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Welcome to the WikiProject Sport results! This WikiProject is dedicated to the creation and upkeep of items related to sport results on Wikidata.


The WikiProject sport results will help describe sports results in metadata in a uniform way across all sports, where possible, and note when different sports have different metadata.

Phase 1Edit

The first phase of this WikiProject will focus on making sure that there are items on:

Within these items the WikiProject makes sure that the Notable items:

  • Have interwikis from every Wikipedia to have an article on the subject
  • Have Labels in as many languages as possible
  • Have Descriptions in as many languages as possible
  • Have aliases in as many languages as possible
  • Have event data
  • Have sports club data


Phase 2Edit

The second phase of this WikiProject will develop properties for a sport result that describe details other than final score, such as

  • which participants in a sport match scored, what type of score (three point vs two point) and when during the match it was scored. This allows the score card at any point in the match to be determined.
  • assists, fouls, etc


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