) Where was the isotopic ratio measured (water, air, meteorite, ...) -
half-life halflife   Done half-life (P2114) Number (not available yet) Which decay system We could also use decay constant (one of the two can be calculated)
Error of Half-Life error_halflife Waiting for datatype - Number (not available yet) - Can we attach measurement errors to the measurement? How will number datatype look like?
decays to decay_product   Done decays to (P816) Item decay mode (P817)
Decay Symbol decay_symbol ? - ? - Handle this client side?
Decay mass decay_mass ? - ? - Can be calculated client side?
decay mode decay_mode1   Done decay mode (P817) Item Qualifier of decays to (P816)
- decay_halflife1 - - - - use same property as Half-Life
Decay intensity decay_intensity1 waiting for datatype - Number (not available yet) -
Decay Energy decay_energy1 waiting for datatype - Number (not available yet) -
Decays from (Parent) parent   Not done - Item - Don't really need a symmetrical property
Parent symbol parent_symbol   Not done - - - Can be queried.
Parent mass parent_mass   Not done - - - Can be queried.
Parent Decay parent_decay   Not done - - -

Can be queried.

spin quantum number spin   Done spin quantum number (P1122) ? - -
mass excess excess_energy   Done mass excess (P2160) Quantity - -
binding energy binding_energy   Done binding energy (P2154) Quantity - -
Isotope of -   Not done - Item - not in Infobox, can be queried from atomic number, but this would be a simple double check

Infobox ParticleEdit

Template:Infobox particle (Q6484397) - 47 transclusions on English Wikipedia

Parameter Infobox Status Property Data type Qualifiers Comments
- num_types Number (not available yet)
- classification Item
- composition ? what about elementary particles?
- statistics ? Item obtain from spin? what about anyons, plectons...
- group Item
Generation of Matter generation integer
interaction interaction   Done interaction (P517) Item
antiparticle antiparticle   Done antiparticle (P2152) Item
- status
? theorized ? discoverer or inventor (P61)? Item use same property as discovered?
? discovered ? discoverer or inventor (P61)? Item use same property as theorized?
notation symbol   Done notation (P913) Item
- mass   Done mass (P2067) Number (not available yet)
half-life mean_lifetime   Done half-life (P2114) Number (not available yet)
decays to decay_particle   Done decays to (P816) Item
electric charge electric_charge   Done electric charge (P2200) Number (not available yet)
- charge_radius
- electric_dipole_moment   Done electric dipole moment (P2201)
- electric_polarisability
Magnetic moment magnetic moment   Done magnetic moment (P2069)
- magnetic_polarisability
- colour_charge
- spin   Done spin quantum number (P1122) Number (not available yet)
- num_spin_states
- lepton_number
- baryon_number
- strangeness
- charm
- bottomness
- topness
- isospin
- weak_isospin
- weak_isospin_3
- hypercharge
- weak_hypercharge
- chirality
- B-L
- X_charge
- parity   Done parity (P1123) Number (not available yet)
- g_parity
- c_parity
- r_parity
- condensed_symmetries
- decay width   Done decay width (P2223)
- gyromagnetic ratio   Done gyromagnetic ratio (P2222)


Infobox Physical QuantityEdit

Template:Infobox physical quantity (Q8761512) - 26 transclusions on English Wikipedia

Infobox Stable IsotopeEdit

Template:Infobox stable isotope (Q6822887) - 6 transclusions on English Wikipedia

Should be subset of Infobox isotope

Infobox UnitEdit

Template:Infobox unit (Q6376448) - 37 transclusions on English Wikipedia

Parameter Infobox Status Property Data type Qualifiers Comments
measured physical quantity quantity measured physical quantity (P111)   Done Item
- standard   Not done redundant with instance of SI-derived-unit
named after namedafter named after (P138)   Done Item
Unit is equal to units1,inunits1... Number (not available yet) in units of alternatively create property "unit in SI units"

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