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Plazi (Q7203726) is an international organization concerned with curating information about taxonomic descriptions, which are known as taxon treatment (Q32945461). It maintains Treatmentbank (Q54857867) — a repository of taxonomic treatments contained in scholarly publications — and together with Pensoft Publishers (Q19370762), the Biodiversity Literature Repository (Q54857962), a community in Zenodo (Q22661177) that provides open access (Q232932) to FAIR data (Q29032648) versions of figures and other materials mined from scholarly articles. This includes the00000 extraction of newly described taxa from the literature with the activity shown in a daily feed of this data.

The vision of Plazi is to foster instantaneous access to all the new described species. Most recently, this project has been supported by the Arcadia Fund. Importing this data automatically into Wikidata is considered not only to make these names available in Wikipedia through Wikidata, but to bridge the gap to the taxonomic treatments describing these new species through the taxon treatment (Q32945461) via the Plazi ID (P1992), and through this the scientific source of the name. In the middle term, a link from Wikidata to the facts in the treatments will be provided via a link to the respective triple stores in which Plazi is participating.

The goal of the WikiProjet Taxonomy/Plazi is to define the statements to be imported, a respective import workflow, tests to be undertaken to avoid creation of duplicates, and to design, implement and get accepted a bot producing the import into Wikidata.


  • Plazi ID (P1992) -- links a Wikidata item about a taxon to an entry in the Plazi database.



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