Wikidata:WikiProject UK and Ireland

  • Curation of any and all items (biographical, cultural, geographical, organisational, etc...) relating to the UK or Ireland.
  • & to be a central forum for editors in or with connections to Ireland or the UK, to promote discussion and involvement with Wikidata.

The project was set up during the London Wikidata Meetup Number 2, 2015-01-07


As of 18 July 2015, Wikidata claims to contain

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Administrative subdivisionsEdit

  • Current hierarchy now pretty much in place for UK, at least from a district level up. (Work still needed at the level of civil parishes, towns and villages etc.
See Wikidata:WikiProject UK and Ireland/adm for pages for the different nations,
eg Wikidata:WikiProject UK and Ireland/adm/England, which may be most developed.


Item matchingEdit

  • ODNB -- Item matching the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography (via Mix'n'match)
    Status matching complete, but these items: could use some work on descriptions and properties.
  • "Your paintings" painters -- Item matching painters in the BBC Your paintings catalogue of oil paintings in UK public collections.
    Status initial matching done. Sweep underway to run names without RKD links through MnM, to match other catalogues (up to born before 1920 now done -- pausing while MnM auto-matches newly created items); sweep also underway of entries with apparent Commonscats but no items on Wikidata. (now done up to born before 1940)
  • DWB -- Item matching the Dictionary of Welsh Biography (via Mix'n'match)
  • Open Plaques -- Item matching people in the Open Plaques list of commemorative plaques (via Mix'n'match)
  • an increasing number of other catalogues underway at Mix'n'match


  • The National Heritage registers have been added, but there is significant unmerged duplication between items for Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, and pre-existing items. There are also sometimes several listing numbers for different aspects of the same entity. This makes geographic matching of external items to Wikidata tricky, because there are often several candidates very close to each other.
See Wikidata:WikiProject UK and Ireland/monuments


  • Much work remains to identify existing Commons categories for the above, and link them to items via P373. Administrative areas are an important priority, because these can then be used to help validate other matches. Searches might be run to identify, eg listed buildings with images but no Commons categories.

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London Wikidata Meetup 2, 2015-01-07Edit

Sound recording of London Wikidata Meetup Number 2, 2015-01-07