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This is a WikiProject for work done at the University of Maryland Libraries (Q7895690) to create and enhance Wikidata items with information from the UMD Special Collections and Archives and Special Collections in Performing Arts. This project was started in June 2020 and is ongoing; local practices and other information on this page may change as we explore Wikidata further. At this time, all new items are created performed manually by participants.

Best practicesEdit

Local practicesEdit

(UMD participants: much of this information is duplicated in the "Wikidata Training Resources" Google Doc. We are maintaining documentation in both places at this time, so you can refer to either this project page or the Google Doc.)

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All of these queries are offered for monitoring purposes.

Month Total Entities Corporate Persons
May 2020 7 7
July 2020 168 3 165
August 2020 343 68 275

Data provenanceEdit

New items generated by this project are identifiable through the triplet ?item wdt:P485 wd:Q7895690 and do not include any further provenance metadata.

Project leadsEdit

As part of a team of selectors, metadata experts and archivists, the creation of entities pertaining to this project are lead by Neil M. Frau-Cortes (dhneil) and Sarah Hovde (Sehovde). The team is composed of catalogers of the University of Maryland Libraries (Q7895690)


The participants listed below can be notified using the following template in discussions:

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