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Submission no. 35
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Inventaire: tale of a Wikidata-centered linked open contributive database on resources/books
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Maxime Lathuilière (User:Maxlath)
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Affiliation, if any (organisation, company etc.) server (Q32844021)

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45 min
Ideal number of attendees
EtherPad for documentation

home page of the webapp, for general information on the book sharing service
the view a user logged-in in could see in May 2017
this graph describe the overlap between Wikidata and Inventaire entities in the world of books
  1. vision: mapping resources with libre software and knowledge
  2. general overview of the server (Q32844021) service: a web app to keep inventories of books using Wikidata
  3. digging on the data:
    1. data sources and assisted/semi-automated data contribution
    2. data structure: URI-based Wikidata-mimicking data schema (labels, claims), but simplified and more strongly constrained to make edition easier by anyone
    3. the entity editor
    4. editing Wikidata from Inventaire
    5. use of Inventaire data out of the book sharing service:
  4. next steps:
    1. extending Wikidata role of identifier hub to entities not known by Wikidata, using libraries identifiers (SUDOC, BNF, BNB, etc)
    2. Inventaire Game/Mix-&-Match
    3. first dump once tools are in place and data has a lower amount of duplicates

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