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wikidata-cli demo: read and write Wikidata from the command-line!

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Maxime Lathuilière (User:Maxlath)
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Introduction to wikidata-cli, the command-line interface (Q189053) for Wikidata. This demo is for you if:
  • you don't know all the Q ids by heart yet, and need a quick way to know what an id stands for.

demo of wikidata-cli 'wd summary' command

  • you don't know all the properties by heart yet, and would enjoy having the list at hand in the terminal to grep on it, or whatever
  • you like the idea of setting labels, adding claims, or running SPARQL queries from the terminal. More generally, you take for obvious that the command-line interfaces are in many cases way more efficient than graphic interfaces
  • you do not, but want to learn

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get a taste of what wikidata-cli has to offer

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need a video projector

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