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Member Group District Start Time End Time
Aisha Adams United Democratic Front Mangochi Nkungulu 2014-05-20
Akajuwe Banda People's Party Zomba Malosa 2014-05-20
Deus Banda Malawi Congress Party Mchinji South West 2014-05-20
Lucius Banda United Democratic Front Balaka North 2014-05-20
Lingson Belekanyama Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Msinja South 2014-05-20 2021-01-12
Francis Billiati independent politician Mangochi Lutende 2014-05-20
David Bisnowaty independent politician Lilongwe City Centre 2014-05-20
Mark Botomani Democratic Progressive Party Zomba Chisi 2014-05-20
Peter Bvalani independent politician Zomba Likangala 2014-05-20
Peter Chakhwantha independent politician Lilongwe South West 2014-05-20
Elias Chakwera independent politician Dowa Ngala 2014-05-20
Lazarus Chakwera Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe North West 2010-01-01
Peter Chalera Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Msinja North 2014-05-20
Benedicto Chambo independent politician Mangochi North 2014-05-20
George Chaponda Democratic Progressive Party Mulanje South West 2014-05-20
Wallace Chawawa People's Party Zomba Chingale 2014-05-20
Cecilia Chazama Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre North East 2014-05-20
Paul Chibingu Democratic Progressive Party Mwanza West 2014-05-20
Daudi Chida independent politician Mulanje Limbuli 2014-05-20
Enoch Chihana Alliance for Democracy Rumphi Central 2014-05-20
John Chikalimba People's Party Zomba Changalume 2014-05-20
Werani Chilenga People's Party Chitipa South 2014-05-20
Patrick Chilondola Malawi Congress Party Dedza North 2014-05-20
Olipa Chiluba independent politician Mzimba North East 2014-05-20
Damson Chimalira Democratic Progressive Party Ntcheu South 2014-05-20
Olipa Chimangeni Malawi Congress Party Ntchisi North East 2014-05-20
Vasco Chimbalu Malawi Congress Party Kasungu South 2014-05-20
Noah Chimpeni People's Party Nkhata Bay South East 2014-05-20
Everton Chimulirenji Democratic Progressive Party Ntcheu North East 2014-05-20
Richard Chimwendo-Banda Malawi Congress Party Dowa East 2014-05-20
Ezekiel Ching'oma Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe East 2014-05-20
Marko Ching'onga independent politician Lilongwe Kumachenga 2014-05-20
Filipo Chinkhondo Malawi Congress Party Dedza West 2014-05-20
Harry Chipeni Malawi Congress Party Dowa South East 2014-05-20
Rhino Chiphiko Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe City South West 2014-05-20
Khumbize Chiponda Malawi Congress Party Kasungu South East 2014-05-20
Horace Chipuwa Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Mapuyu North 2014-05-20
Enoss Chitatanga Malawi Congress Party Dowa North 2014-05-20
Alex Chitete Malawi Congress Party Mchinji North East 2014-05-20
Ephraim Chiume People's Party Nkhata Bay North 2014-05-20
Grace Chiumia Democratic Progressive Party Nkhata Bay West 2014-05-20
Clement Chiwaya United Democratic Front Mangochi Central 2014-05-20
Daniel Chiwere Malawi Congress Party Dedza Central 2014-05-20
Geoffrey Chiwondo independent politician Mangochi West 2014-05-20
Allan Chiyembekeza Democratic Progressive Party Thyolo South West 2014-05-20
Maquenda Chunga People's Party Mzimba South 2014-05-20
Peter Dimba independent politician Lilongwe South 2014-05-20
Patricia Dzimbiri independent politician Balaka west 2014-05-20
Alexander Dzonzi Malawi Congress Party Dowa West 2014-05-20
Emmanuel Fabiano Democratic Progressive Party Chiradzulu West 2014-05-20
Adbul Gaffar independent politician Blantyre Kabula 2014-05-20
Sam S. Ganda independent politician Nsanje Lalanje 2014-05-20 2017-05-16
Vincent Ghambi Democratic Progressive Party Karonga North 2014-05-20
Trasizio Gowelo Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre City West 2014-05-20
Sosten Gwengwe Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Msozi North 2017-10-17
Willard Gwengwe Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe South East 2014-05-20
Jacob Hara Malawi Congress Party Mzimba Solora 2014-05-20
Zaheer Issa independent politician Chikwawa Central 2014-05-20
Grelzedar Jeffrey Democratic Progressive Party Nkhotakota South 2014-05-20
Highton L. Jiya Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Msozi North 2014-05-20 2017-01-02
Esther Jolobala independent politician Machinga East 2014-05-20
Ralph Jooma People's Party Mangochi Monkey Bay 2014-05-20
Felix Jumbe Malawi Congress Party Salima Central 2014-05-20
Jessie Kabwila Malawi Congress Party Salima North West 2014-05-20
Khumbo Kachali People's Party Mzimba South West 2014-05-20
Anna Kachikho Democratic Progressive Party Phalombe North 2014-05-20
Kennedy Kachingwe independent politician Blantyre South-West 2014-05-20
Edmans Kaduya Democratic Progressive Party Thyolo North 2014-05-20
Boniface Kadzamira independent politician Ntchisi North 2014-05-20
Davies Kadzinja Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre Bangwe 2014-05-20
Patricia Kainga People's Party Zomba Central 2014-05-20
Collings Kajawa Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Mpenu Nkhoma 2014-05-20
Angie Kaliati Democratic Progressive Party Mulanje Pasani 2014-05-20
Patricia Kaliati Democratic Progressive Party Mulanje West 2014-05-20
Shaibu Kaliati United Democratic Front Machinga Central 2014-05-20
Jean Kalilani Democratic Progressive Party Dowa Central 2014-05-20
William Kalima Malawi Congress Party Ntchisi East 2014-05-20
Bon Kalindo Democratic Progressive Party Mulanje South 2014-05-20
Idi Kalosi United Democratic Front Mangochi North East 2014-05-20
Kamlepo Kalua People's Party Rumphi East 2014-05-20
Elias Kamanga People's Party Kasungu North East 2014-05-20
Thomson Kamangira Democratic Progressive Party Nsanje South 2014-05-20
Mwai Kamuyambeni Democratic Progressive Party Ntcheu West 2014-05-20
James Kamwambi Democratic Progressive Party Karonga North West 2014-05-20
George Kamwanja Democratic Progressive Party Likoma Islands 2014-05-20
Langton Kamwendo Malawi Congress Party Ntchisi South 2014-05-20
Godwin Kanjere Democratic Progressive Party Ntcheu Bwanje South 2014-05-20
Canaan Kaphamtengo Malawi Congress Party Salima North 2014-05-20
Mussa Kapichira United Democratic Front Mangochi Malombe 2014-05-20
Ilyas Karim People's Party Chikwawa South 2014-05-20
Willet Karonga independent politician Chiradzulu North 2014-05-20
Francis Kasaila Democratic Progressive Party Nsanje Central 2014-05-20
Davis Katsonga Chipani cha Pfuko Mwanza Central 2014-05-20
Samuel Kawale Malawi Congress Party Dowa North East 2014-05-20
Madalitso Kazombo Malawi Congress Party Kasungu East 2014-05-20
Gabu Khamisa independent politician Thyolo Central 2014-05-20
Mary Khembo independent politician Neno South 2014-05-20
Rodrick Khumbanyiwa United Democratic Front Chikwawa East 2014-05-20
Naomi Kilekwa independent politician Mulanje South East 2014-05-20
Jacqueline Kouwenhoven independent politician Rumphi West 2014-05-20
Peter Kumpalume Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre West 2014-05-20
David Lally United Democratic Front Machinga Likwenu 2014-05-20
Kassim Liguluwe People's Party Salima South East 2014-05-20
Assan Lipande Democratic Progressive Party Ntcheu North 2014-05-20
Clarke Lowe Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Central 2014-05-20
Emmanuel Lozo independent politician Neno North 2014-05-20
Enock Luka Democratic Progressive Party Zomba Lisanjala 2014-05-20
Juliana Lunguzi Malawi Congress Party Dedza East 2014-05-20
Martha Lunji independent politician Nkhotakota North East 2014-05-20
Abubakar M'baya United Democratic Front Mangochi East 2014-05-20
Amos Mailosi independent politician Phalombe East 2014-05-20
Justin Majawa independent politician Mangochi South West 2014-05-20
Alex Major Malawi Congress Party Kasungu West 2014-05-20
Patrick Makina People's Party Zomba Ntonya 2014-05-20
Everson Makowa-Mwale Malawi Congress Party Nkhotakota South East 2014-05-20
Lloyd Malola Democratic Progressive Party Chikwawa Mkombezi 2014-05-20
Bonex Malunga Malawi Congress Party Dedza Central East 2014-05-20
Joseph Malunga independent politician Nsanje South West 2014-05-20
Kennedy Maluwa Democratic Progressive Party Chikwawa West 2014-05-20
Frank Mapondo Democratic Progressive Party Balaka South 2014-05-20
Noel Masangwi Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre City East 2014-05-20
Aggrey Masi Democratic Progressive Party Lilongwe City West 2014-05-20
Peter Mazizi Malawi Congress Party Nkhotakota Central 2014-05-20
Victor Mbewe Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre City South East 2014-05-20
Charles Mchacha Democratic Progressive Party Thyolo West 2014-05-20
Esther Mcheka-Chilenje independent politician Nsanje North 2014-05-20
Alekeni Menyani Malawi Congress Party Dedza North West 2014-05-20
Jappie Mhango independent politician Rumphi North 2014-05-20
Raphael Mhone People's Party Nkhata Bay Central 2014-05-20
Patricia Mkanda Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe North 2014-05-20
Harry Mkandawire People's Party Mzimba West 2014-05-20
Themba Mkandawire Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre City Central 2014-05-20
Francis Mkungula independent politician Ntcheu Bwanje North 2014-05-20
Clement Mlombwa Malawi Congress Party Dedza South West 2014-05-20
Godfrey Mnkhondya People's Party Chitipa Wenya 2014-05-20
Christopher Mnyenyembe independent politician Mzimba East 2014-05-20
Mary Mpanga independent politician Phalombe South 2014-05-20
Yaumi Mpaweni United Democratic Front Balaka Central East 2014-05-20
Frank Mphande Democratic Progressive Party Nkhotakota North 2014-05-20
Richard Msowoya Malawi Congress Party Karonga Nyungwe 2014-05-20
Ulemu Msungama Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe City South East 2017-10-17
Pemba Msusa independent politician Mangochi Masongola 2014-05-20
Baudeni Mtonga Malawi Congress Party Kasungu North West 2014-05-20
Malani Mtonga People's Party Karonga South 2014-05-20
Clement Mukumbwa Democratic Progressive Party Chitipa Central 2014-05-20
Felton Mulli Democratic Progressive Party Phalombe Central 2014-05-20
Austin Muluzi United Democratic Front Machinga North East 2014-05-20
Chizamsoka Mulwafu Democratic Progressive Party Chitipa East 2014-05-20
James Munthali People's Party Chitipa North 2014-05-20
Victor Musowa independent politician Mulanje Bale 2014-05-20
Henry Mussa Democratic Progressive Party Chiradzulu East 2014-05-20
Uladi Mussa People's Party Salima South 2014-05-20
Beatrice Mwale People's Party Kasungu North 2014-05-20
Jephter Mwale Malawi Congress Party Mchinji West 2014-05-20
Vitus Mwale Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Msozi South 2014-05-20
Joseph Mwanamvekha Democratic Progressive Party Chiradzulu South 2014-05-20
Frank Mwenifumbo independent politician Karonga Central 2014-05-20
Kondwani Nakhumwa Democratic Progressive Party Mulanje Central 2014-05-20
Aboo Naliwa independent politician Zomba Msondole 2014-05-20
Dennis Namachekecha independent politician Phalombe North East 2014-05-20
Bentry Namasasu Democratic Progressive Party Lilongwe City South East 2014-05-20 2017-03-06
Mary Navicha Democratic Progressive Party Thyolo Thava 2014-05-20
Susan Ndalama Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre Rural East 2014-05-20
Malison Ndau Democratic Progressive Party Ntcheu Central 2014-05-20
Grant Ndecha United Democratic Front Machinga South 2014-05-20
Wilson Ndomondo People's Party Machinga South East 2014-05-20
Alice Ngoma independent politician Mzimba Luwerezi 2014-05-20
Watson Ngozo Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Mpenu 2014-05-20
Allan Ngumuya independent politician Blantyre City South 2014-05-20
Christopher Ngwira People's Party Mzimba Hora 2014-05-20
Leonard Njikho independent politician Mzuzu City 2014-05-20
Joseph Njobvuyalema Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe Mapuyu South 2014-05-20
Amon Nkhata Malawi Congress Party Kasungu Central 2014-05-20
Agness Nyalonje People's Party Mzimba North 2014-05-20
Commodius Nyirenda independent politician Nkhata Bay North West 2014-05-20
Mahomed Osman independent politician Chiradzulu Central 2014-05-20
Lilian Patel United Democratic Front Mangochi South 2014-05-20
Emily Phiri independent politician Nkhata Bay South 2014-05-20
Francis Phiri Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre North 2014-05-20
Mac Salijeni independent politician Thyolo South 2014-05-20
Aaron Sangala Democratic Progressive Party Blantyre Malabada 2014-05-20
Henry Shaba independent politician Mzimba Central 2014-05-20
Rabson Shaba independent politician Mzimba South East 2014-05-20
Rodger Sithole independent politician Kasungu North, North East 2014-05-20
Lawrence Sitolo Malawi Congress Party Nsanje Lalanje 2017-10-17
Timothy Solomoni Democratic Progressive Party Thyolo East 2014-05-20
Lyana Tambala independent politician Mulanje North 2014-05-20
Chrissy Tembo Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe City North 2014-05-20
Patrick Themu Malawi Congress Party Dedza South 2014-05-20
Harry Thomson independent politician Chikwawa North 2014-05-20 2019-06-06
Maxwell Thyolera Malawi Congress Party Lilongwe North East 2014-05-20
Charles Tikhiwa Democratic Progressive Party Zomba Thondwe 2014-05-20
Ernest Yahaya United Democratic Front Machinga Central East 2014-05-20
Divelias Zaipa independent politician Mchinji South 2014-05-20
Kayo Zimchetera Malawi Congress Party Mchinji East 2014-05-20
Rachel Zulu People's Party Mchinji North 2014-05-20

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