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Metadata librarian at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. TXST and UNT alum.

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Conflict of Interest Statement

I, Auriri, am an employee of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, a non profit library dedicated to serving the Valley area and global communities, and helping to provide broad access to library resources. I will not make any edits that would not be beneficial to the goals of Wikidata. While my editing is sort of all over the map, I do like to improve access to important, free, scholarly sources held in libraries and archives.

I do, from time to time, insert links or create items based on library resources.

I will modify my editing behavior based on problems cited by other editors or if my editing conflicts with other Wikidata guidelines. I ask that other editors do not hesitate to contact me, via my user talk page, if I appear to be going against this declaration.