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So far, I've been mainly editing articles in de.wikipedia on politics and modern history of Japan, and when I find the time [=rarely] other even more obscure [as seen from the Euro-Atlantic plurality of de./en.users] places around the world; but I will try do more here in coming months/years.

In an attempt to make myself useful in an area I have some Wikipedia experience in dealing with and that is well-covered in the corresponding language version of Wikipedia and to get a grip on Wikidata features, I'm currently delving into modern (Meiji–) Japanese subdivisions – the modern administrative geography and merger history in Japan is about as structured as you can get: [with only minor exceptions] contiguous, three-layered, uniform subdivisions of the country and several large waves of mergers (prefectures mainly 1871/72 and 1875/76, districts 1878/79 and 1896, municipalities 1889 [Meiji, comprehensive introduction to replace pre-modern subdivisions], 1920s [Taishō, smaller/localized], 1950s [Shōwa, huge], 2000s [Heisei, large]. If I cannot put that into Wikidata in a plausible way, it's not a project for structured data I can use.

Since Wikidata serves as a multi-language "crossroads", I'd prefer to stick to English here as much as possible to keep discussions accessible to as many users as possible.


Ignore all language proficiency babel boxes down here. I use these only to force the display of wikidata descriptions.
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