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Administrative subdivisions of England

A page to summarise guidance and for monitoring/tracking

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Items by subdivision typeEdit

The following represent the broad structural levels. For general and detailed place-by-place interrelations, see en:Subdivisions of England

  • the ceremonial county level has been included in located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) hierarchy -- even though it is not strictly speaking administrative, it is familiar and (with a tiny set of exceptions) nests reasonably well between regions and lower levels.

  • a catch-all item containing all sorts of boroughs

  • redone co-classes query:
  • civil parishes rather than wards will be chosen as the lowest level of the P131 hierarchy (except for in the City of London), as they tend to be less volatile

NUTS geographical subdivisions -- these could be cleanly fitted into the P131 hierarchy, but should they be ?
see en:NUTS of the United Kingdom

Corresponding organisations / representative bodiesEdit

see en:Category:Local authorities of England by type
can be linked to/from corresponding areas using applies to jurisdiction (P1001) / legislative body (P194)


Connecting propertiesEdit


All places should have property country (P17) = United Kingdom (Q145) (i.e. not country (P17) = England (Q21))

Administrative Territorial Entity hierarchy

Items should normally only have a single value for located in the administrative territorial entity (P131), which should be strictly hierarchical.

  • UK violations: query (items in administrative territorial entity of England (Q171634) tree) - 3107; (all items) - 6656
    • related pairs: (i.e. look only at cases where one is P131+ the other, so ignore 'part of' & historical statements.)

P131 should only be used on items that are instances of geographic location (Q2221906) and subclasses -- ie not organisations, events, artworks etc

Target values should be instances of administrative territorial entity (Q56061) and subclasses

  • UK violations: query - 26

Identifiers / coding schemesEdit

Further propertiesEdit

See: Wikidata:List of properties/Geographical feature, and also the 'properties' links for subdivision types below

Queries usedEdit