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The project that this WikiProject was formed to complete has been finished and it has been preserved as a list of links. For active WikiProjects, please see the listing at Wikidata:WikiProjects.

Most interwiki links are imported to Wikidata and new pages are either added by user manually or by bots. In the case of an importing problem, please make a report at WD:IWC.

The below content and the subpages may be outdated.

This page is about Phase I data import (interwiki links). Subpages are listing pages that have no connection to wikidata. list is updated occasionally by MerlBot, other lists are no longer mantained. Reports can only be created for wikis maintained by MerlIwBot (this excludes enwiki), having low replication lag for wiki and wikidatawiki mirror on toolserver and enough filesystem space on database servers for temporary tables (this currently excludes dewiki and sometimes itwiki). Reports for all other 274 wikis are not to be expected, but can be requested on talk page.

MerlIwBot is currently (this will change in future) only creating items having two or more sitelinks. So this report only includes pages having at least one langlink. Additional the bot is limited to content namespace because of a RFC.


Language subpagesEdit

wiki pages having at least one langlink
total missing
/dewiki Deutsch 963161 6332
/fawiki فارسی 186447 1075
/frrwiki Nordfriisk 2688 18
/huwiki magyar 183511 1464
/itwiki italiano 769611 7031
/ruwiki русский


(См. также список конфликтов, связанных с перенаправлениями.)



/zhwiki 中文 415756 6776


This format is currently used on subpages.

  • <not imported page> [⟺ <conflict pages>]
    1. <related item>(list of related pages connected to this item)

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