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This page was a draft proposal about how Wikidata could support Wikisource in a short time scope (i.e. without requiring a lot of software development work).

Please use the discussion page to propose changes to this proposal.

Phase 1 successfully launched on January 14th, 2014 on all Wikisource subdomains, with the exclusion of Oldwikisource.

Phase 2 successfully launched on February 25th, 2014.

Wikisource namespacesEdit


Author pages contain basic data (birth date...) and the list of works by this author. There is an obvious 1-1 relationship between the Wikipedia article (declined in different languages) about the author and the Wikisource page about the same author (declined also in different languages). Also, there is a 1-1 relationship between the Author page and the Creator page on Commons. So, the easier solution, and maybe the best, is to add the links to the author pages to current Wikidata items. That will allows to output interproject links easily in both Wikipedia and Wikisource and allows Wikisource author pages to output data from Wikidata.

Note: Sometimes this namespace is merged with the main namespace but even in such wikis (like German Wikisource) the author pages are always following the same rules.


There are four kind of pages associated with works in the main namespace:

  1. table of content pages that are the entry points for texts. These should be added as sitelinks to edition items
    Example: table of content page on Wikisourceedition item on Wikidata (see here for the difference between edition and work items)
  2. disambiguation pages that list completely different works with the same title. These should be added as sitelinks to Wikimedia disambiguation page items
    Example: disambiguation page on Wikisourcedisambiguation page item on Wikidata
  3. version pages that lists the different versions of the same work in Wikisource. They should be linked to the work items in Wikidata as they list some/all editions of the given work.
    Example: version page on Wikisourcework item on Wikidata
  4. single pages that contain a full work like a poem, a speech, etc. They should be linked to the related Wikidata items if, and only if, they are considered stand-alone works (i.e. a typical book chapter won't have its own item on Wikidata)
    Example: stand-alone page on Wikisourceitem on Wikidata

Other pages in the main space are disambiguation pages for works that happen to have the same title but have nothing else in common or pages for collections of works.


No plan currently. Waiting for more information about how Wikidata will support Commons files (initial proposal), as there is a strong relationship between an Index: page and the description page of its related scan on Wikimedia Commons.

Multilingual works: there isn't still a default usage for. An example of a multilingual work can be found at oldwikisource:Index:Labi 1997.djvu.


This namespace contains the proofread text of one scan page. Almost none of these pages use interlanguage links and they do not contain metadata that would be relevant to be used on Wikidata. So, no need for Wikidata support.

Wikisource / HelpEdit

Same namespaces as Wikipedia / Help namespaces of Wikipedias. Require the exactly same support (i.e. mostly interlanguage links). Wikisource should share the same items with Wikipedia for pages about the same topic. For example, there is a Wikipedia:Babel and a Wikisource:Babel in most of Wikipedias/Wikisources they share topic and often content, it would be relevant to have only one item for all these pages.


Same namespace and constraints as Wikipedia. Shared items with Wikipedia that store interlanguage links.


Same namespace and constraints as Wikipedia. Not used on all language subdomains.

Project (or Taskforce)Edit

Same constraints as Wikipedia but different namespaces. Not used on all language subdomains.


Currently available at English Wikisource (ns:114), Portuguese Wikisource (ns:108) and Chinese Wikisource (ns:114), this namespace functions like the Main namespace (ns:0) and will have the same requirements.



OldWikisource is a multilingual wiki that is used as a place for texts in languages that don't have a Wikisource yet as well as texts which are themselves multi-lingual. It should be handled by Wikidata. But, as the current linking interface relies on language codes, some change in the current Wikibase code will be needed to be able to add it in the "Wikisource" links section. The language code "mul" (short for multilingual) should be used, with as alias, "oldwikisource", that is currently used for interwiki links (see discussion). Note that unlike every other Wikimedia Foundation sister project which either has discrete language subdomains or which is multilingual by its nature (Commons, Wikidata, Wikispecies), there are legitimate reasons for a given text to be multi-lingual itself.

See also bugzilla:52971 and phab:T138332.

There is a similar situation with Wikidata:Incubator. Note also that content at the Incubator is expected to eventually "graduate" to its own subdomain and project but this is not true of The Multilingual Wikisource should contain texts: some of them are multi-lingual sources and some of them from languages which are too small and obscure to have their own domain.


Swedish Wikisource (s:sv:) do not require a botflag for interwiki-bots. Neither bots for Wikidata-migration require botflag. Just set up a userpage for the bot and start to edit!

English Wikisource (s:en) does not require community authorisation for interlanguage link bots Wikisource:Bots#Community authorisation and the bot naming policy here meets enWS requirements. I do no envisage difficulties with getting bot flag with the rigour of operations here. It would be expected that test runs for bots are undertaken and demonstrated to be operating within normal bounds prior to the allocation of a bot flag. Noting that conversation will be taken to smooth the way.  — billinghurst sDrewth 03:55, 3 January 2014 (UTC)

User:Tpt is working on a bot for the Author: namespace.