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One of many possible educational activities involving Wikidata: an Everything is connected puzzle, "From poppies to New York City". Try to fill in the missing pieces. If Wikidata knows of a connection between adjacent pieces, it will show a black connector. If not, it will display a question mark instead.

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This page lists potential educational activities that have or could have a Wikidata-related component. The activity is then described further at a dedicated subpage, such that course pages can transclude or otherwise reuse relevant activities more readily and in any order. The listing here is not based on any assumptions about specific audiences or educational formats, nor on the duration of the coursework or its granularity but the expectation is that combinations of individual items from this list can be tailored to specific values of such parameters in a relatively straightforward manner.

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The list in this section is automatically generated based on the existence of subpages to this page. These subpages usually contain pointers to more detailed information available elsewhere. Entries in italics denote redirects, which are included to increase discoverability. This infrastructure is provisional — we are looking into using Wikidata items and properties or setting up a dedicated Wikibase instance for describing educational activities like these. For this to be effective, we need some seed content and some suitable data models.

Further ideas edit

The ordering in this section is intentionally not alphabetical, so as to leave more room for inspiring new thoughts. Ideas already appearing in the automatic list above may appear again below in blue and should be removed from this section.

History edit

The idea for this list, the seed content and its initial ordering came out of sessions at WikidataCon 2017 and FSCI 2018.

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