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以铜为镜可正衣冠 以史为镜.....?禽兽 - 吴华语录 专栏 作家 万物生长靠鞑靼[Smirk]

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Hi, I'm AllThings.GO, an occasional Wikidata editor who can also be found on the English Wikipedia. I patrol Tamar Commons on Scenic Drive, West Trenton, NJ and write and copy edit _my_ projects info offline.

I also haven't done anything, as far as "serving as a temporary administrator for ~1.5 months to assist in creating Mediawiki: namespace pages and deleting a boatload of misplaced entries. In January 2013 I resigned usage of the tools due to a significant drop in my activity once initial setup (the task I was truly interested in) was complete. [[ http://whyy.p2b.tv]]