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List of political party in Spain (Q6065085)Edit

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short name Party description inception dissolved, abolished or demolished chairperson official website political alignment political ideology founded by logo image
Agrupació Democràtica Menorquina 1976-04 liberalism
Alianza por la Unidad Nacional 1994 2005 national syndicalism
Alliance for the Republic communism
Alternativa Ciudadana 25 de Mayo 2004 left-wing
Alternativa Ciudadana por Agaete 2010 Canarian nationalism
Alternativa Galega 1993 1993 centrism
Alternativa Liberal Social 2010-03-26 2012-10-10 social liberalism
Spanish nationalism
Alternativa Mijeña 2002 Andalusian nationalism
Alternativa Popular Canaria 2002 Canarian nationalism
Alternativa por Castilla y León Q6103960
Alternativa Sí se puede por Tenerife 2007 left-wing
Alternativa Valenciana 1998 2005 Valencian regionalism
Alternative Left 1991 1993 communism
Andalusian Convergence 2006 2013 Andalusian nationalism
Andalusian Party Spanish political party 1976 2015 left-wing democratic socialism
Andalusian nationalism
Andalusian Social Liberal Party 1977 1978 centrism
Anova-Nationalist Brotherhood 2012-07-14 left-wing Galician nationalism
Anticapitalistas Madrid 2019
Aragon's Socialists' Party 1978 centre-left
Aragonese Party 1978-01 Arturo Aliaga López centrism regionalism
Aralar Party political party in Spain 2000 2017-12-02 socialism
Asamblea de Ciudadanos por la Izquierda 2007-03-26 left-wing
Asamblea Nacional de Andalucía political party in Spain 2000 2008 Andalusian nationalism
Askatasuna 1998-08-31 2009-02-18 Basque nationalism
Assembleia do Povo Unido 1989 1995 Galician nationalism
Asturian Nationalist Council 1976 1981 Asturian nationalism
Badajoz TUYO 2007-03-20 right-wing neoliberalism
Basque Nationalist Party Natoinalist political party in the Basque Country 1895 Andoni Ortuzar Basque nationalism
Sabino Arana
Batasuna political party in Spain 2001-05-23 2013-01-03 far-left Basque nationalism
Bloc for Asturias political party in Spain 2003 Asturian nationalism
Bloc for Majorca 2006-11-17 2011-04-14 left-wing
Bloc-Iniciativa-Verds 2008 2008
Bloque Aragonés 2011 Q56549734 Aragonese nationalism
green politics
Bloque de Izquierdas de Extremadura 2009-04-28 left-wing
Bloque de la Izquierda Asturiana Asturian nationalism
Canarian Assembly 1982 1987 left-wing
Canarian Coalition political party in Spain 1993 liberalism
Canarian Convergence 1982 1987 Canarian nationalism
Canarian Nationalist Alternative 2007-02-13 left-wing socialism
Canarian nationalism
Canarian Nationalist Federation 1999 2007 Canarian nationalism
Canarian Nationalist Party political party in Spain 1924-01-30
Juan Manuel García Ramos
Cangas Left Alternative 2007 left-wing
Cannabis Party 2003 legality of cannabis
es:PCAN Cantonal Party 1976 Cantonalism
Carlist Party 1970 workers' self-government
Carlist Party of Euskalherria 1974
2000 workers' self-government
es:IzCa Castilian Left Spanish leftist nationalist political movement 2002 far-left Castilian nationalism
Castilian Party political party in Spain 2009-01-19 centre-left Castilian nationalism
social democracy
Castilla Unida 2010-10-18 Castilian nationalism
Centrados 2007-03-29
Centro Canario Nacionalista political party in Spain 1992-09-15 Ignacio González Santiago centrism
Centro Demócrata Europeo centrism
Christian Democratic Party 1977 1978 centrism
Chunta Aragonesista political party in Aragon, Spain 1986-06-29 José Luis Soro left-wing eco-socialism
Aragonese nationalism
Citizens for Blank Votes political party in Spain
ca:Cs Ciudadanos Spanish political party 2006-05-26 Albert Rivera centre-right conservative liberalism
Spanish unionism
Ciudadanos de Burgos por Castilla la Vieja 2006 regionalism
Ciudadanos Demócratas e Independientes 2009
Ciutadans de Pego-Independents 2007 centrism
Clau de Mallorca 2003-12-18 liberalism
Commitment to Aragon Political party of Autonomus Comunity Aragon (Spain) 2018-02 2018-05-23 Q56545727 centrism
Communist Party of Andalusia 1979 Antonio Romero Ruiz communism
Communist Party of Aragon political party in Spain 1980 1984 Marxism–Leninism
Communist Party of Aragon 1982 Marxism
Communist Party of Asturias 1978 Marxism
Communist Party of Castile-La Mancha 1921-11-14 communism
Communist Party of Galicia 1968 communism
Communist Party of Madrid Marxism
Communist Party of National Liberation 1986 1990 communism
es:PCE Communist Party of Spain communist party of Spain founded in 1921 1921-11-14 left-wing communism
Jules Humbert-Droz
Communist Party of Spain splinter group that existed 1971–1980 1968 1980 Marxism–Leninism
es:PCE m-l Communist Party of Spain (Marxist–Leninist) 1964-11 1992 far-left Marxism–Leninism
Communist Party of Spain (Marxist–Leninist) 2006 communism
es:PCE(r) Communist Party of Spain (Reconstituted) 1975 2003 far-left Marxism–Leninism
Communist Party of the Balearic Islands organization 1977 Marxism
Communist Party of the Basque Country 1935 Marxism Jesús Larrañaga
Communist Party of the Basque Homelands political party in Spain 2002-07-27 2008 Marxism–Leninism
Basque nationalism
Communist Party of the Canaries 1933 Marxism José Miguel Pérez Pérez
es:PCPE Communist Party of the People of Spain political party 1984-12-15 communism
proletarian internationalism
Communist Party of the Valencian Country 1976 Marxism–Leninism
Communist Party of the Valencians 1991 communism
es:PCTE Communist Party of the Workers of Spain political party 2019-03-03 left-wing communism
ca:UCE Communist Unification of Spain 1973 Marxism–Leninism
Comunistes Catalans Independents 1977 1979 communism
es:Contigo Contigo Somos Democracia political party in Spain centre-right social liberalism
Convergència Balear 1991 1995 centrism
Convergencia Democrática Asturiana 1999 Asturian nationalism
Convergència Democràtica de la Franja 2009 centre-right
Convergencia por Extremadura 2010 left-wing
Convergencia Regionalista de Extremadura 1992 1996
Converxencia Nacionalista Galega 1992 1999 Adolfo de Abel centre-right
Democracia Participativa 2011
Democracia Plural 2016-03-01
Democratic and Social Centre political party in Spain 1982-07-20 2006 Adolfo Suárez centrism social liberalism
christian democracy
Adolfo Suárez
Democratic and Social Party of Ceuta 1994
Democratic Left Spanish political party 1976 1979-01-14 christian democracy
Democratic Party of the New Left 1997 2001 Cristina Almeida social democracy
Democratic Popular Party Spanish political party 1982-07-21 1989-06-04 Óscar Alzaga centre-right christian democracy
Democratic Reform 1976 1977 Manuel Fraga Iribarne right-wing
Democratic Reformist Party political party 1984 1986 Antonio Garrigues Walker centrism
Democrats Convergence of Navarre political party in Navarre 1995 2011 José Andrés Burguete centrism
ca:E.V.I.B. Els Verds de les Illes Balears 1991-11-25 environmentalism
ca:Els Verds Els Verds de Mallorca 1998-07-24 left-wing environmental movement
ca:E.V.Me. Els Verds de Menorca political party 2001-02-26 2011 environmental movement
Ensame Nacionalista Astur 1982 1988 Asturian nationalism
Entesa d'Eivissa 1989 democratic socialism
Entesa de l'Esquerra de Menorca 1987 1994 social democracy
Entesa per Mallorca 2006-11-23 left-wing
Equo green political party in Spain 2011-06-04 left-wing green politics
España 2000 Spanish political party 2002 José Luis Roberto Navarro Spanish nationalism
Esquerda de Galicia political party in Spain 1998 2002 left-wing
Esquerra de Menorca Spanish political party left-wing
Euskadiko Ezkerra 1977 1993 Juan María Bandrés Molet Basque nationalism
Euskal Ezkerra political party in the Basque Country, Spain 1993 1994 social democracy
Euskal Herria Bildu Basque nationalist coalition from the Basque Autonomous Community and Navarre in Spain 2012 left-wing Ezker abertzalea
Basque nationalism
Euskal Herriko Komunistak
Euskal Iraultzarako Alderdia 1977 1981 Basque nationalism
Euskal Sozialista Ekintza 1978-07-23 1978-11-18 Juan Domínguez Basque nationalism
Eusko Alkartasuna Basque nationalist party 1986-09-04 social democracy
Extremaduran Popular Bloc 1983 1983 Q9048423
Ezker Anitza 2012-01-28 left-wing socialism
Ezker Batua – Berdeak 1986 2014-09-19 socialism
es:FE de las JONS Falange political party and movement in Spain originating in the late 1930s 1934-02 1937-04-19 José Antonio Primo de Rivera Third Position Falangism
Spanish nationalism
José Antonio Primo de Rivera
es:FE Falange Española Spanish political organization of fascist inspiration active (1933-1934) 1933-10-28 1934-02-15 far-right fascism
Falange Española de las JONS (1977) 1976 fascism
Federación de los Independientes de Aragón 2006
Federación Obrera Montañesa
Feminism8 2019-02-28
ca:M+J For a Fairer World 2004 Antonio Sieira Mucientes big tent Pro-Europeanism
Forum 1990 centrism
Frente Autonómico Basque nationalism
Frente Nacional Spanish political party 2006 2011 far-right
Front espagnol 2002 Blas Piñar far-right
Fuerza Nueva Spanish far right political party (1976-1982) 1976-10-19 1982-11-20 Blas Piñar far-right Spanish nationalism
national syndicalism
National Catholicism
Blas Piñar
Galician Coalition 1983 2012 centrism
Galician Convergence 2010-09-24 Xoán Gato Díaz centrism
Galician Left 1980 1984 left-wing
Galician Nationalist Bloc 1982 Ana Pontón left-wing Galician nationalism
deliberative assembly
Galician Nationalist Party-Galicianist Party 1987 Galician nationalism
Galician Party of the Proletariat 1978 1980 far-left Marxism
Galician Socialist Party 1963-08-23 1983 centre-left
Galician Socialist Party-Galician Left 1984 1993 Galician nationalism
Galician Workers Front 2010 left-wing
Galician Workers Party 1977 1980 Marxism
Green Alternative–Ecologist Movement of Catalonia 1983-12-16 1993 environmental movement
Green Left–Initiative for the Valencian Country 2001 2004 environmental movement
Grupo Verde Europeo 1999-04-30
mul:GU Guipúzcoa Unida Basque right-wing political party 1977 right-wing
Humanist Party 1984 humanism
es:IGRE Igualdad Real 2018-04-24
Independent Group of Benalmádena 1995
Independent Popular Council of Formentera 1995 2011 centre-right
Independientes Portuenses 1991 2015
es:IPdeU Iniciativa Popular Ubetense 2010 localism
ca:POSI Internationalist Socialist Workers' Party 1980 far-left Trotskyism
es:IZQP Izquierda en Positivo 2017-03-22 left-wing democratic socialism
Spanish unionism
Jaén en Común 2015 left-wing
Land Party political party in Spain 2011-07-25 direct democracy
Leonese Autonomist Party–Leonesist Unity 2005 Leonese regionalism
Liberal Democratic Centre political party in Spain 2006-02-14 2014-02-24 liberalism
Liberal Democratic Party (Spain) 1984 1984 liberalism
Liberal Party political party (1976-1989) of Spain 1976-06 1989 centrism
Liberal Progressive Party 1977 1977 centre-right
Liberal Union (Spain, 1983) 1983 1984 liberalism
Majorera Assembly 1977 1995 Canarian nationalism
Menorcan Union 2009 2012 centre-right
Més per Menorca 2014-07-21 Souverainism
es:MIEL Movimiento Independiente Euro Latino 2019-03-04
Movimiento Nacional nationalist inspired mechanism during Francoist rule in Spain Falangism
National Front far right political party in Spain (1986-93) 1986 1993 far-right
Nationalist Canarian Assembly 1989 1991 left-wing
Nationalist Left 1992 2012 Galician nationalism
Nationalist Party of Cantabria political party in Cantabria, Spain 1988 Cantabrism
Nationalist Party of Castile and León political party in Spain 1978-03-28 centrism
Nationalist Party of the Valencian Country 1978 1982 Valencian nationalism
Organización Independiente Valenciana 1982 regionalism
Partido Carlista de Aragón 1975
Partido Carlista de Asturias
Partido Carlista del Reino de León
Partido Ciudadanos Unidos de Aragón Q9022187
Partido Comunista de Cataluña 1932 1936 left-wing communism
Partido Comunista de Galicia 1985 1991 Eurocommunism
es:PCPA Partido Comunista del Pueblo Andaluz 1984 Marxism–Leninism
Partido de Almería 2005
Partido de El Bierzo 1979-04-23 Q5726296
Partido de Estepona
Partido de Independientes de Lanzarote political party in Spain 1985 Canarian nationalism
es:JUFUDI Partido de Jubilados por el Futuro 2019-03-21
Partido de los Anejos y Barriadas de Antequera 2007
Partido de los Obreros Revolucionarios de España 1980s left-wing
Partido del Progreso de Ciudades de Castilla y León 0011 2009
Partido Demócrata Popular Spanish defunct political party 1974-12 1977-12-16 Fernando Chueca Goitia centrism liberalism
Partido Demócrata Progresista Spanish political party 1978
ca:PDSA Partido Demócrata Social Autonomista 2011-09-05 left-wing Autonomism
es:PED Partido Español Demócrata 1983 2000 left-wing progressivism
Partido Europeo Liberal 2001 centrism
Partido Galeguista 1984 1988 Galician nationalism
Partido Galeguista 1978 1984 Galicianism
Partido Galeguista Demócrata 2004 2012 Galicianism
Partido Gallego Independiente 1977 1983 centrism
Partido Independiente Valle del Guadiaro 1994-12-12 Q6159221
Partido Liberal Español 1976 right-wing
es:PNI Partido Nacional Independiente 1977-08-04 1980 far-right conservatism
Partido Nacionalista de Lanzarote political party in Spain 1996 centrism
Partido Nacionalista Leonés
Partido Nacionalista Vasco en Navarra
Partido Nuevos Foralistas
Partido Provincialista del Bierzo
Partido Regional de la Comunidad Valenciana 2002 2005 Valencian regionalism
Partido Regionalista Castellano 1988-01-05 Castilian nationalism
Partido Regionalista Manchego 1983-01-15 Q5692830
Partido Revolucionario de los Trabajadores 1994 2001 Trotskyism
Partido Social Demócrata Foral 1977-02-21 1978 social democracy
Partido Social Independiente de Rincón de la Victoria 1995
Partido Socialdemócrata Independiente 1976 1977 social democracy
es:PST Partido Socialista de los Trabajadores (Spain) 1979 1993 far-left communism
Partido Socialista del Pueblo Andaluz 1986 1987 socialism
Partit per Catalunya (España) 2007 Mateu Figuerola i Niubó far-right
es:PACMA Party Against Mistreatment to Animals Spanish political party 2003-02-24 Silvia Barquero Nogales environmentalism
Anti-bullfighting movement
animal rights
animal welfare
Party of Labour of Spain 1968 1980-06-15 communism
Party of the Democratic Karma 2000
People's Alliance Spanish political party 1976-10-09 1989-01-20 Manuel Fraga Iribarne right-wing conservatism Manuel Fraga Iribarne
Laureano López Rodó
Cruz Martínez Esteruelas
Federico Silva Muñoz
Gonzalo Fernández de la Mora
Licinio de la Fuente
Enrique Thomas de Carranza
People's Party political party in Spain 1989-01-20 Pablo Casado right-wing neoliberalism
Spanish nationalism
Manuel Fraga Iribarne
People's Party (Spain, 1976) 1976 1977 centre-right José María de Areilza, Count of Motrico
Pío Cabanillas Gallas
Francisco Aguirre de la Hoz
José Luis Álvarez Álvarez
Emilio Attard Alonso
Germán Anllo Vázquez
Pablo Bravo Lozano
Blas Camacho Zancada
Fernando Castedo
Ricardo de la Cierva
Manuel Clavero Arévalo
Jaime García Añoveros
José García-Margallo y Marfil
Miguel Herrero y Rodríguez de Miñón
José Pedro Pérez-Llorca
Alejandro Royo-Villanova
People's Party of Cantabria 1989 Ignacio Diego conservatism
People's Party of Castile and León 1989 Juan Vicente Herrera Campo centre-right
People's Party of Extremadura 1989 José Antonio Monago centre-right
People's Party of Galicia 1989 Alberto Núñez Feijoo conservatism Manuel Fraga Iribarne
People's Party of the Basque Country 1989-01-20 Alfonso Alonso centre-right
People's Party of the Canary Islands 1989 José Manuel Soria centre-right
Pirate Party political party in Spain 2006-12-06 Amparo Peiró Pirate Party
Podemos Spanish political party 2014-03-11 left-wing
democratic socialism
left-wing populism
political ecology
Pablo Iglesias Turrión
Juan Carlos Monedero
Miguel Urbán Crespo
Íñigo Errejón
Carolina Bescansa
Popular Socialist Party Spanish political party 1968 1978 Enrique Tierno Galván left-wing Marxism
democratic socialism
Populars in Freedom Party 0026 centre-right
POUM political party in Spain 1935 1980 far-left communism
democratic socialism
Joaquín Maurín
Andrés Nin
Proletarian Catalan Party 1934 1936 communism
Reformist Centre political party in Spain
Regionalist Party of Cantabria 1978 Miguel Ángel Revilla centrism regionalism
social liberalism
Regionalist Party of Guadalajara 1988-01-11 Democratic Center
es:ALTER Republican Alternative 2013-05-29 left-wing republicanism
democratic socialism
federalism in Spain
Iberian Federalism
Republican Left of the Valencian Country 1992
2000 Agustí Cerdà i Argent Q4344065
Republican Union Spanish political party 1903-03-26 1910-04 republicanism
Revolutionary Anticapitalist Left 2015 far-left Trotskyism
proletarian internationalism
revolutionary socialism
Revolutionary Communist League Spain (1971-1991) 1971 1991 far-left Marxism
Revolutionary Communist Party Spanish political party Marxism–Leninism
Revolutionary Workers' Party (Spain) 1974-08-15 left-wing communism
Riojan Party political party in Spain 1982 Miguel González de Legarra regionalism
big tent
Social Democratic Party political party in Spain 2005-04-10 2011 social democracy
Socialist Action Party 1972 Andrés Cuevas González left-wing
Socialist Party of Andalusia 2001 2011 Andalusian nationalism
Socialist Party of Aragon 1976 1983 socialism
Socialist Party of Castilla–La Mancha 1879 democratic socialism
Socialist Party of Navarra-PSOE political party in Spain 1974 Roberto Jiménez social democracy
Socialist Party of the People of Ceuta 1985 left-wing
Socialist Party of the Region of Murcia 1987-08-05 centre-left
es:SAIn Solidaridad y Autogestión Internacionalista 2004-03-31
es:AES Spanish Alternative political party in Spain 2003-04-21 economic liberalism
es:MCE Spanish Catholic Movement 1981
Spanish Communist Workers' Party 1921-04-13 Marxism
Spanish Communist Workers' Party 1973 far-left Marxism–Leninism
Enrique Líster
Spanish Democratic Party 1996 2008-05-10 Juan Ramón Calero right-wing conservatism
Christian humanism
Spanish Democratic Party 1983 progressivism
Spanish People's Union 1975 1977 Francoism Francisco Labadie Otermin
Carlos Pinilla Turiño
José Martínez Emperador
Fernando Abril Martorell
Juan Antonio Samaranch
Miguel Herrero y Rodriguez de Miñon
Francisco Queipo de Llano y Acuña
Blanca García-Valdecasas
José Manuel Pardo de Santayana y Suárez
Carlos Larrañaga
Agustín Cotorruelo Sendagorta
José Muñoz Ávila
Fernando Dancausa de Miguel
Mariano Calviño de Sabucedo y Gras
Antonio Chozas Bermúdez
Eduardo Barreiros
Ramón Andrada Pfeiffer
Manuel Blanco Tobío
Madrid Manuel Cacho
Joan Soler i Bultó
Alfonso Cortina
Javier Carvajal Ferrer
Luis Miravitlles
Pedro Nieto Antúnez
es:PSOE Spanish Socialist Workers' Party political party in Spain 1879-05-02 Cristina Narbona centre-left social democracy Pablo Iglesias Posse
Syndicalist Party 1932 1985 anarchism
ca:LV-GV The Greens–Green Group 1994 Esteban Cabal left-wing green politics
es:UNIJUS Unidos para la Independencia de la Justicia 2017-04-11
Unified Communist Party of Spain 1980 1984 Marxism–Leninism
Unified Socialist Party of Andalusia 1978 1978 Andalusian nationalism
es:UNI Unión Noreñense Independiente 2003 2007 Aurelio Quirós Argüelles centrism localism
Union of the Democratic Centre political party in Spain 1977-05-03
1983-02-18 Adolfo Suárez centrism christian democracy
social democracy
big tent
Adolfo Suárez
es:UPyD Union, Progress and Democracy political party in Spain 2007-09-26 Cristiano Brown centrism social liberalism
radical centrism
Spanish unionism
civic nationalism
Unitarian Candidacy of Workers political party in Andalusia, Spain 1979 far-left anarchist communism
United Extremadura 1980 Pedro Cañada Q9048423
United Left 1986 socialism
ca:EUIB United Left of the Balearic Islands 1996-11-06 republicanism
Valencian Coalition 2004 2011 Blaverism
Valencian Left 1998 Robert Mora left-wing
Vox Spanish political party 2013-12-14 Santiago Abascal Conde far-right
right-wing populism
economic liberalism
national conservatism
Spanish ultra-nationalism
José Antonio Ortega Lara
José Luis González Quirós
Santiago Abascal Conde
Ignacio Camuñas Solís
White Seats 2010-07-21
Workers Revolutionary Party - Revolutionary Left 2002 2011 communism
Workers' Communist Party 1973 1980 Marxism–Leninism
Workers' Party former political party in Spain 1979 1980 far-left communism
Workers' Party of Spain – Communist Unity 1985-10-09 1991-10-27 Santiago Carrillo Eurocommunism
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