Wikidata:WikiProject Territorial Entities/Geonames and CebWiki

GeoNames (Q830106) is a large geographical database that imported many different geographic data sets. Some of them are of low quality and the amount of curation of the data is unfortunately limited.

Sverker Johansson (Q17417773) created Lsjbot (Q17430942), which does two large imports:

  • About one million articles about taxon in sv, ceb and war Wikipedia based on Catalogue of Life (Q38840). The items about them are well managed thanks to User:Succu and others.
  • About two million articles in svwiki (until a discussion in svwiki asked Lsjbot to stop creation) and about four million articles in cebwiki. This is the subject of this page.

Current status

  • Number of cebwiki place pages connected to Wikidata: ~3.3 million
  • Number of cebwiki place pages not connected to Wikidata: ~628430

Previous discussions