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A WikiProject for work done at Stanford Libraries to connect library data with Wikidata.

Stanford Wikidata Working GroupEdit

The Stanford Wikidata Working Group meets weekly for one hour in person and online. For more information, see the group overview (requires Stanford login), or contact Arcadialib.

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Current projectsEdit

  • Adding LCNAF identifiers to people currently or formerly employed at Stanford (worksheet)
  • Adding "archives at" property to people and organizations for which Stanford holds an archival collection (worksheet)
  • Resolving violations of unique value constraint for LCNAF identifiers, i.e. same LCNAF associated with multiple items (workflow, worksheet)
  • Linking Mozart works to different editions of the Köchel catalogue (items with edition link)
  • Describing Stanford schools, research centers, research laboratories, named professorships, and faculty
  • Replacing author name strings with author QIDs for Stanford faculty (author disambiguation tool)


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Project statistics are tracked using Event Metrics and monthly reports made available here.


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