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This is a help page for WikiFlix. It is inspired by a project on Commons. See also its companion app WikiVibes for audio. Please file bug reports and feature requests here.



Wikidata has over 33 thousand items for movies that have fallen into the public domain. A fraction of these items (~1300 at the time of writing) have a video file, either at Wikimedia Commons, the Internet Archive, or YouTube.

WikiFlix is a bespoke interface to browse, search, and view these movies, and information about them, including cast members etc. It is modeled in the general theme of popular video streaming services, without trying to copy any specific one.

The WikiFlix database is updated hourly from Wikidata.

Because WikiFlix is putting an emphasis on entertainment, some movies are not suitable to be "advertised" eg on the main page. There is a community-maintained blacklist for such movies.

The WikiFlix tool is hosted on Toolforge in the US. Toolforge is operated by the Wikimedia Foundation. All WikiFlix content is generated from Wikidata and maintained by that community. Movies are hosted on Wikimedia Commons, the Internet Archive, or YouTube. The current maintainer for the technological aspects of WikiFlix is Magnus Manske (talk).



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