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WikiProject Source Metadata

WikiCite: creating a shared bibliographic repository for all Wikimedia projects
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Topics co-occurring with Zika virus (Q202864)
Usage history of some key Wikidata properties around bibliographic and citation data as of January 2019. Live results here.

The aim of of the WikiProject Source Metadata is:

  • to act as a hub for work in Wikidata involving citation data and bibliographic data as part of the broader WikiCite initiative.
  • to define a set of properties that can be used by citations, infoboxes, and Wikisource.
  • to map and import all relevant metadata that currently is spread across Commons, Wikipedia, and Wikisource.
  • establish methods to interact with this metadata from different projects.
  • to create a large open bibliographic database within Wikidata.
  • to reveal, build, and maintain community stakeholdership for the inclusion and management of source metadata in Wikidata.

There have been various proposals over the years for similar projects (see meta:WikiCite for details). Now that Wikidata is here, we can make it happen.

Current activitiesEdit

Ongoing importsEdit


See this subpage for more details.



Timeline (from 1952 till early 2016) of Wikidata items with publication date (P577) and with main subject (P921) being set to Zika virus (Q202864) and/ or Zika fever (Q8071861), as per this Wikidata list
References in a Wikipedia article

Here is an example that creates a reference list with the articles

based on the following code:

  • {{#invoke:Cite | reflist | Q14405740 Q13416617 Q20058533 Q15567682 }}

This results in

  • Wulf D. Schleip and Mark O'Shea, "Annotated checklist of the recent and extinct pythons (Serpentes, Pythonidae), with notes on nomenclature, taxonomy, and distribution", ZooKeys, vol. 66, 66, , doi: 10.3897/ZOOKEYS.66.683, PubMed Central ID: 3088416 , Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported
  • Stefan Martin Schmid, Bernhard Fügenschuh and Eduard Kissling, "Tectonic map and overall architecture of the Alpine orogen", Swiss Journal of Geosciences, vol. 97, 1, , doi: 10.1007/S00015-004-1113-X
  • Rudolf Jung, "Uffenbach, Zacharias Konrad von", Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, 39th volume, vol. 39,
  • Eric N. Rittmeyer, Allen Allison, Michael C. Gründler, Derrick K. Thompson and Christopher C. Austin, "Ecological guild evolution and the discovery of the world's smallest vertebrate.", PLoS ONE, vol. 7, 1, , doi: 10.1371/JOURNAL.PONE.0029797, PubMed Central ID: 3256195 , Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Unported
  • «ГОСТ» examples:


    For a list of specific tasks and todos (missing data, missing properties, cleanup tasks) see /ToDo

    Possible Data CollaboratorsEdit

    ContentMine presentation, Wikimania 2014. Wikiwish: "An Open Bibliography of science, updated daily" (the first bulletpoint at 27:30)
    Citing as a public service: presentation by User:DarTar at the 2015 Wikipedia Science Conference pitching Wikidata as an open bibliographic and citation data repository

    Some possible Data Collaborators have expressed interest on working on source metadata in Wikidata: others might usefully be approached.

    OCLC, which runs WorldCat, is very keen on collaborating with Wikidata; User:Maximiliankleinoclc wrote a letter about the possibilities.

    ContentMine has some excellent open software tools, which we could use to let Wikidata answer queries like "List all the review papers ever written on malaria vaccines", "List all the articles that mention Lygodactylus williamsii", "List every paper ever written by John Tuzo Wilson" and "List all the papers cited in Wikipedia articles that have been retracted". They listed "An Open Bibliography of science, updated daily" as a "wikiwish" at Wikimania 2014, apparently unaware that this project has been started at a slightly earlier workshop.

    PLOS has an API for RichCitations, which contains metadata on all PLOS papers up through late 2014. Rich Citations is a novel structured format to express each citation as a data element, and it includes a set of useful, additional terms specific to scholarly literature that enable research about the knowledge web citations create. It also includes a display feature much like Reference Tooltips, but linked to a database (which is open licensed), so it can update metainformation. They presented at Wikimania 2014 and are keen to collaborate and share their results with us.

    Zotero is interested in the idea of a proofread metadata source. Some Zotero users currently upload to cloud storage; we might build tools to let them upload here, instead. CiteseerX has a large open-licensed database of article metadata, and might want to set up an exchange, but have not responded to e-mails.

    The Cochrane Collaboration is developing an API to its metadata (they were contacted about this project in July 2014, so this use case may have helped shape the API). They produce large amounts of non-conventional metadata on works they review, and on works they produce, both of which Wikimedians quote.

    Institutional repositories are also increasingly interested in open APIs and linked databases, and seem generally receptive to this project. The university-run academic search engine BASE aggregates and normalizes these repositories and makes its data collection available for non-commercial purposes.



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    The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

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    Historical discussionsEdit

    There have been historical discussions about Wikidata hosting information about the sources of data.

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