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This is a draft about how Wikidata could support Wikinews.

Be bold when updating the page, but please use the discussion page at Wikidata_talk:Wikinews to propose significant changes to this proposal.

Note: Phase 1 (sitelinks) is currently scheduled for August 19th.

Interwiki linksEdit

Summary: All Wikinews pages (news) have the property instance of (P31) Wikinews article (Q17633526).
See: Wikidata talk:Wikinews#instance of (P31); also: Wikidata:Project chat/Archive/2014/08#n: interwiki link import bot; example: Iran to reduce nuclear enrichment in exchange for sanctions reduction (Q17587737).

Some news in main namespace are created in multiple languages (see: n:Nelson Mandela dies aged 95Q17602302).

It's necessary to link the items through Wikidata.

Interproject linksEdit

Summary: Wikinews categories (topics) correspond to Wikipedia articles and to similar items in other wikiprojects.
See: Wikidata:Project chat/Archive/2014/09#Wikinews linking.

Now we use templates such as {{Sister project links}} (from and to sister projects; see n:ru:Категория:Франция (n:Category:France) and w:ru:Франция#Литература (w:France#External links)). But Wikivoyage implemented this more carefully (see left sidebar: voy:ru:Франция (voy:France)).

Other namespaces exactly correspond with namespaces of other wikiprojects, like Project, Help.

It's necessary to link our projects through Wikidata.