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This is an overview of the top genres (by number of paintings) of the sum of all paintings. See also the genre documentation.


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image Genre description count
Dama z gronostajem.jpg
portrait artistic representation of one or more persons 60274
Sainte chapelle - Upper level.jpg
religious art Art that is religious in theme 38447
Salomon van Ruysdael - View of Egmond aan Zee - WGA20562.jpg
landscape art depiction of landscapes in art 29180
Kalf, Willem - Still Life with Ewer, Vessels and Pomegranate - Google Art Project.jpg
still life art genre 8976
A Man and His Dog (Antonio Rotta).jpg
genre art art genre that depicts scenes from everyday life 6609
Dürer - Selbstbildnis im Pelzrock - Alte Pinakothek.jpg
self-portrait representation of an artist, drawn, painted, photographed, or sculpted by the artist 4731
Andrea Schiavone - Apollo and Daphne.jpeg
mythological painting genre in painting based on stories of Ovid, Aesop's fables, plays, or other popular myths 4548
Schepen aan lager wal - Ships running aground - The 'Ridderschap' and 'Hollandia' in trouble in the Street of Gibraltar 1-3 March 1694 (Ludolf Backhuysen, 1708).jpg
marine art form of figurative art that portrays or draws its main inspiration from the sea 2261
Jacques-Louis David - Oath of the Horatii - Google Art Project.jpg
history painting genre in painting defined by historical matter (see also religious painting and mythological painting) 2205
Jan Vermeer - The Art of Painting - Google Art Project.jpg
allegory pictorial representation of a figure to represent an idea or institution 1761
The Dam in Amsterdam, by Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde.jpg
cityscape art genre 1673
Artful nude or figurenude photograph.jpg
nude work of art that has as its primary subject the unclothed human body 1396
Durer Young Hare.jpg
animal art artistic theme of reproducing animals in art 1156
Jan Bruegel (I) - Bouquet of Flowers in a Ceramic Vase.jpg
floral painting genre in painting 573
Hilma af Klint Svanen.jpg
abstract art art with a degree of independence from visual references in the world 518
Golden Apple of Discord by Jacob Jordaens.jpg
figure painting genre of painting 448
Jean Fouquet - Self-portrait - WGA08041.jpg
portrait miniature very small painting 440
La familia de Felipe V.jpg
group portrait portrait of more than one person 438
Job Adriaensz. Berckheyde 003.jpg
church interior genre in painting 419
Ca' Rezzonico - Canal Grande da Palazzo Balbi a Rialto C.1722 - Canaletto.jpg
veduta genre of large-scale paintings or prints of a cityscape or other vista 395
Hulton - Le musée de Rennes vers 1900.JPG
interior view genre of painting 288
Diego Velázquez 053.jpg
equestrian portrait art genre that shows the subject on horseback 209
architectural view genre of painting 197
Russian Imperial Family 1913.jpg
family portrait art genre; group portrait of a family 181
Giovanni Pauolo Panini - Fantasy View with the Pantheon and other Monuments of Ancient Rome - Google Art Project.jpg
capriccio architectural fantasy in painting 157
Carl Hasenpflug, Idealansicht des Kölner Doms.jpg
architectural painting painting genre 133
Peter Paul Ruben's copy of the lost Battle of Anghiari.jpg
battle painting genre of painting, battle scene 124
abstraction artistic concept 92
Meisje met de parel.jpg
tronie type of artwork showing an exaggerated face or character in costume 86
Helst, Peace of Münster.jpg
schutterstuk Dutch civic guard group portrait 77
Giorgione - Sleeping Venus - Google Art Project 2.jpg
figurative art art that depicts real object sources 77
portrait historié portrait painting in theatrical costume, usually only the faces are the portrait and the rest is fantasized 76
Pieter Claesz, Still Life with a Skull and a Writing Quill.jpg
vanitas type of symbolic work of art 72
George Smart Old Bright, the Postman, 1 © Jonathan Christie-Tunbridge Wells Museum.jpg
folk art art produced by artisans trained in a relevant skill working within a local client economy 67
Escaping criticism-by pere borrel del caso.png
trompe-l'œil art technique 58
Renoir, Pierre-Auguste - The Two Sisters, On the Terrace.jpg
double portrait portrait of two people 57
Poster art 52
lunar art genre of painting set on or depcting Earth's Moon 49
Velazquez-The Surrender of Breda.jpg
military art works of art on military themes 39
modern art artistic works produced during the period extending roughly from the 1860s to the 1970s 38
Francina Margaretha van Huysum - A Dish of Fruit CAM CCF PD 31 1975.jpg
fruit painting genre in painting 36
nocturne term in painting 35
Pastoral Landscape by Alvan Fisher, 1854.jpg
pastoral art genre 33
Jan de bray regenten dolhuys.JPG
regentenstuk group portrait of regents of an organisation (usually a Dutch charity) 32
Jan Davidsz de Heem - A pie and a partly peeled lemon with crayfish and shrimp in a kraak porcelain bowl, fruit and ewer on a table 1997 CKS 05903 0022 000().jpg
pronk still life type of still life painting; generally includes expensive food such as exotic fruit or fish and valuable objects such as a covered beaker 32
Flickr - …trialsanderrors - Utamaro, Kushi (Comb), ca. 1785.jpg
ukiyo-e Japanese art genre, fl. 17th–19th c., consisting of woodblock prints and paintings of such subjects as female beauties, kabuki actors, sumo wrestlers, scenes from history and folk tales, travel scenes, landscapes, flora, fauna, and erotica 30
idyll short rustic poem 25
Mantegna ritratto d'uomo washington.jpg
profile orientation to the side, in a two-dimensional depiction 23
Am Totenbett.jpg
catafalque portrait portrait of a dead person on a bier, sometimes the deathbed is the bier, but not always 22
Haerlempjes type of painting that includes a view of Haarlem 18
heraldic art art genre 18
Western art art genre focusing on the American west 18
overdoor relief, panel or painting above a doorway 17
byōbu-e picture drawn on a Japanese folding screen 17
public art art in public space 16
Robert Delaunay, Les coureurs, 1924.jpg
sport art art genre 14
(1)Jabiru dreaming-7.jpg
cave painting paintings found on cave walls and ceilings 14
coffin portrait portrait of the deceased used to decorate a coffin during a funeral service 13
erotic art artistic work that deals substantively with erotically stimulating or sexually arousing subject matter 12
Nicolaes Gillis 1611.jpg
laid table type of still life painting; generally includes a tablecloth 12
astronomical art aspect of space art devoted to visualizing the wonders of outer space 11
ornament decoration used to embellish parts of a building or object 10
Nikuhitsuga Japanese paintings in ukiyo-e style 9
Gustave Courbet - Bonjour Monsieur Courbet - Musée Fabre.jpg
Realism French painting movement 8
El petó de Judes- The Kiss of Judas.JPG
Gothic painting Gothic painting 8
Caspar David Friedrich - Wanderer above the sea of fog.jpg
Romanticism period of artistic, literary, and intellectual movement that started in 18th century Europe 7
Cruikshank - The Allied Bakers.png
satire genre of arts and literature in the form of humor or ridicule 7
nishiki-e Japanese multi-colored woodblock printing 7
conversation piece painting genre 6
Henri Rousseau (French) - A Centennial of Independence - Google Art Project.jpg
Post-Impressionism Predominantly French art movement that developed roughly between 1886 and 1905 6
The Calling of Saint Matthew-Caravaggo (1599-1600).jpg
Baroque painting painting movement 6
Italian Renaissance painting art movement 6
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