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General approach for adapting existing Commons templatesEdit

(see current work on eg {{Creator}} and {{Institution}} for examples of this process)

  1. Port the existing template to Wikidata
    1. Create test page, by copying an instance of template page use to Wikidata
    2. Copy template (and sub-template) pages to Wikidata
      • Keep copying until test page works (need not copy all languages)
  2. Begin to test drawing information from Wikidata
    1. Identify mapping between template fields and Wikidata; store on template talk page
    2. On the test page, create a version that starts drawing some fields from Wikidata
      • Also consider making a wikitext-generating version, that can be used to cut & paste back to Commons
    3. Create a wrapper that can fill fields for an arbitrary Q-number
      • Test more instances
    4. In detail, compare existing templated data values with Wikidata values across the whole corpus
  3. Create a new, adapted version that uses Wikidata more natively
    1. Remove translation code, instead rely on Wikidata for translations of data
    2. Start migrating template code to Lua


Phase 2 templatesEdit

(Templates which need only access properties of a directly sitelinked item, that can be implemented on Commons as soon as the community asks for Phase 2 to be turned on)

Header templates for GalleriesEdit

eg: {{SimpleCommonsGalleryHeader}}

Header templates for CategoriesEdit

Needed: Header template, giving link to corresponding article in wiki of current lang, perhaps with a dropdown to offer links in other languages

eg: {{SimpleCommonsCategoryHeader}}

Need to identify existing header templatesEdit

Phase 3 templatesEdit

(Templates which need to access properties of a different item)




-- see Wikidata_talk:WikiProject_Visual_arts#Template:Artwork

New templatesEdit

  • Wikidata:WikiProject Structured Data for Commons/test/Topics
    -- a prototype template to let us test how to display a set of "topics", each topic being a Q-number, with options eg just to display a count of them; or to display a list of their names; or a list of the topic names with mini-descriptions.