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A WikiProject to work on data relating to man-made space objects.

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Subpage for work relating specifically to the International Space Station

Lists of propertiesEdit

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Title ID Data type Description Examples Inverse
space launch vehicleP375Itemlaunch vehicle: Launch vehicle that delivers the spacecraft to orbitSoyuz TMA-08M <space launch vehicle> Soyuz-FG-
COSPAR IDP247External identifierInternational Designator: International DesignatorSoyuz TMA-08M <COSPAR ID> 2013-013A-
SCNP377External identifierSatellite Catalog Number: Satellite Catalog NumberKosmos 1 <SCN> 00266-
start pointP1427Itembeginning: site or launch pad from where the spacecraft was launchedCassini−Huygens <start point> Cape Canaveral Space Launch Complex 40-
powered byP516Itemelectric power source and engine model: equipment or engine used by the subject to convert a source or energy into mechanical energySpace Shuttle <powered by> RS-25-
type of orbitP522Itemorbit: orbit a satellite has around its central bodyInternational Space Station <type of orbit> low Earth orbit-
astronaut missionP450Itemspaceflight: mission that an astronaut has been a member ofNeil Armstrong <astronaut mission> Gemini 8crew member(s)
orbit diagramP491Commons media fileorbit: image with the diagram of the orbit of an astronomic bodyMolniya orbit <orbit diagram> NASA molniya oblique.png-
docking portP546Itemdocking port for the first dock, second dock etcSoyuz TMA-9 <docking port> Zvezda-
source of energyP618Itemenergy source: describes the source of energy an animated object (machine or animal) usesCuriosity <source of energy> radioisotope thermoelectric generator-
satellite busP707Itemsatellite bus: general model on which multiple-production satellite spacecraft is basedKazSat <satellite bus> Yakhta-

Astronomy's orbital propertiesEdit

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Creation level
Semimajor axis Number semimajor axis of the orbit orbiting bodies Infobox planet semimajor approved
Eccentricity Number eccentrity of the orbit orbiting bodies Infobox planet eccentricity approved
Inclination Number Inclination of the orbit orbiting bodies Infobox planet inclination approved
M sin i Number when degeneracy exists between mass and orbital inclination orbiting bodies approved
Ascending node Number Longitude of the ascending node orbiting bodies proposal
Argument of periapsis Number Argument of periapsis orbiting bodies Infobox planet long_periastron proposal
Mean anomaly Number Mean anomaly at given epoch orbiting bodies Infobox planet mean_anomaly proposal
Epoch Time value Epoch at which the previous 6 parameters are taken orbiting bodies Infobox planet time_periastron proposal
Orbital period Time value time taken for a given astronomic object to make one complete orbit around another object orbiting bodies Infobox planet period a qualifier could distinguish sidereal, synodic or other types of period approved
Orbital velocity Number Orbital velocity of orbiting bodies orbiting bodies Infobox planet avg_speed a qualifier could distinguish minimum, medium or maximum velocity discussion
Lagrangian point (P1145) Item libration point of an object orbiting bodies Done

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